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Are you ready for NightFest

By johnboy - 1 August 2008 21

It appears we’re going to have a NightFest.

The first I heard of it was a media release from the industrious Andrew Barr.

Some snooping has unearthed a page on TAMS’ website:

    Get swept up in the magic of Floriade NightFest during five special night openings, when Floriade transforms into a night-time spectacular! You’ll be entranced by the twinkling fairy lights, floodlit flower beds, and glowing lanterns.

    Watch the outdoor film screenings, enjoy a drink or two at the stylish NightFest Glow Bar, hunt for treasures at the bustling night markets, indulge in local gourmet food and wine, enjoy great live music and take the kids on a night-time adventure they won’t forget.

    The program of films changes every night and each night climaxes with a stunning performance by Strange Fruit. This choreographed performance is conducted 4 metres above the ground atop flexible metal poles, featuring glowing spheres, extraordinary characters and projected sound and images that will take your breath away.

Tickets from Ticketmaster

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21 Responses to
Are you ready for NightFest
vg 12:21 am 02 Aug 08

Can’t say I have JB, not a pub anyway (unless it was for some sort of entertainment aside from the alcohol)

johnboy 12:01 am 02 Aug 08

Dunno VG,

Ever gone to a pub and put $50 over the bar when you wouldn’t have gone in if there was a $5 cover charge?

It’s going to be cold at this thing, love to be selling $10 beanies to a tight-arse crowd!

vg 11:57 pm 01 Aug 08

“I would have gone along at least once in the evening, and still spent a good deal of money”

You’ve lost me. You would have gone along for free and then spent ‘a good deal of money’, but buckle at the thought of $55 for a family outing? Is a ‘good deal of money’ less than $55

Granny 10:41 pm 01 Aug 08

The cost of a family night at the movies is also prohibitive for us. We seldom do it.

Frankly I think they are making a mistake charging so much.

The reason it is free again during the daytime is because Canberrans voted with their feet and stayed away in droves after they previously introduced an entrance fee.

I would have gone along at least once in the evening, and still spent a good deal of money. Now I won’t, and I suspect a lot of struggling families will do the same.

It’s sad, because the less fortunate children miss out on what sounds like a lovely family experience.

vg 10:26 pm 01 Aug 08

A lot cheaper than a family night at the movies, and you’re out in the fresh air.

If you don’t like the price don’t go

Granny 9:05 pm 01 Aug 08

It’s just … you know … the vibe, LlamaFrog.

: )

LlamaFrog 9:01 pm 01 Aug 08

I don’t get floriade, it just doesn’t do it for me.

I have been for the past three years, but only around an hour walking around, there just seems to be little there, unless I am missing the bigger picture.

miz 8:32 pm 01 Aug 08

I will go to the free bits of Floriade. I heard it was going to be open at night, but this fancypants palaver for $15? I don’t think so. Why is it free by day and pricy at night?

Granny 2:42 pm 01 Aug 08

I was excited until I heard about the $15. We still might go, though …

… blimmin’ ‘eck!!

It will apparently cost us $55 for our family just to get through the doors!

Sorry, but if I want to be robbed I’ll just go and visit my bank.

FredJ 1:57 pm 01 Aug 08

$15 does seem steep. I think it’ll put a lot of people off, especially when the entertainment is old films and ‘artisic’ performers.

astrojax 1:55 pm 01 Aug 08

have always loathed the fences round the display – the best time to visit floriade was always at and just after dusk on a warming spring evening with the thick perfumes of the hyacinths and serenity of the park. dang pesky paranoid authorities – and i rekkun a patrol team would be more cost-effective than a fence anyway.

can we make that a question to candidates – will you bring back an open floriade and allow me to use my park when i want??

emd 1:43 pm 01 Aug 08

I’ve known about this since February (it was in the information given to businesses applying for stall space). I think it’s a great idea – will get people out on Spring evenings to enjoy the night time entertainment, and there could be some interesting things done with lighting that mean the floral displays are a whole new experience at night.

However, I think that entry to Floriade should always be free, day or night. The fact that this event has been doing so well for so many years should mean they have the capital to fund night opening without having to suddenly add an entry fee.

gunslingr 1:39 pm 01 Aug 08

And I’m really not trying to be the whiny dude complaining about everything (Strictly Ballroom?) – I think it’s a great idea that could go some way towards adding a bit of the soul that some folks think Canberra is lacking.

gunslingr 1:32 pm 01 Aug 08

I saw the poster for this a few weeks ago, and it looked pretty promising, until I got a bit closer and saw that tickets need to be bought at $15 a pop for the privilege of spending more money on the various wonders on offer.

I personally would have no problem with the government funding it, or getting corporate sponsors on board if needs be. I guess I just can’t see other cities charging people to attend a flea market and watch a dodgy collection of short films and/or Strictly Ballroom.

FredJ 1:08 pm 01 Aug 08

Read about this in The Canberra times. Could be good. Could be rubbish. Only one way to find out…

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