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jgsma 26 September 2016 5
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Hi Rioters.

I have just been moved (their choice not mine) by iinet to ADSL2, including VoIP phone. Incoming calls are fine but I can only make out-going local calls by prefixing the number with the local area code (02). Mobile and interstate area code numbers work fine. Furthermore I cannot make calls to 13 numbers.

I have discussed this with them and been told that I’ll just have to put up with this which means I have to re-do my whole phone address book and their own ‘dial-back’ feature doesn’t work as the incoming call has no area code. I am still waiting for a reply from them re the 13 numbers’

Are others having the same problem?

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5 Responses to Ask RiotACT: VoIP and local calls – iinet
Kim F Kim F 9:34 am 03 Oct 16

Beware, all 5 technicians checked my modem settings as well-I’m guessing they just didn’t check which version of firmware was installed – and the follow up phone calls promised by 3 of the technicians never happened. The guy who fixed it in the end slightly over compensated by then ringing everyday for a week to make sure it was still working (insert smiley emoticon)

jgsma jgsma 5:55 pm 02 Oct 16

Thanks for your replies. It’s good to be able to tell that that it works for other people. In the latest discussion I had with them the person admitted that there have been some problems for people switching from Transact.

They have looked at the modem setting and say it’s ok – who knows………………… Now I’m waiting for their call-back “in 3-5 working days” . We’ll see.

Kim F Kim F 3:15 pm 29 Sep 16

I had such dreadful assistance after a similar upgrade- I had technicians closing the job on numerous occasions despite me still not being able to make any calls that the other party could hear. After escalating to a post on their Facebook page where the world could see, I had a senior technician look into my case (different symptons from yours), he downloaded the latest firmware for the brand new Modem and everything worked perfectly – why none of the other 5 technicians thought to do that – no idea

Paul Costigan Paul Costigan 1:34 pm 29 Sep 16

Totally agree with previous comment (it is a setting issue on your modem most likely). Ring back as the iinet technical advice varies greatly (since they were bought out) – some know what they are talking about and others do not. Whenever I encounter the latter – and detect that they are pretending to know or are following some written advice that is irrelevant to the circumstances – I end the call politely and try again another time till I get someone who knows what they are doing. And when you do – try to get them to send you an email as sometimes you end up with their identifiable email – so you can then make direct contact again (does not always work).

We have Voip phone – works well. The tech problems (now solved) have been to do with other matters.

TrevaQ TrevaQ 12:24 pm 29 Sep 16

This sounds like a settings issue. Call them back as I have their VoIP Netphone and can make all calls to ACT and NSW without using the 02 dial code. Likewise, no problems with 13 numbers, they ring through fine. Perhaps call again and ask for a technician to walk you through the settings.
Good luck.

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