Ask RiotACT: Who can renovate this old heater?

rosebud 8 November 2016 4


We have an old wood heater. We have been told it has asbestos in it. But it’s original with the house and I love it!

It has never been used since we bought the place but I would like to have someone come in and clean it and take the asbestos out so that in theory we could use it if we wanted to. Does anyone know of any specialists or tradies who might do this sort of work?

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4 Responses to Ask RiotACT: Who can renovate this old heater?
Maya123 Maya123 11:23 am 09 Nov 16

Although it’s interesting looking, modern wood burning stoves are apparently admit less pollution.

homoincognitus homoincognitus 9:32 am 09 Nov 16

Hello Rosebud
Its either a Rayburn 120 or a Rayburn 140.
The 120 has “metal to metal ash pit door seal”
The 140 has ” asbestos ash pit door seal”

If its the 140, the local chimney sweeps would be very reluctant to touch it. But you could do it yourself. Spray the parts with water to keep them moist, wear a face mask, ( a Trump mask would be good) and scrape it all away and dispose in a wet bag.
It may have been maintained anyway over its life, and the asbestos replaced with fibreglass rope. But its very hard to tell the difference.
After replacing the asbestos with fibreglass rope, it should be ok to use.
If the grate is all bent, then commission a new one from a steel fabricator.
The little windows are Mica, sets are still available, about $80.00 from Fyshwick Home and Heating, in Fyshwick funnily enough.
The Mica is held in by the cast iron back plate on each door. I doubt you would be able to unscrew that still, if not, have the screws “drilled and tapped”.
They used to burn coal and briquettes in them, but everyone uses wood these days.
hope that helps.

bd84 bd84 8:34 am 09 Nov 16

Google is much easier and quicker…

wildturkeycanoe wildturkeycanoe 6:21 am 09 Nov 16

Is that mica being used for the glass? I am impressed with how well kept that heater is for its age.
The asbestos in my guess would be around the door for a fire-proof seal, probably a type of rope, which is easy enough to replace, but you probably are confronted with friable asbestos in that instance [crumbles into little fibers], so it’d be safest to get a professional. I can’t help with who can do the job but if you Google asbestos removal you are bound to find a local who can do it.

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