Assembly Expansion moves forward

johnboy 8 August 2005 51

ABC Online is reporting on the Chief Minister setting the wheels in motion to expand the Assembly to either 21 or 25 members.

Wishfull thinking but I can only hope they examine single member electorates while they’re at it. Even if we got 18 ALP members at least they would be directly accountable to a specific electorate.

While I’m on the subject of wishlists a better system is needed to fill casual vacancies now that we’ve had four year terms foisted on us. The current system which re-visits long forgotten ballots to divine the next in line saw Jacqui Burke twice foisted on an unwilling electorate and a lot can change in three years.

UPDATED: The Canberra Times has now got coverage up. A beautifully typical Stanhope tanty about being Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory and not Lord High Poo-Baa of the Multiverse.

Mr Stanhope said yesterday he resented Commonwealth control of the ACT’s Parliament.

“It is anachronistic that after 16 years of self-government the Commonwealth is still deciding matters of importance to the ACT, such as the number of Members in the Legislative Assembly,” he said.

Can you imagine the indulgences they’d grant themselves if that check didn’t exist??

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51 Responses to Assembly Expansion moves forward
Thumper Thumper 4:25 pm 09 Aug 05

Ah, but then again, large central institutions run by a centralised government is a hallmark of socialism.

Could it be we have the Principality of the People’s Social Republic of Canberra?

Indi Indi 3:56 pm 09 Aug 05

Mael – your palace idea just sooo fits in with ‘Principality’ model

Maelinar Maelinar 2:39 pm 09 Aug 05

Dunno Thumper, but we’re sacrificing schools for grandiose self-indulgent palaces.

Seems fair to those who will get to occupy the palace, rotten to the rest.

Kerces Kerces 2:31 pm 09 Aug 05

Fair point bonfire. I guess it depends on if the journo in question still has their ideals intact from being a student or not.

bonfire bonfire 12:21 pm 09 Aug 05

kerces – there are also journos who are really interested and want you to send them more info on ‘x’ then you stop hearing from them and a contrasting point of view from a body with deep pockets is published. not that im cynical.

Thumper Thumper 10:16 am 09 Aug 05

So, let me get this straight.

Do we live in the People’s Social Republic of Canberra, or the Principality of the ACT?

Indi Indi 10:10 am 09 Aug 05

Stanhope would have you believe that the ACT is a Principality – LMAO that anyone would call Jim Lloyd our most honourable ‘Lord Mayor’ or ‘King’. He wouldn’t be silly enough to waste any time in attempting to take away ‘title ownership’ from our dear Prince!

Thumper Thumper 9:53 am 09 Aug 05

Seriously, you’d think that Stanhope would have said something along the lines of;

‘Well, we believe that the ACT is under-represented and therefore we will be making representations to Mr Lloyd with the view to meeting and working out between both the Territory and the federal government, what is the best course of action in the future for the Canberra.’

But no, as usual he just goes off half cocked and annoys someone.

Memo to Mr Stanhope. Just because they are Liberal that doesn’t mean that you can’t have cordial relations.

Ralph Ralph 9:49 am 09 Aug 05

If Jim Lloyd is king, that only leaves the title of ‘drama queen’ for Stanhope.

Thumper Thumper 9:43 am 09 Aug 05

No, Jim Lloyd is not the ‘Lord mayor’ or ‘King’ of the Territory.

Equally, neither is Mr Stanhope.

Although he’s good at coming up with a catty petulant quote.

Kerces Kerces 12:09 am 09 Aug 05

And in further developments the ABC has the story of our friend on the hill Jim Lloyd saying nope, no way, and that Stanhope’s trying to get more members so he can overpower the NCA.

To which our esteemed leader replied, “He is not the lord mayor of the ACT, he is not the king of the Territory.” Where does he get these quotes from?

And the Libs are apparently saying the whole affair is “a smokescreen to divert attention away from the Government’s failed attempt to remove the bushfire coroner Maria Doogan”, only I can’t find a press release from them about this in my email and am too damn tired to make any more effort.


tallian tallian 11:30 pm 08 Aug 05

more jobs for the faithful party hacks, 8 extra members plus associated staffers …all for people who can’t get proper jobs out in the real world.

Thumper Thumper 9:53 pm 08 Aug 05

Sorry, a dislocated thumb makes typing rather difficult…

Thumper Thumper 9:52 pm 08 Aug 05

Well, Stanhope and Co get a pretty good run from those three erstwhile media outlets.

Especially the Canberra Times and ABC who seem to share some sort of utopian vision with him.

hehe, just thinking of the letters page online CT. What a laugh. I thought people here could rant. At least its ntellignet ranting.

Kerces Kerces 9:46 pm 08 Aug 05

Oh they talk to you if you’re from the CT or ABC or WIN.

Thumper Thumper 9:41 pm 08 Aug 05

It does sound as if they really didn’t want to talk to you. Great system we have going here when Ministers or minister’s officers refuse to come back to journos.

Kerces Kerces 9:38 pm 08 Aug 05

It had me spitting! You’d think even if it was a school project they’d give some kind of answer. Uni students vote too.

Not to mention that I’d clearly identified myself as a journalist, not just a journalism student, in said phone calls and email (having found the professional card plays better with politicians, the student card with pretty much everyone else).

Thumper Thumper 9:24 pm 08 Aug 05

Bitter? Nah, never picked it.

The school project excuse is a novel way not to answer a question.

Kerces Kerces 9:14 pm 08 Aug 05

Oh and they said they hadn’t returned my call and email of two months previously becuase they thought it was a student project and hadn’t realised it was actually going to be published. And still didn’t talk to me.

(Can you tell I’m somewhat bitter and throughly unenthusiastic about ever trying to get comments from Corbell again?)


Kerces Kerces 9:12 pm 08 Aug 05

Well all I was after was a comment one way or the other. They didn’t ahve to answer anything if they didn’t want to.

What I got was a promise of a call from someone in the department which never came and who probably couldn’t answer my questions anyway (they were going to explain to me the finer points of land titles in the ACT when I just about already ahd my head around them).


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