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Attacks on bus drivers growing?

By johnboy - 7 February 2006 28

The Canberra Times and the ABC are reporting on a series of assaults on ACTION Bus drivers.

There are calls for attacks on Bus Drivers to have the same penalties as attacks on Police Officers.

Is there any group in society on which assault should not be considered serious? Parking Inspectors maybe?

What’s Your opinion?

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28 Responses to
Attacks on bus drivers growing?
seepi 10:43 pm 07 Feb 06

I like the Big Issue sellers because they never try to stop me – you have to actually go up to them. I buy it sometimes.
I like the sheep too.
There is one lovely friendly bus driver (with a big mo) and it makes the trips so much more pleasant.
I haven’t had a nutter one for a while, but years ago one fully screamed at me and my three friends becuase he thought we were riding the bus for fun – we cound’t help living at the last 2 stops on the looong Farrer bus trip on the last bus of the night. He actually physically pushed us off early. We meant to complain but were too lazy….

Special G 9:20 pm 07 Feb 06

Why the call for greater penalties. Its been discussed on this site time and time again that it doesn’t matter what the penalties “potentially” could be, its the slap on the wrist the Magistrates give out.
I know of a copper who after arresting a bloke was bitten by him. He got off no conviction recorded. He practically got congratulated by the Magistrate.
Just give bus drivers a cattle prod. Problem solved.
As for the homeless – I can think of one truly homeless person in town (and she chooses to live that way, until she gets her meeting with John Howard. The rest live in ACT housing units and just advertise as homeless because there are plenty of suckers out there who believe them.
I know of one ‘homeless guy’ who figured out that he makes more begging than burglaries so he gets his hit that way instead. He gets hassled less by the cops as well.
As for the sheep – Who’s idea were they.

colsim 5:13 pm 07 Feb 06

Only in this bizarro ssanta headspace could a quality magazine designed to encourage self-reliance amongst the less well off in our society (homeless and low-waged) be considered in any way a bad thing. Downwards envy gone mad.

Mossey 4:36 pm 07 Feb 06

Wow, from bus driver bashing to homeless people in one post. That must be some sort of record for topic changing.

I wish to discuss those crazy sheep on city walk. Obscene aren’t they?

ssanta 3:56 pm 07 Feb 06

If that is the case Mael, why do the unemployed, most of whom I know live in houses, they rent off the govt (there4 not ‘homeless’) are flogging this magazine off?

Maelinar 3:49 pm 07 Feb 06

Ssanta, the big issue is about homeless people, not the unemployed.

Although it’s very easy to make the assumption that the unemployed are related to the publication, as they are generally employed to distribute the magazine.

The ‘big issue’ is homelessness, something that certain members of the greens party may find they can assist with.

Absent Diane 3:08 pm 07 Feb 06

yep that has all the makings of a top rant… agressive, passionate… and completely, randomly irrelevant..

Thumper 3:03 pm 07 Feb 06

Maybe, but a good rant about something anyway…

Mossey 2:37 pm 07 Feb 06

Oookaay… That was wierd..

Absent Diane 11:23 am 07 Feb 06


ssanta 11:17 am 07 Feb 06

Any group in society that violence should be tolerated… Neo nazis, drunk kids who should be at school, and those bastards who stop you to tell you about the big isssue. If it was a big issue, it wouldn;t be in a magazine sold the fucking unemployed you dalts.

Absent Diane 10:49 am 07 Feb 06

‘and practically’ means and he practically abused me

Absent Diane 10:48 am 07 Feb 06

Maybe…. I have come across a heap like that… I nearly lost it when I saw a guy do the acceleration to an ederly couple….

I did lose it with one driver who I had asked advice at where to get off.. and practically abused…. when a simple ‘sorry im not sure’ would have sufficed…

bonfire 10:31 am 07 Feb 06

there is one driver who needs a good bitch slapping. he looks like shaggy from scooby do and drives like he’s peter brock. when folks get on he accellerates away and they almost fall over. when the bus stops he jams the brakes on, and people fall over.

i’ve found 95% of action drivers to be helpful and competent. its the tiny screwloose percentage that you occasionally strike that stand out.

Absent Diane 9:25 am 07 Feb 06

There have been many occassions where I have felt like attacking bus drivers…. about 4/10 are decent pleasant people…. the rest from my experience are rude motherfuckers… and I don’t tolerate rudeness very well…. I would certainly never follow through mad intentions though

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