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PickedANickname 10 August 2009 12


I am considering an Au Pair for when my child starts Kindy next year.

Any advice or experience?

Any social/support groups in Canberra?


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Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 10:47 am 12 Aug 09

Ceej1973, you do know Child Care isn’t part of the Families (Jenny Macklin), or even the Children’s Services (Bill Shorten) portfolios, right?
Hence the frowny cough\look away if you approached it with them.

You want Kate Ellis, Minister for Early Childhood Education, Child Care and Youth.

Pandy Pandy 9:11 am 12 Aug 09

Why does Au Pair + Girls just has never been the same since the 1972 movie. A nanny is much better.

Ceej1973 Ceej1973 1:29 pm 11 Aug 09

We had a German live in “nanny”. She was great, and with the added bonus that our kids were immersed in her language. Be aware that the Government doesnt look to kindly to the idea of live in nannies who are not paid a “wage” as such. I raised the topic (including the possability of Government reimbursment of costs, such as with child care centres) with the Federal Families Minister at a local forum, and it was like, frown, cough, pretend I he didnt hear it type scenario. Anyway, just make sure that he/she has an internationally recognised licence if they are going to be driving your kids, and that they have travel insurance, in case they are injured or become sick. Also, you still have to take sick leave for your kids if the nanny gets sick.We paid our’s $250 a month, with her own car, fuel paid for, free board and meals and other costs incurred.

PickedANickname PickedANickname 9:35 am 11 Aug 09

Yes, Clown Killer I would love to get in touch with you if that can be organised. Especially to find out what search website you like the best. I didn’t even think of the insurance angle.

I am very interested in the cultural exchange and the company for my little guy. We don’t have a lot of family here and I think having a live in young person would add to the family.

Vg, I think nannies are also more qualified/educated in childcare.

Thank you everyone for the links too.

Clown Killer Clown Killer 7:52 am 11 Aug 09

‘Au pair’ is just a name people use to make themselves feel more stylish

Quite possibly vg. In our case, we use ‘au pair’ as that is how the young lady in question would like to have her relationship with us described.

goaupairsocial goaupairsocial 12:12 am 11 Aug 09

Like the clown killer said there are a lot of online resources available. Au Pairs are really a great way to get child care and give your children a cultural experience. I would say the two best Web sites to help you find information are and

Good Luck with your search!

vg vg 11:15 pm 10 Aug 09

Its a live in nanny.

‘Au pair’ is just a name people use to make themselves feel more stylish

misshelly misshelly 10:46 pm 10 Aug 09

I’d just call it a nanny in English?

ramblingted ramblingted 8:54 pm 10 Aug 09

Is there something an au pair does that renders it unable to be communicated in the English language?

Clown Killer Clown Killer 8:04 pm 10 Aug 09

We have an au pair at present and are very happy.

There’s a huge amount of online resources that are available to prospective au pairs / host families. We have found the best (on-line resources) to be the ones where you have to pony up for a subscription. Communication is the key – email’s fine for initial contact but nothing beats conversations, video-links and (if they’re local) meetings/interviews.

Be clear about what you want and what you are after. Have a clear position description. Consider also what you can offer (room & board, use of a vehicle etc. as well as pay), and how you will structure the time that you are after – what will be part of the regular arrangement and what will be considered additional (and remunerated accordingly).

If you are considering an au pair from abroad, it’s worth trying to attract someone with a work visa as they may be able to pick up additional casual work to make the exercise more attractive for them financially – there’s no shortage of cafe, restaurant, shop assistant work around especially day shifts.

Consider to the insurance and workers compensation implications – these aren’t a big deal in terms of premiums, but you’d be screwed if you were caught out.

I’d be happy to elaborate further (and at the risk of imposing on the editorial crew), I’m sure JB could put you in touch with me if you wanted to discuss this further.

emd emd 7:36 pm 10 Aug 09

I’ve heard good things about from a family who’s used it, and a woman who’s had work through the service. Good luck on your search.

SpellingAndGrammar SpellingAndGrammar 7:24 pm 10 Aug 09

My neighbour had an Au Pair from Germany a couple of years ago and she was very good – although, I think they ended up owing her a small fortune at the end of the 6 months in additional babysitting duties…I know that my neighbour researched extensively beforehand and was told that someone of German Nationality was best. I think other nationalities were dismissed as being too lazy, not clean enough etc. etc. which made me laugh. I wonder what they would say about us!? I will see if I can find out where she did her research and post it for you.

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