B is for Braddon and Bruce (and Banks)

johnboy 31 January 2007 16

In our Alphabetical tour of Canberra I give you the letter B!

Next week is C, that’s Calwell, Campbell, Chapman, Charnwood, Chifley, Chisholm, City, Conder, Cook and Curtin (and possibly whatever they’re calling Civic now as they all seems to start with a C), so if you live near any of them, get snapping and send them in to suburbs@the-riotact.com

In this case, out of Banks, Barton, Belconnen, Bonython, Braddon and Bruce, only Braddon and Bruce have been represented.

Simon sent in this one:

No, not the milky way, but the lights of the Knightsbridge Penthouse (it’s a bar)

UPDATED: Bohemian Philosophy has sent in a late entry for Banks (down below)

Andrew sent in this one of Bruce Pond

And here’s BP’s Banks:

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16 Responses to B is for Braddon and Bruce (and Banks)
nyssa76 nyssa76 7:27 am 01 Feb 07

Ok, I’m a shit JB. I have a photo of the “new development” at Bonython and didn’t send it in.

PD = being locked away all day in a room with other teachers and no computers, aircons or comfy chairs.

andy andy 7:01 am 01 Feb 07

Bruce Ridge is the actual “mountain” that Calvary and the CIT sort of sit on the edges of.
It’s park land.

Bruce South is that nice little jaeger cct enclave.
I term “bruce” as crisp cct, and that little bit opposite CISAC etc.
and i tend to call the new bruce area fernwood

mutley mutley 2:46 pm 31 Jan 07

oops sorry. I think I broke the italics. I should never be trusted with these things…

mutley mutley 2:42 pm 31 Jan 07

Next week is C, that’s Calwell, Campbell, Chapman, Charnwood, Chifley, Chisholm, City, Conder, Cook and Curtin, so if you live near any of them, get snapping

I though the London Circuit Politbureau had told us that it was now City Central or something??

bubzie bubzie 2:38 pm 31 Jan 07

remove the http:// thing from the uri.

yeah, im pretty sure its in campbell..

Meconium Meconium 2:33 pm 31 Jan 07

On another note, how do I stop my name from being blue even though I don’t have a homepage?

One more question: Is the War Memorial in Campbell?

Meconium Meconium 2:32 pm 31 Jan 07

What about Crace?!?!?!?! Won’t somebody please think of the Crace residents?

terubo terubo 1:46 pm 31 Jan 07

…or Brad, or Don…

Absent Diane Absent Diane 1:43 pm 31 Jan 07

they still call me bruce

Rara Rara 1:41 pm 31 Jan 07

Aidan, my understanding of these terms is only based on growing up in Belco – I cannot claim any ACTLPA quals. This is how I see it…

South Bruce – Jaeger Cct
Bruce – Crisp Cct

then along came the Fern Hill technology park and we needed more clarification

South Bruce – Jaeger Cct
Bruce Heights – Crisp Cct
New Bruce – Fern Hill Technology area
AIS Bruce – New development on Haydon Dr.

I have never heard of Bruce Ridge??? Can you clear that one up for me!

Not sure what the new Calvary retirement section of bruce will be called. Will the South Bruce residents not want this development linked to their Jaeger cct pads…

Oh my brain is exploding with options 🙂

johnboy johnboy 1:03 pm 31 Jan 07

tah, fixed now.

andy andy 12:58 pm 31 Jan 07

you broke the bruce image JB 🙂

aidan aidan 12:37 pm 31 Jan 07


I always thought it was Bruce, New Bruce and New New Bruce. Now I find there is Bruce Heights?! Is this the same as Bruce Ridge? Is Jaegar Circuit a mini suburb all to itself?

So many questions …

While I’m at it .. who was the genius who thought to build those two storey townhouses (without eaves – along Gin drive) on the northern side of single storey dwellings?

bighead bighead 12:00 pm 31 Jan 07


I will have to drive out and grab a photo of the charnwood maccas, about the only thing with any value 😛

bubzie bubzie 11:59 am 31 Jan 07

Wow.Now, im definatly not letting my suburb end up like amaroo/banks/barton/belconnen/bonython!!

Rara Rara 11:54 am 31 Jan 07

Bruce..there is the AIS, Uni of Canberra, Bruce Stadium, Calvary Hospital…oh so many things. You can then also get into a heated edbate as to the names for the various subdivisions eg. New Bruce, Old Brice, bruce heights, Fern Hill technology bit, the AIS precint bit and of course South Bruce. Does anyone know of another suburb in Canberra that houses such varied institutions and is so complex to give driving directions to????

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