Baby its hot outside

Pandy 12 January 2007 17

I don’t give a rats arse what the official temperature is. But my car thermometer which has always been within 1 degree of the temperature read out over the news, read 41.5 at 3pm.

Any one want to raise me?

ED – Ari has also sent in a story which went thusly:

According to the weather wonks today was “the third hottest day [in Canberra] recorded since records commenced in 1939”.

“The maximum temperature to 3.30 pm was 40.5 C, which is the hottest day in Canberra since the highest ever maximum temperature for Canberra of 42.2 C recorded on 1st February 1968.”

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17 Responses to Baby its hot outside
Pandy Pandy 9:12 pm 14 Jan 07

Sounds aweful!

Babars should have relocated.

Bom records guru Bom records guru 2:59 pm 13 Jan 07

VG – in addition to the five days that have reached 40 since records began at Canberra Airport, there have been three high 39s in the last six years (39.9 or 39.8), and another one in 1990. These get rounded to 40 when reported as whole numbers, as they usually are on the news.

Obviously you can get numbers a lot higher if your thermometer is exposed to the sun (directly, or indirectly via re-radiation from the ground or nearby buildings), but that’s not comparing apples with apples.

The measurements are at the airport (we’ve got another site at Isabella Plains which peaked at 39.3 yesterday), but you don’t normally get big local variations in maximum temperatures unless water or elevation are involved. Minimum temperatures are another story, as anyone who’s ever ridden a bike from Aranda or Cook down to Lake Burley Griffin in winter will tell you.

GnT GnT 2:16 pm 13 Jan 07

I spent the afternoon grocery shopping with two kids. Sounds bad, but at least the supermarket is air conditioned. Hell of a lot better than two whinging kids (plus me) in a hot house.

What did everyone else do to beat the heat?

miz miz 8:41 am 13 Jan 07

Pine Island has sand . . . and not too much, sand is annoying.

vg vg 8:40 am 13 Jan 07

The ACT has one, its called Jervis Bay

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 7:05 am 13 Jan 07

Cnberra needs a beach goddammit.

kaydo kaydo 12:08 am 13 Jan 07

vg – i agree with you 190%. I was wondering the same thing.

miz miz 11:49 pm 12 Jan 07

Deano it was global COOLING back then . . . here’s a good summary, though there’s plenty on Wiki and google

Danman Danman 11:49 pm 12 Jan 07

LOL – It was about 22 in the shade at the MCG one dayer today – the beer* help keep the temp down for Mr + Mrs Danman

*Not actual beer – but mid strength slop

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 11:37 pm 12 Jan 07

I came home to my ducted evaporative cooled house in Tuggers at about 17:30 and the bride had had the unit on full blast since noon or so.

The internal temperature according to the unit was 24 degrees. Noice!

Sure makes a difference from the fan forced convection oven that was the outside!!!!

Deano Deano 11:23 pm 12 Jan 07

I wonder what they we’re blaming the hot weather on back in 1968, seeing as Global Warming hadn’t been invented back then? Nuclear testing? Commie plot?

Ralph Ralph 7:36 pm 12 Jan 07

It think it depends how the measurements are taken VG. I think temperature needs to be measured at 2m above ground level. They were saying on 2CCC this arvo that it was 41.5 according to the thermometer on their roof at Mitchell. I don’t think the BOM would count that number (as the building is naturally radiating heat etc).

tommy tommy 5:52 pm 12 Jan 07

It was hot enough to blackout Curtin, Yarralumla and Weston Creek (and some other suburb) for an hour. Sadly not long enough to go home…

vg vg 5:16 pm 12 Jan 07

I dunno where BOM gets their ‘stats’ from. I have lived here all my life and can recall temps over 40 on at least 10 occasions. It was over 40 on my wedding day in 2004

el el 5:02 pm 12 Jan 07

43 degrees at 1PM.

VYBerlinaV8_now with_added_grunt VYBerlinaV8_now with_added_grunt 4:53 pm 12 Jan 07

Taken from

Current Weather Situation and Future Developments
A ridge of high pressure lies over the Tasman Sea with a low pressure trough moving through NSW. Very hot and mostly sunny conditions forecast until some shower activity, with the chance of a thunderstorm, develops this afternoon with the passage of the trough. Extreme fire danger is resulting from this situation as northwesterly winds drag hot air from the interior of the continent over the region. Milder conditions with southeast to east winds behind the trough are expected over the weekend with fine and warm conditions likely to continue into the new week.
The maximum temperature to 3.30 pm was 40.5 C, which is the hottest day in Canberra since the highest ever maximum temperature for Canberra of 42.2 C recorded on 1st February 1968 and is the 3rd hottest day recorded since records commenced in 1939.


Meconium Meconium 4:51 pm 12 Jan 07

any riotactors meeting up for a beer this weekend? clubs have good air conditioning… wouldn’t mind going for a zierholz some time – deakin soccer club’s closest to me

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