Bakers Best Claims They Have Canberra’s Hottest Pie

Kramer 7 October 2007 15

I noticed a recent comment from Bakers Best in our earlier thread about Canberra’s best pie. Apparently they are under new ownership and have some pretty good pies, and bureks (I didn’t know what it was either until I read the comment). As you can see from the comment in the above thread they are also offering RiotACT readers a discount during October. Anyone keen to head over for a pie or burek and report back?

After the Scott 24 hour mountain bike race next weekend I’ll be returning to sloth and glutton mode, so I’ll probably head over for a couple of dozen pies and bureks.

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15 Responses to Bakers Best Claims They Have Canberra’s Hottest Pie
astrojax astrojax 12:53 pm 09 Oct 07

“There have been a lot of discussions on the ‘best meat pie in the Territory’ on RiotACT lately, and vegetarians again aren’t really welcome in those discussions.”

well, meconium, being ‘meat’ pies might put some vegetarians off… but everyone is welcome at riot-act, aren’t they?

i actually like a good vege pie – just not many about to get fangs into. dobinsons do one. was a great bean and corn pie i used to love, sadly was in katoomba, shop long closed…

now, where exactly is this ‘bakers best’ place?

Meconium Meconium 4:11 pm 08 Oct 07

I go there all the time. I have a burek in my fridge at the moment. I’m kind of upset that the RiotACT has discovered this place, because I hate it when I go there and there are no bureks left.

BTW the owner’s a Serb and the Serbian type of burek is a large layered oily pie, with spinach and ricotta or substitute meat filling (which I’m not interested in, being a vegetarian). The Turkish type of börek (note spelling difference) is sort of like an Occidental spring roll – basically the same thing (spinach and ricotta) only rolled up like a spring roll, and a bit longer. The Halal pide place in Yarralumla do a good example of a Turkish börek.

There have been a lot of discussions on the ‘best meat pie in the Territory’ on RiotACT lately, and vegetarians again aren’t really welcome in those discussions.

However, the bureks made at the Bakers’ Best place are easily, HANDS DOWN the best pastry-based item made at any bakery, restaurant or otherwise in the ACT. I’ve got a quarter of a burek left from the other day, a friend brought it over for lunch. Gonna eat it now.

And at $14 or so for a pie the size of a family pizza, they are also extremely good value, as well as being delicious. So support this bakery, but don’t let them run dry of bureks when I want one.

Maelinar Maelinar 2:37 pm 08 Oct 07

Astro – no, guiness pie will not compare to vindaloo. As I’ve indicated on other threads, I like guiness pies as well, but a good curry pie…

blub blub 2:05 pm 08 Oct 07


Burek is kinda like a pastry stack – super thin pastry layers with filling between layers. Common fillings are cheese and spinach, meat, and sometimes they come in sweet varieties.

Been wondering where I’d be able to find some in Canberra for a while now but haven’t looked yet, so I shall have to try it.

Ralph Ralph 1:58 pm 08 Oct 07

Any pie that comes in a foil tray will never be a good pie.

astrojax astrojax 1:57 pm 08 Oct 07

cornucopia already does a guinness pie, maelinar – that close enough for ya?? 😉

so, what was a burek after all that? other thread too long to trawl through, am lazy.

and if you’re up for a drive, the bakery at rutherglen (town) does THE bestest ever in the whole entire world ever pies, i rekkun…

Maelinar Maelinar 12:56 pm 08 Oct 07

Bring on the Vindaloo Pie.

andy andy 12:52 pm 08 Oct 07

BakersBest – am I correct in my understanding that you used to be the bakery located within Kippax Fair, and the bakery out on hardwick crescent was bought out, and you moved into that space ?

hingo_VRCalaisV6 hingo_VRCalaisV6 10:18 am 08 Oct 07


GnT GnT 10:07 am 08 Oct 07

When puns go bad …

Kramer Kramer 10:02 am 08 Oct 07

When I said hottest, I meant tastiest pies not scorching your mouth pies (which I agree is a really bad thing – especially when hungry on a cold day at the rugby).

Maelinar Maelinar 8:31 am 08 Oct 07

Are they temperature hot or ingredients hot ?

bighead bighead 11:06 pm 07 Oct 07

Had another one the other day. The pies were fine when they first opened. But after the pie I had the other day, I won’t be heading back anytime soon. They certainly aren’t up to the standard that Bakers Dozen was.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 9:14 pm 07 Oct 07

I may have to go investigate!

One problem though, I absolutely detest pies (or any food for that matter) that’s so hot they give your mouth 3rd degree burns…. I’m stretching the memory banks here, but I recall one time I picked up a pie from somewhere that was so hot, I had to let it cool down for a good 20 minutes before it was nearing human eating temperature.

People who serve up stinking hot pies have a special place in hell.

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 8:16 pm 07 Oct 07

But I don’t eat pie for burekfast!

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