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Bakery wars at Southlands

By poptop - 10 January 2009 35

The Italian Bakery at Southlands is something of an institution, providing good European bread and the best vanilla slice on the planet.

There seems to be a longstanding feud between the Italian Bakery and Bruno’s Truffles next door.

The story, as I understand, it is that Bruno’s has taken legal action to reduce the number of tables the Italian Bakery can have out the front of their shop as they impede the walkway. The Italian Bakery (and most of their fans) think this is rubbish and is more about the fact that the Bakery is chokkers for breakfast and lunch, while Bruno’s tends to get some of the the overspill customers.

When I want to buy a filled chocolate or a luxury Easter egg, Bruno’s is the place I’ll go, but not for lunch.

If you’re feeling supportive of the Bakery, drop in an sign their petition. If there are any vanilla slices available, do yourself a favour and have one.

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35 Responses to
Bakery wars at Southlands
I-filed 12:07 pm 11 Jan 09

It is really annoying when cafe chairs and tables get in the way of people wanting to walk through. If that’s a genuine grievance on Bruno’s part I’ll side with Bruno. His chocolate isn’t all that good though – overpriced – tastes like the Singapore-produced version of Caillebaut.

Madman 10:50 am 11 Jan 09

Shove it up your a-hole Bruno’s. You’re just creating bad publicity for yourself.
I’m going to go to this bakery which I have never been to and sign this petition, go into Bruno’s and fart…

poptop 9:57 am 11 Jan 09

If I worked in chocolate in Canberra, I’d close for January and quite a lot of February.

I was chatting to Lindy Butcher of All Things Chocolate the other day (to be honest, asking after her chocolate with the cardomom filling) and we agreed that trying to work chocolate [her] or get it home in a reasonable state [me] when it was hot enough for chocolate to liquify at room temperature was just craziness.

johnboy 9:03 am 11 Jan 09

Whatever else you say about the man he makes great chocolate though.

And it sounds as if the italians were spoiling for a fight even before he moved in there.

finder 8:51 am 11 Jan 09

I find it annoying that Brunos closes for the month of January. He obviuosly doesn’t need the dough or is too busy fighting silly battles (just like when he was at Narrabundah)

poptop 3:15 am 11 Jan 09

Prolly, the Saigon Hot Bake rather than Dominos; I am unimpressed by their bread or coffee.

MWF 12:01 am 11 Jan 09

bubzie said :


I shall stick to the other bakery across the road.. 🙂

Dominos pizza? Ewwwwwwwwww. Gross.

bubzie 11:11 pm 10 Jan 09

imarty said :

They both make crap coffee, bread is massively over priced at Brunos and just crap at Italian.


I shall stick to the other bakery across the road.. 🙂

imarty 10:37 pm 10 Jan 09

They both make crap coffee, bread is massively over priced at Brunos and just crap at Italian.

Skidd Marx 8:08 pm 10 Jan 09


Skidd Marx 8:08 pm 10 Jan 09

The logical thing to do would be to settle this with a FOOD FIGHT!

MWF 6:40 pm 10 Jan 09

I love the Italian bakery for lunch. However, it is rather noisy. I would only go to Bruno’s for chocolatey treats, if I could afford them.

el 6:35 pm 10 Jan 09

Italian Bakery is one of the best spots to grab a weekend breakfast.

Not that I had much interest in doing so beforehand, but I will *never* go to Bruno’s after hearing about this.

nyssa76 5:54 pm 10 Jan 09

When the news came that Bruno’s was moving next to the Bakery, no one in the Bakery was happy.

Having gone there many times a week for lunch when teaching nearby, the staff lamented about the possible ‘tactics’ that would be used by Bruno’s once they moved in. One was that there would be a dispute re: tables and chairs.

Seems they were right and that was now 6 years ago….

kean van choc 5:39 pm 10 Jan 09

I reckon Bruno’s does the best bread in Canberra – far superior to Silo. But that italian bakery does the best canoli… Let’s hope a truce is called before there is any victim.

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