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Ban alcohol in glass bottles?

By claireinqbn - 14 July 2010 28

What exactly makes some people think they can – no, think they are positively obliged to – smash their booze bottle to pieces once they’ve emptied it? Can’t they just (please!) toss it down on the ground and leave it in one piece?

Everywhere I walk in Queanbeyan I see broken glass. Footpath and nature strips alike are liberally sprinkled with tiny, glistening shards. One of my dogs cut her paw the other day, luckily not badly, but I have to keep my eyes on the ground all the time while I’m walking them in case it happens again. The showground’s full of it too, despite the generous number of garbage bins provided.

Is it time to ban glass bottles for alcohol, at least the cheaper variety that gets consumed by dropkicks in public places? (Not my Chardy, obviously.)

What’s Your opinion?

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28 Responses to
Ban alcohol in glass bottles?
claireinqbn 1:08 pm 14 Jul 10

Ho ho ho to getting rid of Queanbeyan. I’ve been warned about you ACT snobs. Doubtless Canberra should really have been named Utopia 🙂

Fair point that they might not be booze bottles. I’m pretty sure a high percentage of them are, though.

georgesgenitals 12:19 pm 14 Jul 10

Let’s get real here: enough people like to smash bottles in public places when they’re hammered. Packaging beer and premixed drinks into plastic and selling them that way is a great idea.

I don’t see too many yobs drinking wine from bottles, so this would be fine. As for spirits, we pay enough that tempered glass could be feasible.

prhhcd 11:43 am 14 Jul 10

Rikstr said :

hellspice said :

Remove Queanbeyan. Problem solved. 😉

Bwhahahaha perfect!


arescarti42 11:43 am 14 Jul 10

Banning glass bottles would make the people who can apparently taste the difference between coke from glass bottles and coke from plastic bottles furious.

I wonder how feasible it would be to have bottles made from tempered glass or laminated glass so it is less dangerous when it breaks.

p1 11:20 am 14 Jul 10

claireinqbn said :

Everywhere I walk in Queanbeyan…

There’s your problem. 🙂

I’m all for minimising glass for beverage containers, for exactly the reasons you state. But beer is better in glass.

Helen 11:15 am 14 Jul 10

I saw smashed glass in my street over the weekend and put it down to bogans smashing their beer bottles. On closer inspection (the dog was very interested in the label), it turned out to be an old vegemite jar. No idea how it got there (bin day is in the middle of the week and it wasn’t around then) – came to the conclusion that bogans (or children) will smash any form of glass object.

Moral of my story: unless you replace everything glass with plastic, you’re gonna find broken glass on the ground.

Affirmative Action M 11:12 am 14 Jul 10

They don’t seem to have this problem in South Australia.

shanefos 10:53 am 14 Jul 10

It’s a fair call. My kids quite enjoy going to the park, but every single one I’ve been to in and around Canberra invariably has broken glass strewn around somewhere in the vicinity, quite often in the tan-bark under the playground equipment.

Rikstr 10:36 am 14 Jul 10

hellspice said :

Remove Queanbeyan. Problem solved. 😉

Bwhahahaha perfect!

Daspuck 10:28 am 14 Jul 10

There are a lot more incidents of people who sustain injuries through cuts from paper and cardboard. A small child might slit their throat while attempting origami. When will the Government intervene and regulate this dangerous product? 😛

hellspice 9:55 am 14 Jul 10

Remove Queanbeyan. Problem solved. 😉

sepi 9:52 am 14 Jul 10

Glass is banned around Watson during Summernats, and it works well.

bloodnut 9:46 am 14 Jul 10

i read right up to ‘everywhere i walk in queanbeyan’.

to remove glass would be to remove the ambiance of the top hotel.

SamTSeppo 9:32 am 14 Jul 10

Those horrible poor people, inconveniencing you! And just think of the children!

I think a wiser choice would be to ban glass, full stop. Glass can be turned into knives, glass can be used to attack people, glass kills wildlife, and glass contains some horrible chemicals (that probably make people fat).

Yes, I agree with you. Let’s ban glass.

Furry Jesus 9:27 am 14 Jul 10

No, it’s time to ban dropkicks.

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