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Battery hen issue still unresolved

By GnT - 27 September 2007 18

The Legislative Assembly was due to vote yesterday on a bill which would ban cage egg production in the ACT. I was interested in hearing the result but they’ve instead decided to defer the decision.

What’s Your opinion?

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18 Responses to
Battery hen issue still unresolved
Pandy 6:30 pm 28 Sep 07

Bonfire like trains. ’nuff said

betty 6:26 pm 28 Sep 07

Bonfire, I assume by your post that you are a dog lover? Don’t know if you realised, but the RSPCA look after dogs too.

After asking them to kiss your ass, just make sure you don’t run to them if – god forbid – you may ever need their help.

People who advocate slaughtering animals bother me. You bother me.

Pandy 5:51 pm 28 Sep 07

Free range eggs taste better

Maelinar 5:48 pm 28 Sep 07

I used to think that, until some lady at work started offering free range eggs. Today was my last day there, and one of my concluding acts was to arrange the continuation of supply of her eggs after I leave the department.

pseudonym 4:58 pm 28 Sep 07

Cheap eggs are good eggs.

That’s why we’re in charge and chickens aren’t.

bonfire 4:24 pm 28 Sep 07

the RSPCA can kiss my arse.

self obsessed do gooders who manage to con governments to give them enforcement powers.

they should kill all cats they receive – not release them back to the public where they continue to kill native animals and birds.

bonfire 4:22 pm 28 Sep 07

if they can get them to lay AA batteries im all for them.

asp 3:58 pm 28 Sep 07

Cage are worst and free range are bad too. Caged animals are distressed and free range ones are exposed to environmental and biological hazards which some have suggested may pose a risk to those who consumer the eggs. Barn laid are the best, and the RSPCA agrees (look for RSPCA “Liberty” eggs in Woolies..

JD114 9:51 am 28 Sep 07

Personally, I think (now there’s a tautology for you) that a percentage of people each week who buy battery eggs should be nabbed and put into rows of suitably small cages for up to a week. That might start to give them an idea of how barbaric the battery hen system appears in the 21st century.

Thumper 8:30 am 28 Sep 07

Agreed FC.

it’s rather barbaric in this day and age to shove chickens in cages for the term of their natural life.

And yes, I’ve seen Parkwood from inside, and the chickens are in pretty good shape. However, I still think it should be banned.

FC 8:19 am 28 Sep 07

Why can’t they just ban it already.
The Gov are such a bunch of pansies

sepi 8:18 am 28 Sep 07

I’ve heard people say that Barn egg hens are better off than freerange, but not battery hens?

Thumper 8:07 am 28 Sep 07

Of course they are better off in a cage.

Geez, at least they are safe from foxes…..

Come on Stanhope, what’s with this loony administration you run? You’ll happily leak anti terrorist plans and shut down schools but won’t ban battery hens?

ban it I say…

asp 12:07 am 28 Sep 07

Of course he speaks without any sought of bias and is being completely truthful:)

Pandy 10:54 pm 27 Sep 07

The man representing the egg layers association said that battery hens are actaully better off since they do not eat each other and get sick less.

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