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BBQ’ed Lawnmower – how to buy a sheep in Canberra

By Aurelius - 12 September 2008 117

It’s Spring! So like many locals, I will soon be cursed with the weekly chore of mowing the lawn. But I don’t like doing that, so I am seeking another solution.

I am seeking a lamb to eat my lawn, and then when the summer months are behind us, I want to have a big BBQ party at Easter and eat the aforementioned lamb. But buying a lamb has proven more of a challenge than first imagined. Does anyone know someone who wants to sell one in the next couple of weeks? The standard way of getting a lamb (go to the saleyards and buy it) is a little impractical if sales are only held on weekdays, and work tends to get in the way at such times.

Can the hivemind help out here? I’ve been asking around my own circle, but all the leads have come to nothing thus far.


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117 Responses to
BBQ’ed Lawnmower – how to buy a sheep in Canberra
Sammy 3:28 pm 12 Sep 08

Your local butcher will sell you all the parts you need.

Thumper 3:28 pm 12 Sep 08

Hehehehe at Granny’s comment…

moff 3:23 pm 12 Sep 08

You could start by obtaining some sort of sheep womb and doing it diy?

ant 3:23 pm 12 Sep 08

An orphan lamb won’t be eating your grass for quite a while. they eat milk. And after you’ve poddied it, it’ll be pretty hard to butcher it.

Get a goat, I noticed one of the neighbour’s goats had got out today, and was gleefully feasting on the grass by the roadside. you can eat them, too.

Granny 3:19 pm 12 Sep 08

You may need to call an emergency bbq.

Thumper 3:14 pm 12 Sep 08

I realise that, but believe me, lambs are a pain to look after 😉

And they have a habit of dying on you.

Aurelius 3:09 pm 12 Sep 08

Thumper, An older sheep would disrupt the BBQ plan, so I was hoping for something where I get a feast as part of the bargain. You’re right though, that an old wether would be an easier option.

Thumper 3:07 pm 12 Sep 08

Lambing season is now, you may be able to pick up an orphan but they are really hard to rear.

You’d be better off buying an old whether for a few bucks and just letting it wander around munching your grass. Shear it yourself every year.

Thumper 3:05 pm 12 Sep 08

Lambing season is now, you may be able to pick up an orphan but they are really hard to rear.

Aurelius 3:04 pm 12 Sep 08

Wombat, Have pursued the ‘friends with farms’ option to no avail.
And I don’t have neighbours close enough to worry about. I more concerned the neighbour’s dog will make a meal of my mower.

Granny 3:03 pm 12 Sep 08

I can’t believe you haven’t noticed Sheepgroper!

: )

Aurelius 3:01 pm 12 Sep 08

Peter, what guys in Hall?
And who’s sheepgroper?

peterh 2:52 pm 12 Sep 08

the guys in hall may be able to help you. or sheepgroper – maybe he has a better idea?

hairy nosed wombat 2:47 pm 12 Sep 08

Farmers tend to have orphaned lambs that need to be hand reared. If you know someone with a hobby farm, they may know someone with a couple of orphaned lambs.

Also just check that none of your neighbours are Kiwis…

gargamel 2:10 pm 12 Sep 08

Do you live in suburbia and have you sought out whether you’re allowed to keep stock on your block of land?

If so and you can keep a bit of bbq, perhaps head out to the rural supply centres (or give them a call) and ask where you could get one. Sheep should be lambing by now or very soon surely.

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