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Belconnen Way gets narrower for cars

By johnboy - 18 June 2009 25

Of all the very many complaints one hears about ACTION the time it takes to get from Belconnen to Civic is one that never comes up.

And yet it remains a fascination for the Stanhope Government.

Long term followers of the Legislative Assembly still giggle at plans for the magical time travel busway which promised to cut 15 minutes off the 14 minute trip.

Jon Stanhope is now trying to put a positive spin on his “new bus lane” on Belconnen Way.

Regular users of that arterial road have until now been using this “new” lane as the left hand lane of an already congested road.

But heck, we’re doing it for the planet kids!

    “The ACT Government will continue to invest in enhancing the ACT’s bus services to encourage more Canberrans to make the switch and leave the car at home,” Mr Stanhope said.

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25 Responses to
Belconnen Way gets narrower for cars
wednesday 3:16 pm 18 Jun 09

If the bus lane is restricted to that little part by the lights, what’s the problem? It’s not far, and cars have to merge anyway.

I think a more significant improvement in bus travel times in that part of town (which I don’t think are that bad) could be gained by buses skipping Belconnen town centre.

It would be nice to have some of those routes servicing Weetangera, Hawker, Page, Scullin, Higgins, and Holt heading straight up Belconnen Way. It would cut at least 5 or 10 minutes from the trip to or from Civic (plus the time for a connecting 300, which can vary from a minute or two to ten).

Katietonia 1:30 pm 18 Jun 09

I haven’t caught a bus in 2 years but now I am in Belconnen I decided to venture out and use the bus instead of driving to work this morning. Well the bus never showed up and I had to drive anyway. Never again!

niftydog 1:21 pm 18 Jun 09

I can see this improving traffic flow. At the moment all the idiots who cram themselves in at the form one lane actually slow everyone down, including themselves. Giving people several hundred meters to get their shit together might actually be a good thing.

Now they just need to fix the “1 lane – 2 lanes – 1 lane” thing on William Hovell Dr.

TP 3000 12:24 pm 18 Jun 09

The plan is to add a “B” light to that lane so that buses can get ahead. But what I would like to see the bus lane start just before Eastern Valley Way lights & continue right through to where Barry Drive merges into 2 lanes past the Uni & for the left lane there to have a “B” light.

LG 12:00 pm 18 Jun 09

I’ve never once seen a bus get stuck at that intersection

Very Busy 11:54 am 18 Jun 09

I saw Shane Rattenbury on an Action bus going to the footy a couple of months ago.

poptop 11:49 am 18 Jun 09

I would still be delighted to hear how many MLA’s or their staff have been encouraged onto any ACTION Bus over the past year or two.

I understand that MLAs (and their staff) are stupendously important and busy people and so bussing every day would just be crazy, but surely they are tangibly supporting their public transport aspirations occasionally?

Anyone ever seen an MLA on a bus?

random 11:44 am 18 Jun 09

Nice whinge, but absurd given that the lane is only there for 100m up to the lights, after which the three lanes have to merge into two anyway. It should make buses slightly faster (a good thing) but have very minor impact on total congestion.

caf 11:34 am 18 Jun 09

I don’t think the Belconnen Way thing is worth worrying about. It’s about 30 metres long, where the citybound carriageway briefly goes from 2 lanes to 3… I don’t think it’s going to make much of a difference to either cars or buses, good or bad.

G-Fresh 11:32 am 18 Jun 09

There’s nothing bad about encouraging people to use buses.

farq 11:25 am 18 Jun 09

Instead of making the bus network more efficient, they reduce the efficiency of using your own car. I suppose that makes busses more attractive, but come on.

Still about the standard I’ve come to expect from ACT government and public service bureaucracy. Hopeless.

caf 11:24 am 18 Jun 09

It is actually the Glenloch Interchange which needs additional lanes, before the GDE does. Gungahlin Drive could be twenty lanes wide and you’d still have queues up Caswell Drive because Glenloch can’t handle the amount of traffic trying to go south, from all three other directions.

p1 11:20 am 18 Jun 09

do you think they could move this ‘new’ lane the the GDE? They are short a lane there…

housebound 11:02 am 18 Jun 09

If the 15 minutes is true, this technology is worth more than $2.5 million. The ACT government should patent it and license the use for $ hundred of millions around the world.

A sound investment, I would say.

PigDog 10:51 am 18 Jun 09

I couldn’t agree more. It seems to me that we are paying $2.5 million to fix a problem that doesn’t exist. Have you contacted Jess Wurf, the media contact, to see how much travel times will be reduced?

As an aside, does anyone else think it is weird that there is now a red lane that you can’t drive in, and a green lane…that you also can’t drive in?

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