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Beneath your feet

By johnboy - 16 September 2010 23

On YouTube “tailus” has posted what he calls a pseudo documentary with the following note:

Exploring the storm water drains in Canberra Australia. The music is original performed by myself. It goes without saying this kind of thing can be dangerous! Adventure safe.

What’s Your opinion?

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23 Responses to
Beneath your feet 11:42 am 17 Sep 10

I used to explore drains quite a lot. But honestly Canberra onease are pretty boring. I prefer the nice big ones that you can drive down. Now that I have a bigger car it can’t fit down the small drains in Canberra. Hmm, perhaps a Sydney trip is in order?

Tailus 11:21 am 17 Sep 10

Wow what a response! I’m absolutely blown away, had to register just to say hi and thanks to everyone 🙂

Gungahlin Al 11:01 am 17 Sep 10

Memories of my childhood adventures in the drains under Caringbah scaring ourselves silly and occasionally getting stuck to boot…when they are too narrow to even kneel, backing up is not easy. We had an old mower with no motor that was a great way to move through the pipes.

Liked the music!

Interested in Beau Locks’ quoted route – that would be something to do!

p1 10:05 am 17 Sep 10

davecdp said :

Isn’t it illegal to enter the drainage system like that? Hard to police i suppose.

Actually, I think the laws re storm-water drains are a little more convoluted then that. You clearly don’t have permission, but there are no signs / fences / anything saying you can’t. On the other hand, to enter a confined space like that, there are any number of laws to be followed, and I don’t think he is following a single one of them.

That said, the only time I have ever had interaction with the police with respect to draining, was because some civic minded member of the community saw us pop a man hole and climb in, and promptly called the police reporting that a drug gang was dealing under her suburb?

Needless to say, hilarity ensued.

Woody Mann-Caruso 10:01 am 17 Sep 10

Needs more CHUDs.

Thumper 9:12 am 17 Sep 10

melodramatic not!!!!


still, a good little vid…

davecdp 9:10 am 17 Sep 10

Isn’t it illegal to enter the drainage system like that? Hard to police i suppose.

trickyxr 8:48 am 17 Sep 10

I as a kid used to get into the canberra show without paying by using the drains we used to come in at watson end of natex where they do the wood chopping. You can see where they have put grates on it now.

georgesgenitals 2:28 am 17 Sep 10

A tad melodramatic, but interesting nonetheless.

squirell 10:35 pm 16 Sep 10

chris820 said :

I recognise the entry, but not the exit. Can anyone pick it?

Where abouts is the entry?

Beau Locks 8:45 pm 16 Sep 10

When I were a teenager me and my mates used to do a fair bit of draining all over Canberra. Although we had lots of fun, Canberra’s fairly ordinary on the tunnelling front: circular concrete drains that get smaller as you go up them; same setup wherever you are in town. My old man was a member of the Queensland Uni Sewerological Society (an offshoot of the Speliological Society) in the late 60s. They used to be able to cruise anywhere under the campus and come up anywhere else, including into buildings.

Not Canberra related, but…the best mission I ever did was in Sydney. Beginning in Careening Cove near Kiribilli. It follows the course of an old stream and runs thru convict-hewn tunnels, then into an amazing brickwork section (with a sort of weird keyhole shape). Then you go under the beginning of the harbour tunnel before going back into another old bit. There’s a junction and you can go a number of different ways, including down into Waverton, but I crawled out into the daylight in the middle of the North Sydney CBD.

chris820 7:04 pm 16 Sep 10

The supers, eg ‘1700m under’, are misleading. They should be ‘1700m in’.

I recognise the entry, but not the exit. Can anyone pick it?

terubo 4:48 pm 16 Sep 10

This man has much talent and should be encouraged to go further.

p1 3:40 pm 16 Sep 10

Hey, I think I know that guy. Isn’t Canberra a small place.

motleychick 2:50 pm 16 Sep 10

Draining is so much fun!!

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