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Mess 12 June 2008 44

In continuing a Riot-Act tradition of rating the best (and worst) our fair city has to offer, I was wondering where are the best beer pubs and bottle shops in Canberra? My vote goes to Debacle for the best beer pub (60-odd beers on offer), and I would say somewhere like First Choice Liquor in Phillip for the best selection of beers in Canberra. Any thoughts rioters?

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44 Responses to Best Beer Pub and Bottle Shop in Canberra
gnomnamne gnomnamne 9:07 am 04 Jul 08

LG said :

sirocco said :

And Plonk! A tiny little shop full of interesting imported beers from around the globe and heaps of domestic craft beers (…and not a single VB).

Although I hear they’re in the process of moving to bigger premises at the moment, anyone heard any rumours about where that might be?

All I know is… they’re closed at the moment (very sad!). The online whitepages listing still shows the same old address but they’re not there any more. Nor is there a sign saying where they are moving to.

Got an email from them last night saying that they have opened in the Fyshwick Markets where the nursery used to be. They had stopped selling Zierholz a few months ago but perhaps they will restart now that they are closer to the source.

jg9399 jg9399 9:41 am 19 Jun 08

debacle is severely overpriced and overrated…. their beers aren’t THAT good and it’s not that great a place – too much wood can’t hear anyone speak so it’s not comfortable. surprisingly, cook shops has a wide variety of international beers you can’t seemingly get anywhere else, whether it’s the best, i couldn’t say. best bet? travel the world and drink the beer from the source.

Danman Danman 11:13 am 18 Jun 08

Yeah Matty s’s.

It is the only place I know where I have to get assistance to collect a trailer from – because guaranteed ill be a little bit “Happier” when ever I leave 🙂

Christoph Zierholz Christoph Zierholz 11:05 am 18 Jun 08

just to keep you posted – our restaurant and bar at the brewery in kembla street should only be a couple of weeks away from opening its doors *touches wood*

in terms of other venues for zierholz around canberra i keep knocking on doors and trying believe me… i will be meeting with the canberra southern cross clubs and yacht club manager in a couple of days and hopefully with the labor clubs over the weekend which might (finally) put us northside as well.

you can always help out by nagging for zierholz at your local and letting me know if you find places that aren’t tied to tooheys or carlton!

my own vote for best pub would of course have to go to the wig and pen as richard does a terrific job of creating new and interesting brews. oh that and Matt S’s garage…

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 10:34 pm 14 Jun 08

ant said :

These beers with lime and stuff added are an abomination.

Adding weird stuff to beer and then canning it is a Bad Thing.

Speaking of abomination and weird stuff has anyone seen/tasted Jim Beam bourbon pre mixed cans now with Ginger Beer?! I saw it at the shop today and nearly fell over! Does this stuff actually taste any good? Oh, and don’t call them “alcopops” or I’ll scream.

Meconium Meconium 2:29 pm 14 Jun 08

lol danman, taken to read as “I know I’ve got no taste, either in music, food or beer, and I just don’t care.”

good for you, hope you stumble on some magical beer when you’re brewing and you realise what this fresh cold joy is supposed to taste like.

“I want to freeze it into ice blocks and skate on it, then melt it in the springtime and drink it!”

Danman Danman 11:56 am 14 Jun 08

I admitted in an open public forum that I enjoy the music of Michael Bublé – how less caring could I get 🙂

Gotta go move road base for the home brewery footings… Later

Danman Danman 10:00 am 14 Jun 08

Hay man – everyone is entitled to their opinion and so be it if I’m metro sexual or got tits.

Like my musical collection, my tastes are eclectic.

I used to work at 2 chef hat restaurants and get maccas on the way home.

Open my cd case and you will see napalm death next to fear factory and deicide, next to Bublé and aussie crawl, chisel, depeche mode, stevie ray vaughan, muddy waters, next to missy higgins etc.

Why should ones (legal) tastes be held back by the opinions of others.

I have always been a do what you want (within the realms of the law), not what is cool kind of guy.

anyway, beer, Miller Chill is good, as is Zierholz, Matty S’s hombrew stouts and ales and smirnoff vodka varieties (Vanilla, apple, regular) and makers mark, though I do have a soft spot for JB white label, showed me many a good time when I was a kid.

ant ant 9:32 am 14 Jun 08

… and people without tastebuds or who really, really hate beer.

Mess Mess 1:46 am 14 Jun 08

Those Miller Chill beers along with “radler” (read: shandy) style beers, are aimed at the female market. And possibly the metro-sexuals

ant ant 12:23 am 14 Jun 08

These beers with lime and stuff added are an abomination. It just doesn’t work. there were a few in the US but sold mainly at Wal-mart. Most people hated them, these are the people who’d pay premium for bud or coors, but they still hated beer with lime cordial added. Miller actually made the only national mass produced I found drinkable: Miller High Life. Not a bad supermarket beer and cheap as chips.

Adding weird stuff to beer and then canning it is a Bad Thing.

Meconium Meconium 12:11 am 14 Jun 08

I cannot believe you are supporting those disgusting excuses for beers that are flooding the market, such as Miller Chill. Those are the biggest insult to the beer world since the founding of the Carlton brewery. Indeed, Carlton does one too, I think it’s called Fusion, and it’s just as awful as Miller’s attempt. Miller Draft is a shite beer to begin with, and they’ve made it worse by adding *lime flavour* and *salt*.

Salt should accompany beer, not end up in it. That’s a mistake. Obviously these breweries are trying to cash in on the Corona and lime fad, but are producing an inferior but similar product that people don’t have to get their hands dirty to drink.

Danman, you’ve hereby lost all the man points you gained by setting up your own brewery in your backyard. If you think Miller Chill is beer, I’d hate to imagine what your homebrew ends up like (although admittedly, anything is better than that overpriced, overmarketed bilgewater).

Danman Danman 10:43 pm 13 Jun 08

Felix da House Cat I believe you are talking about Denman (Danman) cellars.
Thats where I discovered Miller Chill – a chilada style beer with a twist of citrus… Yummm

Mælinar Mælinar 8:22 pm 13 Jun 08

Mess said :

First Choice (bro) in Phillip have Vintage Ale. If you like Tui so much head to Rotorua in NZ, while I was there I had so many vouchers giv for free pints of Tui given to me, I couldnt drink them all!

<—— droools

Mess Mess 8:17 pm 13 Jun 08

I would like to make special mention of the bottle shop at Erindale between Pizza Hut and the Cheesecake shop. The service there is excellent. Nothing is too much trouble for the owners, in fact im sure if you asked them to break a bottle over their heads for your amusement they probably would. the ber selection is decent for a shop that size, and they also stock the best Jerky in Australia. I recommend the Honey Pork Jerky, its excellent.

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 7:59 pm 13 Jun 08

The bottle shop in Gungahlin TC, down near the pizza shops and McDonalds gets my vote.
Dan Murphy at Belconnen Mall is good too.

As for pubs, I’ve only been to George Harcourt a couple of times, not overly impressed with it, can’t swing a kitten inside and meals are average. I quite like O’Neil’s Irish pub in Dickson.

Mess Mess 6:46 pm 13 Jun 08

First Choice (bro) in Phillip have Vintage Ale. If you like Tui so much head to Rotorua in NZ, while I was there I had so many vouchers giv for free pints of Tui given to me, I couldnt drink them all!

I like the Wig and Pen as well. I reckon Canberra is big enough to support another brewpub. Zierholz brewpub anyone? I love the ones in Sydney. Lord Nelson and Redoak are two of my favourites. Redoak makes probably the best beer ever, Im drooling thinking about their Honeyale now…..

Clown Killer Clown Killer 3:10 pm 13 Jun 08

Peterh, last couple of places I saw Coopers Vintage Ale in Canberra was Dan Murphy’s in Tuggeranong, that would have been a couple of weeks ago.

peterh peterh 3:05 pm 13 Jun 08

in this forum, does anyone know where I can get a-hold of coopers vintage? my local liquor has stopped selling it, and I am too long between care packages from SA…

Devon?? what the hell is that? Try bung fritz – devon will be nothing more than a nasty memory….

Danman Danman 2:53 pm 13 Jun 08

LOL isn’t there a famous tagline about the watering hole in Kambah..?

As the weeks go by and I lay the slab down for my shed I get closer to brewing in kegs at home.. Then Ill have my own bee-ah on tap Even going to make an illuminated solar powered automatic sign that says “Bar Danman” in old english font 🙂

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