The best car window tinting in Canberra

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Who offers the best car window tinting in Canberra? Photo: File.

From its early beginnings in the 1960’s, automotive window tinting sure has come a long way. What began as mostly translucent dye-based films, quickly evolved into metallic, then ceramic supported by nanotechnology.

It seems everyone from teenagers on learner plates through to retired grandparents are driving around with windows tinted a shade of black. And, while car window tints were first regarded as an early-adopters folly, they are now an auto mainstay.

Why so popular? Well, manufacturers will vouch for more than a few handy benefits of having tinted windows. The core advantage is the reduction of light. Be it infrared, visible light, or ultraviolet radiation, today’s car window tints work wonders filtering it out.

The result? Added protection from the sun’s rays, reduced glare, and less radiant heat. Aesthetically, tinted car windows also look good. The darker windows add a touch of je ne sais quoi to any car, whilst offering privacy for drivers.

While the benefits are vast, installing tinted film is not without risk. Choose the wrong provider and you could be left with window tinting straight from amateur hour. Peels, bubbles, tears, the list of horror stories goes on.

So, to help you on your way we have curated a list of the best car window tinting providers in Canberra. And we have even thrown in some pointers to help you separate the best from the rest.

What makes a great car window tinting provider?

Great window tinting providers are super shade sleuths whipping car windows into shape. Their skilled hands are adept at covering every blade of glass with absolute finesse. Here are the qualities we think the best car window tinting providers have in common:

  • Reputable & recommended. Like any other auto service, there are reputable providers and then there are those who are not. When shopping around consider a few essentials. Look for providers who are trustworthy, have built a stellar reputation, and offer service in spades. Often, one of the best ways to land a good car window tinting experience is to choose a business that comes recommended. A personal or professional recommendation offers valuable peace of mind that they have been trusted by a family or friend.
  • Premium products. From standard offerings all the way through to the latest nano-bonded ceramics, there’s plenty of window tinting products on the market. The best car window tinting providers will have a selection of quality options to support it. Look for well-known reputable products, proof of any product claims, and decent warranty periods. Quality products tend to offer a long lifespan, so hunt down the best quality you can afford.
  • Professionally installed. Tinting a car’s window is a job that should never be left in the hands of amateurs. It is an arena where experience most certainly pays. While assessing your provider consider the quality of their work. Request to see completed jobs on the showroom floor along with any on file. Keep a lookout for anything lacklustre. Things like rough edges, bubbles, gaps, cut outs, and fading, are all indicators of poor installation. If you notice any of these signs, you will know they are not the right choice. Also, ask questions! Enquire about the films themselves, along with how edged or raised surfaces will be treated. Finally, see if they are members of industry body, the Window and Film Association for added peace of mind.
  • Covered by warranty. The best car window tinting providers will happily provide a warranty on any tinting service rendered. For most, this warranty covers both the tint itself and its installation. Indeed, many tinting suppliers will provide a warranty period, typically a limited warranty, on the tinting product itself. However, this warranty will fall short without quality installation. Always enquire about warranty periods; being sure you understand the terms and the steps in which to make a claim.
  • Value pricing. While you generally get what you pay for, you need not feel your wallet burn either. The best car window tinting providers not only offer exceptional services; they also deliver these at affordable prices. Bear in mind that some products will naturally cost more than others, and there may also be a premium for urgent services. Consider your needs and the overall aesthetics and review pricing accordingly

The best car window tinting in Canberra

RiotACT’s editorial team has combed through 20 years of on-site comments to compile a list of the most recommended businesses according to you.

To be listed in our Best of Canberra series, each business needs to have consistently received positive feedback on RiotACT and Facebook as well as maintaining a minimum average of 4/5 stars on Google.

X Auto Detailing

Conveniently located in Phillip, X Auto Detailing offers a full suite of interior and exterior detailing services, including general washes, deep cleans, paint enhancement and protection films, polishing and waxing, ceramic coating, window tinting, vinyl wrapping and more.

When it comes to window tinting, Cindy and her team believe only the highest quality film will do. X Auto Detailing is a direct supplier of Suntek premium ceramic window tint film, which is coated in nano ceramic particles that reflect ultraviolet rays to reduce glare and heat.

To avoid uneven textures or premature aging, Cindy stresses the importance of having an experienced installer.

"If your installer doesn't know what they're doing, you could end up with rough edges, cut outs or peeling film," she says. "Our staff are genuine car enthusiasts who treat each and every vehicle like their own. Any car can become a work of art when care and creativity is put into it."

Clint Parker recently put his rare 2004 BA GT Falcon into the care of X Auto technicians for a sleek black vinyl wrap, window tint and full detailing. Close to two decades old, Clint's Ford was showing some serious signs of wear, including cracking and fading on exterior surfaces.

"I couldn’t be happier," he said online. "The X Auto team did an amazing job to bring her back to life. The team’s professionalism and attention to detail is second to none. The entire car, inside and out, looks and feels like new."

Solartint Belconnen

Family owned and operated, Solartint Belconnen have been servicing Canberra and surrounds for over twenty years. Their core offering is the well-regarded Solartint product, a household name in the window tinting industry.

Offering four tinting products, Solartint Belconnen caters to all tastes and requirements from the best films to cutting edge ceramic options. All products come backed with a nationwide guarantee. With a team of experienced tinters and even more happy customers, Solartint Belconnen are an excellent choice.

Phil Baker shared this review on Google, “I had my car tinted, very professional, friendly and timely. I highly recommend, thank you team for your services.”

VIP Car Tinting

VIP Car Tinting Canberra is a member of the nationwide group offering tinting and paint protective services for cars, buses, and trucks.

When it comes to windows, VIP Car Tinting’s product of choice is Ultra Tint. This high-performance product is available in a range of shades, boasts colour stability, and comes with a manufacturer warranty.

VIP Car Tinting can also assist with stripping and re-tinting, along with ceramic paint protection. For an attractive and cost-efficient car enhancement that offers more than looks, consider VIP Car Tinting.

Chethan Vijayadeva shared this great feedback on Google, “Great service, reliable and cost effective. Answered all our questions with a smile and completed the window tinting on time.”

Diamond Tints

As a small family-owned business, Diamond Tints, have built a reputation for excellence in the auto tinting space. Offering quality products, professional service, and quick installation, they have grown to become one of the regions favourite tinting specialists.

In partnership with Oz Window Films, Diamond Tints have teamed up to supply Canberra with some of the best automotive window films on the market. All film products are available in a range of shades and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Scott G shared his experience on Google, “Cannot recommend diamond window tints highly enough. Top quality products and work.”

Auto Tint

Conveniently located in Fyshwick, Auto Tint boast a thirty-year plus history of delivering best in breed car window tinting services. This expertise has led to the development of their own specialised technique, the Chamfered Edge Custom Fit, which creates a seamless edge that follows the contour of the glass.

Known for providing a superior standard of installation and professional finish, Auto Tint can also assist with the removal of existing tinting products. For high-performance tinting products that help to reduce ultraviolet rays, heat, and glare, contact Auto Tint.

Mat shared his experience with the team on Google, “Great service provided. Very knowledgeable and a high-quality product. Highly recommend.”

To maintain that showroom finish check out our articles on the best car washes and the best car detailers Canberra has to offer. And, for mechanical assistance see our articles on the best car service centres and the best mechanics. To compare new car options, be sure to check out this article on the best car dealerships in the region.

Your experience with car tinting in Canberra

Thanks to our commenters who have provided insightful feedback. If you believe we have got it wrong, please let us know.

Have you had experience with any of the car tinting providers listed above? If so, share your feedback in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the darkest legal car window tint in the ACT?

Within the ACT the darkest legal window tint for cars is 35% visible light transmission (VLT) for the front side, rear side, and rear windows.

What is a ceramic window tint?

Ceramic film is an emergent product developed by nano technology applications. Its construct is like that of regular film tint in that thin sheets are used; however, the composition is different. Unlike regular film tint, ceramic alternatives are made of a blend of ceramic particles and non-metallic and nonconductive materials. It is said to be of a higher quality, offering greater heat and UV reduction.

When can I roll car windows down after tinting?

As a rule of thumb, wait at least four to five days before rolling windows down after tinting. This should allow ample time for applied coatings to cure. That said, each product is different so always adhere to the recommendation provided by your window tint installer.

How long does a car window tint last?

When installed and cured correctly, a regular window tint can last for 10 years or more. As with all products, lifespan depends on how it is maintained and the natural environment. Wear and tear from scratching, rubbing, or tearing can damage the tint over time. Consult your tinting service for advice on how to best maintain your tint.

What is the best thing to use to clean tinted car windows?

In most cases, tinted windows can be cleaned with some warm water and a drop of mild dishwashing detergent. A soft microfibre cloth can be used to gently wipe the glass in a single direction. Any abrasive solutions should be kept far away from tinted glass as they can lead to scratching and discolouration. If in doubt, ask your window tint installer for advice.

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