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Best lawyer for DUI charge in Canberra?

By whoodzzz 10 July 2012 32


Recently I was pulled up on a super low range drinking charge and am now faced with a summons and licence suspension which is going to have significant impact on a recently agreed shared custody arrangement.

I haven’t had any issues with police (other than stupidity in a car when I was younger – 15+ years), so figure that engaging a lawyer to discuss the case and have representation is probably an intelligent thing to do.

Can anyone suggest a lawyer?

I appreciate all the trolls, go hard but its not like I’ll listen to you 😉

What’s Your opinion?

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32 Responses to
Best lawyer for DUI charge in Canberra?
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LSWCHP 5:04 pm 11 Jul 12

golden_youth said :

Better call Saul –

WTF? Ah, Google has been my friend….

460cixy 3:52 pm 11 Jul 12

Had too many stubs? You need Steve stubs he advertises on the wireless 0418482587

devils_advocate 1:41 pm 11 Jul 12

Slumlord said :

golden_youth said :

Better call Saul –

Best site I’ve seen in a long time

I would like to hand out some props to the TV show in general, the malcolm-in-the-middle dad guy (dunno the actor’s name) really just makes the whole thing.

Slumlord 12:33 pm 11 Jul 12

golden_youth said :

Better call Saul –

Best site I’ve seen in a long time

frg1978 11:01 am 11 Jul 12

My experience is that there was a defence a few years ago if the charge was low range drink driving and you could prove a certain number of years without any other offences. I think it is under Section 10 where the magistrate can prove the charge without conviction or something along those lines which means no loss of license. I think it would be well worth getting a good lawyer if you want to go down this path. I have used Grant Kennealy who cost me around $800 but and he was very good, especially when compared with some of the other solicitors you will see in there. You will need to provide character references to the effect that they know of the charge and that this is out of character for you, along with any other evidence you can find of your good character (volunteering, coaching kids sports etc.),
The other option is a apply for a restricted license if you really need to drive to care for your children or for work. This all depends on whether you have the option of using public transport however and just being inconvenienced is not enough. This is an additional charge I think.
Hope this helps.

golden_youth 10:32 am 11 Jul 12

Better call Saul –

devils_advocate 8:47 am 11 Jul 12

The_TaxMan said :

Why do you assume its a he? i think you’ll find that stupidity is not gender specific

It’s only men that get screwed over by the courts in custody disputes.

The_TaxMan 7:19 am 11 Jul 12

Jethro said :

Deref said :

Why would you lose your license for a “super low range drink-driving” charge?

If you read the OP he said it could affect hi shared custody arrangements with his ex.

I think it’s less about losing his license and more about losing access to his kids.

Although I can’t see how a low range DUI would do that unless his drinking was an issue raised during the original custody proceedings.

Why do you assume its a he? i think you’ll find that stupidity is not gender specific

bigfeet 6:57 am 11 Jul 12

It’s a Canberra court.

Just turn up and tell them that you are an oppresessed gender neutral cripple who had their land stolen and was abused as a child by your alcoholic step-father (who was a senior member of the Liberal Party) and you are now forced to use drugs, break into houses and drink drive through circumstances outside your control. If you can make up some new psychiatric disorder as well, it would certainly assist.

Throw in a reference to the police victimising you if the opportunity presents itself as well.

Deny all personal responsibility and blame everyone else. That seems to work well in Canberra Courts.

The Magistrate will probably award you a new car and a chaffeur for life.

Diggety 11:33 pm 10 Jul 12

On the other hand, if you are white, young, male, good up bringing, non-indigenous, heterosexual, apolitical father… You’re f*cked.

Diggety 11:27 pm 10 Jul 12

Paint it black.

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