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Best of Canberra – Kebabs

By Canfan - 23 September 2014 22


For this week’s Best of Canberra, we are going back to fast food… Kebabs. My first experience of a kebab was back in the days that there was a little place in the Woden food court (I’m talking maybe 20 years ago). Since then, they’ve been a favourite, although as my taste buds (and digestive system) age, I am faster to choose a grilled meat option over a doner.

With all the onion and garlic, it’s never a great date food, but definitely comes up trumps after a night out or for a quick lunch bite when on the run.

In London a kebab comes in an open pocket with a fork – yes, it’s true. I would question the point of a kebab if you lose the convenience of a single-handed feast!

Are there any little hidden gems around town producing kebabs worthy of high praise?

What’s Your opinion?

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22 Responses to
Best of Canberra – Kebabs
John Moulis 10:23 am 24 Sep 14

There seems to be a bit of confusion here. I had always thought that a kebab was a shortened term for what the Americans call shish kebab or shish kabob, or souvlaki in Greek. I’d always known the item in the pic as a wrap, or fajita in Mexican. From what I’ve been able to glean, the term kebab as used in the modern context came about because the meat is sliced from a large portion which resembles the meat pieces on a souvlaki. I’m preparing to be shot down in flames here …

astrojax 7:21 am 24 Sep 14

auburn. the first [i still remember] and still the best.

BenMac 12:55 am 24 Sep 14

Charnwood Turkish Pide

fps_grandma 5:12 pm 23 Sep 14

I have been to the Halal Pide House at Yarralumla which are supposedly the best kebabs in Canberra however the copious amounts of coarsely chopped mint overpowers the tabouli if I must add.
From my quest for the ultimate takeaway kebabs none of the kebab serving establishments in Canberra remotely match those in Sydney.

The Great Bambino 1:04 pm 23 Sep 14

Halal Pide House at Yarralumla – Awesome in size, product and value. Even though the line is normally out the door, they get through everyone relatively quickly. Sorta the Brodburger of Kebabs this place.
Lyneham Shops, pretty close to pipping Yarralumla but not there yet
Sultans at the G, added benefit is being entertained by the owner while you wait.

Reprobate 12:14 pm 23 Sep 14

Yep Yarralumla Halal Pide wins hands down, amazing kebabs. Heaps of fillings, fresh, tasty – just great. Only downside is the soup-nazi style lineup and absence of parking for a couple of blocks around the shops.

Next best would be a tie between Fig and Olive at Chisholm shops and (I think) Star Kebabs at the Fyshwick markets. The Fig and Olive version is tastier, the markets kebab is bigger – one of the few that I haven’t been able to finish.

Ali Baba would be dead motherless last on any list of decent kebabs – their Tuesday $5 beef kebab special is the only time I would ever buy one (especially on pre-payday weeks like today…)

And never mind light rail or a new city stadium, what this place needs is somewhere that makes a decent Gyros/Giros/Yeeros (spelling depends where you grew up!)

James McMahon 10:56 am 23 Sep 14

Yarralumla Shops- Chicken, extra cheese, extra hummus, chilli sauce lettuce done!

XO_VSOP 10:52 am 23 Sep 14

Vote 1 Alaras Dickson and when south side yes Yarralumla is a winner

BombaySapphire 10:40 am 23 Sep 14

I love the ones at Yarralumla, but for an inner Northern alternative the Turkish place at the Lyneham shops is GREAT as well. And the service there is so lovely!

Mess 10:15 am 23 Sep 14

+1 for Yarralumla Kebabs. hands down best in Canberra. Fig and Olive in Chisholm is a decent substitute when Yarralumla is too far to go.

dungfungus 10:05 am 23 Sep 14

The Kebab is a poor substitute for a Chicko Roll which was designed by an Australian to be eaten in one hand while using the other hand to hold a can of beer, mainly at the footy.
That is impossible to do with a kebab which has no structural integrity in the wrapping and, as a result, the contents spill everywhere.
At least the Scottish version available at the Golden Arches chain now comes in a cardboard container which sheds the top half leaving the bottom half to hang onto and catch the mayo and other stuff before it ruins your clothes.

dodgycamel 9:48 am 23 Sep 14

Sultan’s Turkish at Gungahlin definitely needs a mention in here. I’m never popular when I say it, but I prefer it to Yarralumla!

Alexandra Craig 9:03 am 23 Sep 14

Antagonist said :

That joint at the Yarralumla Shops. Chicken kebab, all the toppings, extra Jalapenos, tahini sauce. $10. It was one of those truly “Where you have you been all my life” moments! The line runs out the door on Thursdays and Fridays, but OMG! Worth it!

+ 1 for the Halal Pide House at Yarralumla. People say it’s the best kebab they’ve ever eaten. ALSO – while you’re there – get some Gazoz! It’s a Turkish soft drink. You can get a clear one or an orange one. I prefer the clear one. Gazoz isn’t as fizzy as regular soft drink, it’s so refreshing!

Antagonist 8:43 am 23 Sep 14

That joint at the Yarralumla Shops. Chicken kebab, all the toppings, extra Jalapenos, tahini sauce. $10. It was one of those truly “Where you have you been all my life” moments! The line runs out the door on Thursdays and Fridays, but OMG! Worth it!

neanderthalsis 8:38 am 23 Sep 14

Kismet, in Manuka next to Mees Sushi, does a good doner kebab, a good array of traditional Turkish salads, fresh turkish bread, dips and much more than a foodcourt kebab joint or dodgy late night lamb and garlic sanger…

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