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Best place for blood test with needle phobia

By buttons - 24 September 2009 24

I need to go have a blood test and I have a massive needle phobia – can anyone recommend a good clinic to go where the nurses understand these issues and have patience?


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24 Responses to
Best place for blood test with needle phobia
barking toad 12:01 pm 25 Sep 09


haha – nice one centurion!

rosebud 11:57 am 25 Sep 09

I think you should all grow up! Scared of a little needle, plunging into your veins to relieve you of some of your vital essence. What could you possibly be afraid of except your own fear. Pffft.

excession 10:38 am 25 Sep 09

I found Canberra Hospital Pathology to be consistently good at taking blood for blood tests.

I used to be so scared, I would be having the shakes and cold sweats about blood tests, and I found that the commercial places (Symbion, Laverty Pathology) were HOPELESS at getting blood out without causing lots of pain.

The nurses at Canberra Hospital Pathology are well trained, and do a great job. Highly recommended.


buttons 8:44 am 25 Sep 09

Thank you everyone!

dusty 8:36 am 25 Sep 09

I would highly recommend the Collection Centre at Canberra Hospital, entry ground level off Gilmore Crescent Garran

Igglepiggle 8:36 am 25 Sep 09

EMLA cream may help too. Its local anaethetic cream you can buy from the chemist- put it on about 30mins before you go- you wont feel it then! Great for small kids who need blood tests too (doesnt help much with immunisations sadly as most of that pain is in the muscle, not the skin) A bit exxy but worth it if you have a real problem.

V twin venom 8:34 am 25 Sep 09

Mooseheads. They don’t even use needles.

saraj 10:17 pm 24 Sep 09

Staff at the collection center at Calvary are fantastic. Been going there for awhile and never had a problem.

Opening hours
Monday to Friday: 7.30am – 5.30pm
Saturday: 9.00am – 12.00 noon

Our location
1st Floor, Marian Building
Calvary Hospital, BRUCE

VicePope 9:34 pm 24 Sep 09

Had one this week at the Erindale branch of the local pathology place. Pleasant enough people, given what they do. Very skilled at minimal shock/pain phlebotomy. It’s most of what they do at those places, so they get pretty good at it.

ainslie 8:42 pm 24 Sep 09

The lady that works at the Jerrabomberra Capital Pathology is very good at taking bloods. My daughter was very worked up and the lady was able to take the blood with a minimum of fuss and calmed my daughter beautifully.

Primal 6:41 pm 24 Sep 09

Speaking as a bit of needlephobe myself, let me recommend Capital Pathology at Brindabella Specialist Centre (Garran, near The Canberra Hospital) on a Sunday morning.

To quote the young lady who took my blood, some Sundays are really busy, but most times they’re dead quiet – I stepped in the door about 10:30am, did the paperwork and was ushered into the room straight away, no time wasted in a waiting room getting worked up about it.

Very understanding staff and I walked away feeling much better about myself (and about needles).

cranky 6:35 pm 24 Sep 09

I feel your pain.

Best experience with this dread was Capital Pathology at “Brindabella Specialist Centre”, top of the carpark at Woden Hospital. The nurse was fabulous – I felt virtually nothing, and was looking everywhere but the task at hand.

Hint! Book an appointment. This place seems to be almost a drop in centre for these tests, and it was a revelation to walk in at the designated time, with a chockers waiting room, to be escorted straight to the nurse for the bloodletting.

Good Luck.

Gassed 6:30 pm 24 Sep 09

Maybe your local doctor?
I hate them to with a passion but my local doctor does a good job thankgod 🙂

Ozi 6:13 pm 24 Sep 09

Anywhere you go will have patients, so that should help…

I have found that the place at the Lyneham shops is really good. ACT Pathology I think they are.

SolarPowered 6:02 pm 24 Sep 09

I can relate to the phobia. I have had countless blood tests over the years. The best thing is to drink plenty of water beforehand. This makes it much easier for the nurse to get a good vein. That, and breathe.

Not sure where you are located, but there is a clinic in Gungahlin which is very good. Can’t remember the name, but it is around the corner from Fruitylicious.

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