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Best tiramisu in town?

By Known_only_as_Jack - 24 February 2012 25

Good Day Rioters,

My partners birthday is just around the corner has only asked for one thing, tiramisu.

So – where can I get the best tiramisu in town?

Thanks in advance


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25 Responses to
Best tiramisu in town?
breda 2:51 pm 24 Feb 12

The tiramisu at Italian & Sons is divine – the best I have ever tasted by miles and miles. I can’t even eat the stuff that other restaurants serve up as tiramisu any more!

JessP 1:32 pm 24 Feb 12

I know I will get bashed for this and as a disclaimer, I will state that a homemade tiramusu is undoubtably better – but I bought a damn fine one from COSTCO. Imported from Italy (go figure) about 500g worth – so enough for several serves (or one bloody big one) , rich, creamy with the right balance of coffee and mascapone. Lovely!

It cost less than $6 from memory….. great value but probably wont win brownie points on a birthday though.

jonquil14 1:29 pm 24 Feb 12

I have to echo the folks saying Mezzalira, and it has the advantage of being a resonably swanky birthday dinner as well.

If you are going to make it yourself, it’s advisable to have a stand mixer (Mixmaster or similar) because I recall cream and marscapone needing to be mixed for 15 minutes (I used a recipe, but I was only trying to impress myself).

Keijidosha 1:10 pm 24 Feb 12

EvanJames said :

So, what’s the best tiramisu recipe in town?!

As with any recipe it comes down to personal preference, so I can’t claim mine is the best. For me the key is to use the best quality ingredients and combine them in a certain order. I’d like to say that this recipe is a traditional family secret, but the truth is that I read it in an old book and modified to taste. The key change was removing cream in favour of egg whites to make it lighter and fluffier.

4 decent size eggs
40 savoiardi biscuits (approx)
3 cups brewed coffee
500g marscarpone
3/4 cup sugar
100ml Kahlua (or marsala wine if you prefer, but I think Kahlua works best)
Dark chocolate (60%) for garnishing

Separate the eggs into very clean bowls (important not to mix any whites/yolks).
Brew 3 cups of strong, good quality coffee and allow to cool in a dish. Once cooled, add Kahlua.
Beat the egg whites to stiff peaks.
Beat the egg yolks, gradually adding the sugar. Blend until smooth, then mix in the marscarpone with a spatula.
Take the beaten egg whites and fold gently into the cheese mixture.
Dip savoiardi biscuits into the coffee mixture one at a time and place into a single layer in the bottom of a 12″ pan. (Pan will need to be about 2″ deep). To test if you’ve got the right amount of coffee mix in the biscuit, dip one and then snap it in half. The coffee should just soak through the outer layer and not all the way to the centre. Too soggy and you’ll end up with a big mushy mess at the end.
Once you’ve made a layer of biscuits, coat them in a layer of cheese mixture. Repeat a second layer.
Finely grate the dark chocolate over the top layer, cover the tin in plastic wrap and put in in the fridge for a minimum 3 hours (overnight is fine).

johnboy 1:08 pm 24 Feb 12

big ups for mezzalira

Yellow 1:06 pm 24 Feb 12

Mezzalira do the best authentic tiramisu in town.

madamcholet 12:26 pm 24 Feb 12

Make one, it’s not hard – there’s a recipe on Cook and the Chef online (old ABC program) for Green Tea Tiramisu.

BellaK 11:49 am 24 Feb 12

Jack, I too am a lover of a fine tiramisu and am always on the hunt for an authentic version i.e. not the version that gets fished out of the glass display case at the front of the restaurant then re-invented as ‘dessert’ at an a la carte restaurant. I’ve tried Bella Vista’s tiramisu and wasn’t all that impressed. I did as Keijidosha suggested and convinced my husband to create one from scratch and it was sensational. Here’s the recipe he used:
His one tip was to only lightly dip the sponge fingers in the coffee (not to let them soak) in order to give the dish a good texture. Best of luck!

astrojax 11:43 am 24 Feb 12

mama tossolini does a good one – cnr bailey’s arcade…

of if you can track down my hairdresser, ask him to ask his mum to make you one. second best ever. (best was made by the wife of a non-canberra prominent aussie muso, so another story altogether)

Duffbowl 11:03 am 24 Feb 12

Bella Vista in Belconnen.

Holden Caulfield 10:29 am 24 Feb 12

I’m no tiramisu connoisseur but have enjoyed the version that Tosolini’s offers in the past.

neanderthalsis 10:14 am 24 Feb 12

Bella Vista in Belconnen does a rather good one.

EvanJames 9:56 am 24 Feb 12

Keijidosha said :

My advice is to make it yourself (for maximum brownie points). Tiramisu requires no cooking/baking and if you use good quality ingredients the result should be very tasty.

So, what’s the best tiramisu recipe in town?!

Keijidosha 9:34 am 24 Feb 12

My advice is to make it yourself (for maximum brownie points). Tiramisu requires no cooking/baking and if you use good quality ingredients the result should be very tasty.

That being said I’d be interested to know if there is a fantastic tiramisu to be found in Canberra, because I’m yet to taste one that bowls me over.

andym 9:24 am 24 Feb 12

I too look forward to the list. I havent had it anywhere else so dont know how it compares, but the tiramisu at La Piazza Erindale stays down ok.

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