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Beware the young tobacco spies

By johnboy 17 October 2006 50

Katy Gallagher has proudly announced that her new tobacco control laws have passed the Assembly, her media release carries the curious headline: “NEW LEGISLATIVE PASSED TO PREVENT TOBACCO SALES TO MINORS”

The heart of the matter seems to be this:

“It involves trained young volunteers under the supervision of an authorised officer attempting to purchase cigarettes or other smoking products from retail outlets”

It might beat flipping burgers for the right kid I guess.

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Beware the young tobacco spies
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fragge 1:34 pm 19 Jul 11

vg said :

Silly Katy might want to check out a little legislative thing called entrapment.

Or having the ‘authorised officer’ charged with aiding and abetting the offence.

Surely someone’s civil rights will be breached. What a bunch of wankers

Technically, its legal for a minor to buy tobacco, so this isn’t entrapment.

el 6:13 pm 23 Oct 06


nyssa76 6:03 pm 23 Oct 06

simto, after reading comments here I wasn’t sure, so stick that where the sun doesn’t shine.

I had the manager serve me. He could have told me that it was perfectly legal for a 15yo to sell me smokes and alcohol. He didn’t.

Take up your smarmy attitude with him. Or you’ll cop a serve.

Mr Shab, thanks for the info re: age.

Absent Diane 4:48 pm 23 Oct 06

yup remove restrictions. make it less of a thing and it will be less of a thing. exceedingly flawed logic but I do like it.

bonfire 4:39 pm 23 Oct 06

perhaps it would be easier to just remove all restrictions and rely on market forces to determine the success of the product.

johnboy 4:37 pm 23 Oct 06

i fail to see the logic of people selling a product being required to be the same age as the people consuming the product.

It hardly seems a natural imperative.

Mr_Shab 4:30 pm 23 Oct 06

There’s an age cut-off of 14 years, 9 months – but for an entirely different reason.

As I said – try lobbying Coles/Woolies for a change of INTERNAL policy. I wasn’t suggesting legislating against big business – just that you consider the cost of your actions on small business for what I would say would be a highly dubious benefit.

simto 4:23 pm 23 Oct 06

Thanks for directing us to your first commment It says that you were convinced your 15 year old student was not of sufficient age to sell you smokes, so and you forced another person to serve you. But now you’re not sure whether there is a legal requirement at all! So in other words, you may have actually been talking completely out of your arse…

I’d guess that there isn’t a legal requirement – there’s an age requierment for purchasing, but not an age requirement for selling. Which makes sense – the prohibition is meant to prevent consumption, and selling something isn’t part of the process of consuming it.

nyssa76 4:11 pm 23 Oct 06

I must redraw your attention Big Al to the fact that if 16yos are allowed to sell smokes and liquor, why was my 15yo student selling them? (see my original post on this matter)

Where’s the age cut off? Is there even one?

nyssa76 4:10 pm 23 Oct 06

It is tough Mr Shab, but you can’t have one rule for some and another rule for the others.

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