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Big cuts to Multicultural Festival

By Kerces - 2 August 2006 39

Helen Musa in the Canberra Times today reports the Multicultural Festival’s funding is set to be cut by about half.

She mainly quotes Jorian Gardner, because he was the only one of her eight sources who could go on the record (though she appears to have talked to festival director Domenic Mico as well). Mr Gardner has been the director of the Fringe Festival, which looks like it won’t happen at all next year.

Mr Gardner said the 2007 festival’s funding would be between $130,000 and $150,000. In recent years it has had about $280,000 in funding and the total cost, roughly double this, has been made up through sponsorship and ticket sales. In his opinion, the amount named would only be enough to cover the Food and Dance Spectacular and maybe the Greek Glendi (not sure what this is).

Multicultural affairs minister John Hargreaves denied there had been any decisions made about cuts. He told Ms Musa that rumours of drastic cuts in all kinds of areas had been flying round since the June budget and that people should just wait and see what the actual details were (though from what Jorian said, it sounded like some parts of the bureaucracy think its pretty done and dusted).

Mr Hargreaves said he is “determined to bring to the community the biggest and best Multicultural Festival yet”.

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39 Responses to
Big cuts to Multicultural Festival
Woody Mann-Caruso 2:11 pm 02 Aug 06

I only ever go to the Food thingy. When the booklet arrives in the mail every year, I wonder who goes to all the other events.

Pandy 10:59 am 02 Aug 06

I didn’t think Hargreaves liked the Multicultural Festival – last year he launched it, and his speech was bizarrely full of four letter words.

He probably had availed himself to a few refreshments. Snigger.

Mr_Shab 10:49 am 02 Aug 06

I think the businesses in City Walk/Garema Place/Petrie Plaza that have their shop-fronts blocked every year would be very happy to see it fold. Like most such festivals it’s a good idea poorly run.

johnboy 10:30 am 02 Aug 06

Well either take a percentage of what they clear, or have a fee.

Personally I’d prefer a low fee to get rid of all the pissweak non-ethnic groups that clutter the thing up.

seepi 10:30 am 02 Aug 06

I didn’t think Hargreaves liked the Multicultural Festival – last year he launched it, and his speech was bizarrely full of four letter words.

Thumper 10:27 am 02 Aug 06

It would be pity to see it fold….

DT 10:24 am 02 Aug 06

JB – on the Food and Dance Spectacular, my understanding is that the govt pays for the lot (the stage, tents, power, insurance etc) and doesn’t charge the community orgs. It’s intended to give them a chance to raise some funds for their own activities.

S4anta 10:06 am 02 Aug 06

I think Big Al might have to organise a RiotACT food and dance spectular pub golf…

Big Al 9:55 am 02 Aug 06

Don’t look at me – I do my bit! For the past ten years or so I have religiously gone to the food festival – along with a few hardy companions and attempted to consume one grilled sausage in bread and one beer from all the nations of the world. Obviously some countries let themselves down by not having a barbecued smallgood as a central pillar of their cilinary heritage – maybe if we just cut those countries from the festival it might make some money…

johnboy 9:43 am 02 Aug 06

Incidentally I’m yet to see a decision opposed by Dominic Mico that wasn’t a good one.

johnboy 9:42 am 02 Aug 06

I want to know why the food and dance spectacular costs money to run?

There’s so much money changing hands there you’d have to be grossly incompetent to not make it at least revenue neutral.

S4anta 9:30 am 02 Aug 06

A shame. One wonders if the cabinet are actually meeting anymore, each announcement seems to openly contradict another statement that was announced in the week preceeding it. It almost appears as though we voted in some politicians in the last election.

Mr_Shab 9:20 am 02 Aug 06

Good call Thumper – now I am worried…

bonfire 9:06 am 02 Aug 06

just heard hargreaves on 666 saying he knows nothing about any cuts.

he was denying all sorts of things today, such as selling pools, handing over park mgmt to nsw etc.

Thumper 8:56 am 02 Aug 06

Yes, but planning approvals have jumped 40% which proves that everything is running along swimmingly….

I think we should be worried when events like this are being cut. After all, these sort of events are Stanhope’s nirvana.

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