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Big storm coming in

johnboy 28 November 2008 62

[First filed: November 27, 2008 @ 16:37]

The ants may be quiet but their existing fortifications are enormous.

The radar, however, suggests big storms coming in and there’s a severe thunderstorm warning out.

[Insert safety platitudes of your choice here]

If you get any good pictures of wild weather feel free to mail them in to

UPDATED: Ant has sent in this one from the north of Canberra. Mt Ainslie is the peak to the right of the rainfall.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Yesterday might have fizzled until the small hours but this afternoon is looking like the real deal.

MORE UPDATEYNESS: Holden Caulfield has sent in today’s radar image which he thinks is much more impressive:

Other storm photos below:

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62 Responses to Big storm coming in
SheepGroper SheepGroper 11:41 pm 29 Nov 08

So do we get to have an ant update johnboy? You’ve teased us with photos of a steadily increasing ant hill, yet don’t reveal if they survived the recent deluges. C’mon, don’t be an ant-tease.

deye deye 1:02 pm 29 Nov 08

And that is why houses in QLD should be cyclone rated no matter where they are.

That said, houses in the Snowies should be secured in a similar way because the wind gets pretty bad down there too.

aronde aronde 9:31 am 29 Nov 08

Yesterday was not a storm. This is a storm

Our rental place lost a 20 metre gum tree narrowly missing the house and everyone else’s. Tile damage, some water through the ceiling and a smaller tree squashed the garden shed though. Got off lightly compared to some of the neighbours.

Thumper Thumper 8:02 am 29 Nov 08

I left for the car 5 minutes to late and ended up as wet as if I’d jumped into a swimming pool fully clothed.

Ari Ari 12:35 am 29 Nov 08

ant said :

guess some more St John’s Wort will be biting the dust then.

Just eat the stuff, Ant, there’s some pretty good research that it dulls the pain. 😉

ant ant 12:30 am 29 Nov 08

I got 32mm today, and 13mm from the pre-dawn storms. This is rain we haven’t seen in a long while. It’d sure be nice to get those multi-day rain events… we are so below YTD averages it’s not funny.

I’m hoping the stuff creeping in from the west will give us a bit more tonight, I’m greedy. Reckon that’s pretty-much it though, and it’ll be a pretty dry weekend, worse luck. guess some more St John’s Wort will be biting the dust then.

Overheard Overheard 11:43 pm 28 Nov 08

Gungahlin Al said :

Cars were swimming along the outer lanes of Northbourne Ave this arvo – just a few blocked drains I’d suggest.

Hell yeah. I was driving down Northbourne from the city en route to Mitchell when it hit, and in the time it took to get from Barry Drive to opposite the motor registry, three lanes of the main drag resembled three lanes of the Chandler Aquatic Centre. Rain and hail drowned out the stereo.

deye deye 9:33 pm 28 Nov 08

Gungahlin Al said :

Now THIS is what this Qlder calls rain.

Nah, needs to be more and for longer than that, also a little warmer.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 7:37 pm 28 Nov 08

Cars were swimming along the outer lanes of Northbourne Ave this arvo – just a few blocked drains I’d suggest.

planeguy planeguy 6:54 pm 28 Nov 08

The storm was certainly a bit more than yesterday – SES crews are out and about for a few jobs.

che che 6:42 pm 28 Nov 08

on the treddly today so it meant I wasn’t leaving work early,

and the storm water drains through Curtin made me wish I had a white water kayak (and was able to use it)

the bike path was flooded in one spot under a bridge
but in the end I got more muddy than wet

Olwen Olwen 6:28 pm 28 Nov 08

comes in quickly and leaves so quickly –

the SIZE of the raindrops in Civic this afteroon around 4pm was amazing – HUGE dollups (sp?) of water… and yes, agree – that’s how it used to rain in Canberra during spring when I was a wee child.

mitcore mitcore 5:09 pm 28 Nov 08

LOL enjoy your swim

RandomGit RandomGit 4:45 pm 28 Nov 08

I’m going to the office foyer for a swim before I drive home….

mitcore mitcore 4:32 pm 28 Nov 08

yep we are at drizzle now

imarty imarty 4:29 pm 28 Nov 08

Back to light drizzle in Deakin

BenMac BenMac 4:27 pm 28 Nov 08

Only had about 10mins of decent rain here in Ngunnawal. Nothing heavy. The clouds look worse than the rain really is.

mitcore mitcore 4:18 pm 28 Nov 08

Thats my neighbours house LOL i was going to post my house

sepi sepi 4:14 pm 28 Nov 08

pre-drought we used to call this normal rain in Canberra too.

mitcore mitcore 4:14 pm 28 Nov 08

my back yard is flooding, if it keeps coming down this hard my back yard is going to be flooded,

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