Bill introduced to abolish emergency services levy

wagons 2 April 2008 11

Independent MLA Richard Mulcahy has tabled a bill in the Legislative Assembly to abolish the Fire and Emergency Services Levy imposed on Canberra ratepayers.
The $87 levy was announced in the 2006 budget along with an increase in rates and other new taxes and charges.

Mr Mulcahy says there has been a dramatic turnaround in the ACT’s financial position since then, and the Government can afford to give taxpayers some relief.

“While modest such a reform would at least be some small start in reigning in the ravenous tax regime of the ACT Government, it is pertinent to note that these taxes were imposed by the Government on the basis they were needed to balance its budget,” he said.

“If this was really the case the Government should now repeal its tax increases in light of its enormous war chest of revenue.”

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11 Responses to Bill introduced to abolish emergency services levy
beasley beasley 9:30 am 03 Apr 08

Mulcahy has hit gold with this one. Next he should look at that disgraceful tax on water pipes that appears on my water bill every quarter.

tom-tom is half right in that Stanhope has done nothing to broaden our tax base and is reliant on slugging existing tax payers.

The other half is that Stanhope has not been accountable with his expenditure. His spending increases have been well above inflation and GDP growth and we have recieved nothing in return. In fact, its the opposite – closing of schools and Govt shopfronts so we can spend it planting tropical tress in a temperate climate.

These taxes would have been avoidable if he was actually able to manage our local government budget in a responsible fashion.

Bring back Quinlan who at least controlled some of the excesses.

LG LG 8:49 am 03 Apr 08

“warchest” is right

ephemerac ephemerac 6:03 am 03 Apr 08

The fire and emergency services levy should go. Rates have been spiralling up out of control and it turns out Stanhope didn’t need to bring it in, since the government ended up being in surplus (they really don’t know how to manage a budget, do they?). Worst of all, about this tax, is it doesn’t even go to fire services but straight into consolidated revenue. its just a tax

spoonbill spoonbill 7:57 pm 02 Apr 08

Mulcahy should introduce a bill to abolish Stanhopeless.

barking toad barking toad 7:55 pm 02 Apr 08

Goverment remove tax (except when it’s a swap)?


boomacat boomacat 6:14 pm 02 Apr 08

Oh look Mulcahy is doing something. Best to make the most of the few months he has left in the Assembly.

Economic planning has to be focused on the long term, not just where we sit now.

Not that I’m necessarily against abolishing the levy, just a general comment.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 5:30 pm 02 Apr 08

The basic issue is that you have a single house government, with the governing party having an absolute majority. So for this sort of thing, the phrase “snowball’s chance in hell” comes to mind.

Mælinar Mælinar 4:23 pm 02 Apr 08

Weren’t we in severe defecit about 3 months ago or was I hallucinating ?

I actually counter that its appropriate to account for every dollar that is levied from the public, and therefore should be completely broken down under 100% disclosure.

If Mulchay wants to play with cans of worms, he better be prepared for the consequences.

tom-tom tom-tom 3:59 pm 02 Apr 08

while i’d like to see lower rates it should be noted that the strong fiscal position of the act govt. is due mostly to one off income sources, land sales in civic etc so it would seem slightly irresponsible to cut off a useful income stream as a reaction to a budget surplus

Thumper Thumper 3:47 pm 02 Apr 08

If I recall correctly this was the levy (tax) they brought into cover for the previous emergency services levy (tax) which was moved from emergency services to consolidated revenue.

So the actual monies received from the levy did not supplement the original levy, just replaced it.

OzChick OzChick 3:40 pm 02 Apr 08


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