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Bizarre Ainslie shops crash

By b2 - 3 April 2008 29

I just saw this crash at Ainslie shops. Someone has managed to reverse their car into the beer garden out the front of Edgars. The angle of the car is pretty impressive. Fire brigade arrived and ambulance was on it’s way. I think someone had been knocked off their feet.

Ainslie shops crash

Does anyone know what happened? or if everyones ok?

What’s Your opinion?

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29 Responses to
Bizarre Ainslie shops crash
Katie 11:37 am 04 Apr 08

I too was there, had just come out of the IGA to see the fire engine tear around the corner and come to a stop outside Edgars. It was all a bit odd. You could see the tables and chairs in a jumble and a little old lady looking a bit dazed sitting in a chair. They were cordoning off the area with caution tape last I saw and had also blocked entry to the carpark out the front.
The other strange thing that had happened was the ladies in the takeaway were out the front patting a dog tied to one of their tables. Turns out someone had abandoned the dog a few hours before and not come back. They said it had been about 4 hours previously. The had given the dog water and were in the process of cooking it up a burger to eat. The RSPCA was closed by the time they called and had been given the advice to take it to a vet who would keep it over night and organise for the RSPCA to collect it today. What kind of a mongrel b@stard leaves a dog tied to a table?? He wasn’t in the best shape either with a obviously tender hind leg.
It was all happening at Ainslie yesterday…

S4anta 9:00 am 04 Apr 08

Surely there ought be some form offamily regulation requesting that this aged citizen stops driving mobile traffic islands and purchases a more sensible vehicle given their ditage and obvious lack of reactions.

Thumper 8:17 am 04 Apr 08

When you walk into the show room and purchase a brand new Camry that’s a sign
that you have basically given up on life. You have no burning desires or
ambition left.

hahahahaha, gear!

hk0reduck 7:58 am 04 Apr 08

This lookes like one for !

shauno 3:23 am 04 Apr 08

“Camry drivers are still the new “bloody-Volvo” drivers.”

When you walk into the show room and purchase a brand new Camry that’s a sign
that you have basically given up on life. You have no burning desires or
ambition left. Even worse is when they peruse the options list and choose
to have special order gold lettering decals. Or is that honda accord haha.

bigred 11:43 pm 03 Apr 08

Bt her grandkids drive WRXs!

Holden Caulfield 9:41 pm 03 Apr 08

Oh no, this Volvo driver can’t fool me. Camry drivers are still the new “bloody-Volvo” drivers.

Besides, this isn’t quite as impressive as the time I saw an L-plater at the Liverpool Krispy Kreme attempting to park their car outside the front door, only to bunnyhop over the kerb and directly into the path of around 20 or 30 Hell’s Angels members enjoying a feed. Haha, she scared the absolute shit out of those bikies.

NathanaelB 9:34 pm 03 Apr 08

Wow Danman, your first near-death experience?? 🙂

bd84 9:20 pm 03 Apr 08

Volvo driver.. says it all! lol

toriness 9:16 pm 03 Apr 08

lol @ danman

Danman 8:30 pm 03 Apr 08

I was sitting in that spot minutes before this happened…. well 2 wednesdays ago really… Phew that was close eh ?

Myrmecia 8:30 pm 03 Apr 08

I was at the post boxes, but had my back to the action. Heard the breaking glass (the Edgars tables have glass tops) and the rattling of the chairs and turned around just before the Volvo station wagon came to a rest. Because of the noise and action, my first thought was that it was a reverse ram-raid from a pissed-off customer. However, the driver would have been in her late 70s or early 80s. It’s my guess – and only a guess – that she reversed out of the car park towards Edgars, turned the wheel to hard left lock to drive past the shops but, oops, was still in reverse so followed a horseshoe-shaped course into the tables and chairs. The seating there has been well patronized over the summer, but as it was a little cooler than usual only a couple of patrons were outside. A couple of pretty competent passers-by quickly helped the very shaken lady who was knocked off her seat onto the ground. Most of the crowd seemed more concerned about the feelings of the little old lady driver than the middle-aged lady who was almost seriously injured. Bet the latter is still feeling the shock now.

Meconium 7:20 pm 03 Apr 08

Haha, nice pic. Hope the victim didn’t spill his beer 🙁

Queenie 6:57 pm 03 Apr 08

Reminds me of the incident that occurred at All Bar Nun that was in court recently of some guy knocking a bouncer off his feet twice with his ute!

caf 6:21 pm 03 Apr 08

They must have suffered a brainfade while reversing out of the driveway across the street – I can’t think of another reasonable explanation.

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