Blues guitars going cheap?

johnboy 20 October 2008 13

The Canberra Blues Society has a shout out for anyone who might have seen a large number of guitars stolen from the house of Steve Russell:

    — Candy Apple red ’62 Fender Telecaster Custom re-issue. Made in Japan. In fabric soft case Monterey brand, black with purple trimming. The scratch plate has been replaced with a slightly off white three ply (black/white/black) plastic plate.

    — Ephiphone Casino. The scratchplate is missing and it has a different tailpiece – it is a tremolo style tail piece with a chrome handle that extends up to the bridge. This guitar was in a black moulded plastic hard case.

    — Fender Telecaster (Made in Mexico). A slightly darker “chocolate” coloured rosewood body in a fabric soft case (gig bag) which was fairly worn. It has a chip in the finish where the neckjoins the body, which has been “repaired” with brown coloured wax.

    — Fernandes Revival brand. Gold and has 3 enclosed tubular chrome pickups rather thanthe white plastic on the photo. It has a large chip in the rear bottom edge. It was in a Fender gig bag.

    — Line 6 Variax 700 acoustic (Black). This guitar was in an olive/brown Line 6 fabric gig bag.

    — Gibson Les Paul Standard (black). The guitar has a dent on the rear edge and a small crack in the cream plastic pickguard at the screw near the neck. It also had a a small silver and black Ying/Yang sticker on the headstock under the brand name. Hinges on the case are broken.

    — Danelectro Convertible. Cream with a dark brown trim around the sides, not in a case.

    — Regal Dobro. Worn condition with 2 control knobs on the front a a plastic tortoiseshell plate between the chrome resonator and the neck. The strings had been raised with a v shapedmetal string raiser at the nut to adapt it for Hawaiin style playing. It was probably in either a blackfabric covered hard case or a moulded black plastic hardcase with the brand “Takamine” moulded into it.

    — Violin. An antique Italian violin, the label reads Carlo Storioni Cremonensis Faciebat 1898 (or something similar). In a blue fabric covered hard case with 2 bows.

    — There was also an older Ibanez brand 12 string acoustic which had a circular orange “your rights atwork” sticker on the front covering a small hole in the face, and a black Yamaha “thinline” electroacoustic with “f” holes and a gold plated pick up at the neck.

If you come across them the society would like to hear from you.

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13 Responses to Blues guitars going cheap?
Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 9:04 pm 20 Oct 08

Check Cash Converters/other pawnbrokers too.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 4:21 pm 20 Oct 08

Or e-bay…I’d be checking there frequently if I were steve.

Tempestas Tempestas 4:21 pm 20 Oct 08

Total expletives. For a bluesman like Steve Russell, that is almost like cutting an arm off.

Total scum.

I hope he gets them back. He must be devastated.

tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 4:11 pm 20 Oct 08

Based on how burglaries seem to happen in the fair town, I imagine they’ll spring up somewhere off radar in Sydney or Melbourne or the likes.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 3:57 pm 20 Oct 08

There’s a special hell for people who steal instruments. A little red devil puts a set of very expensive audiophile headphones on their heads, secures it with a nail gun, then pipes Celine Dion in one ear and Nickelback in the other.

ant ant 3:20 pm 20 Oct 08

Some pretty flash guitars there, not to mention the violin. I hope they catch whoever did this adn they get them back.

fnaah fnaah 3:11 pm 20 Oct 08

Danman, I hear you – insurance doesn’t cut it. Once you know an instrument, you just can’t get another one the same (especially if you’ve spent years getting it feeling and sounding just right.)

fnaah fnaah 3:07 pm 20 Oct 08

That’s just awful. 🙁 Sounds like someone planned it too, you don’t just walk out of a house with eight guitars in your backpack.

Hope they catch the culprits and force them to listen to Gabrielle Cilmi songs while they’re punded up the ar$e by a hairy pedo.

Danman Danman 3:06 pm 20 Oct 08

“I know nothing about”

Man I shood (sic) use the preview button eh

Danman Danman 3:05 pm 20 Oct 08


I kno wnothin gabout violins, but there is at least 50 grand worth of guitars there – and hopefully, being customised, they will be easy to recover.

As much as my guitars and amp/accessories are covered by insurance, it would still suck if they were stolen as instruments often hold more than a dollar value for their owner.

PBO PBO 2:43 pm 20 Oct 08

Damn, you could write a blues song about that, but what would they play it on?

johnboy johnboy 2:32 pm 20 Oct 08

No problem at all!

justbands justbands 2:31 pm 20 Oct 08

That’s terrible! I’m sure you don’t mind if I post this on Just Bands also johnboy (with credit of course)?

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