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Bomb in front of AFP HQ

By bonfire - 28 July 2005 10

A crapped out HQ panelvan pulled up in front of the AFP HQ in Belconnen and the two occupants walked away quite quickly.

It looked pretty suspicious.

3 minutes later the Chubb security car screeched to a halt and a close investigation of the panelvan began. Then two bogan sheilas with a jerry can started gesticulating as they walked towards the car. Much relief all round.

Chubb drives away.

Bogans drive away.

Minutes go by.

Two police cars pull up where the panelvan was ten minutes earlier.

People are getting jumpy arent they….

What’s Your opinion?

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Bomb in front of AFP HQ
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Maelinar 8:15 am 29 Jul 05

JB: my recommendation would be to ‘unattend’ it.

Although I’d laugh my tits off if some hapless crim decided to steal a car and it exploded, that’d be one for the Darwin Awards.

bloodnut 8:03 am 29 Jul 05

I was making reference to my beloved 1984 make cobalt blue ‘bomb’.

In this context most of the time people treat my unattended bomb with a passing disregard, a few have coveted and stolen of it’s contents whilst one individual took it as his own for a period of two weeks.

In my experience an unattended bomb should be left for at least 48 hrs pending it’s owner returning to collect it.

johnboy 7:49 pm 28 Jul 05

–> Bloodnut:

How do you suggest anyone treat “anattended bombs”?

Snoopy 6:45 pm 28 Jul 05

I can understand the reaction. I’ve recently left London, and talking to friends who are still there, they paint a picture of going about you day as normal but there is still an air of suspicion for anything unusual.

bulldog 4:44 pm 28 Jul 05

Just curious as to why the AFP would need rent-a-cops to be sussing out vehicles on/at their premesis…

Perhaps because of the police shortage they can’t afford to loose any officers if it turns out to be a real bomb. Losing a porfessional dobber on the other hand…

Maelinar 3:50 pm 28 Jul 05

If you’re house is gonna get broken into, they’re gonna get in.

If terrorists want to blow up AFP HQ, they will.

The latest keyword I’ve been hearing is ‘mitigate the disaster’, which is a bit like decentralising the organisation so that if the head gets blown off, the rest of the body can function once a new head has been put on.

It’s a pity they aren’t using the same thinking for local schools and arsonists, but I’m sure they’ve done a risk assessment.

Whatever happened to the phraseology of ‘We won’t change as a result of terrorist incidents’ ?

It certainly seems as if we are…

Thumper 2:42 pm 28 Jul 05

Can’t blame them really.

Its like the old saying, ‘When the pin is pulled, Mr grenade is not your friend’

Samey same with a bomb…

bloodnut 11:47 am 28 Jul 05

i always park my car out the back of a service station to avoid paying for parking. it’s probably in the same nick as the HQ.

anyhoo, the guys i know that work there told me that if theres an unfamiliar staff member behind the counter, to tell them it’s mine because they’re all being trained to view anattended bombs as just that. possible bomb threats.

bonfire 11:36 am 28 Jul 05

No, they pulled up right where the panelvan had been. Its not near an entrance to the facility.

Jazz 11:29 am 28 Jul 05


have you considered that as it was the AFP HQ that the two police cars might have just been returning to the office

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