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BOOM! Liberals implode again?

By johnboy - 1 November 2006 60

A common question in Canberra these days is “How does Stanhope think he can carry on like this and win the next election?”.

The common reply is “Well would you vote for Bill Stefaniak? How about Richard Mulcahy?”

At which point the original questioner goes a bit funny, steadies themselves against the furniture, and asks no more.

Today’s Canberra Times is chockas (hope to link as soon as the website has something online) with ructions within the Liberals as Steve Pratt gets accused of digging dirt on Richard Mulcahy (I think the NSW branch of the Hotels Association has got that covered Steve) by the ACT party president Gary Kent. Other minor acts of bastardry are also recounted in the lurid reportage.

Will someone moderately electable climb over the bodies when it’s all done?

UPDATED: Thanks to Ari the slave-master I can now direct your attention to the Canberra Times reportage. They’ve actually got the front page online so you can see their pretty graphics outlining the turmoil (note this page is not permanent). Jack Waterford gives a gloomy prognosis for the Liberals:

“Only resignation, death, or a change in the respective balances at the next election seem likely to change the numbers. If it waits until the next election, of course, there are likely to be fewer, not more, to fight among each other.”

Also, Markus Mannheim reports on the email that has ignited the current troubles. Apparently Steve Pratt, Brendan Smyth, Jacqui Burke and Vicki Dunne, are all fingered as plotters in the email from Gary Kent. Intriguingly there is mention of a “sticky situation” between Jacqui Burke and her then advisor, David Bell.

Another Update If you are looking for an alternative to Labor I’d like to second Ralph’s suggestion in the comments and recommend the Liberal Democrats socially progressive, economically sane, and dedicated to NOT telling you how to live.

FURTHER UPDATE: The ABC reports that the Libs have spent much of the day in a crisis meeting and all are refusing to talk to the media. Apparently Liberal flunkies kept the corridors surrounding the meeting cleansed of media reptiles so as to avoid reportage of the screams and body parts thunking onto the walls.

What’s Your opinion?

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60 Responses to
BOOM! Liberals implode again?
barking toad 9:00 am 01 Nov 06

Regardless of your political affiliations we need an effective opposition to challenge the fuckwits currently mismanaging the place.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist.

Jey 8:57 am 01 Nov 06

I do like it.

snahon 8:56 am 01 Nov 06

Well we know who JB isn’t a fan of.

Absent Diane of the 8:55 am 01 Nov 06

I don’t think the libs had/have the leg up. Whilst stanhope has proven not so crash at administration (has any CM thus far though?).. a lot of people still admire his more humanatarian ideologies – and because you don’t get any at all from federal gov.. it appeals to people more. Throw in the fact the general consensus on stefaniak is that he is a clown… it’s difficult to assume anything but another labor victory.

johnboy 8:52 am 01 Nov 06

“Yours sincerely

All ACT voters”

Oh I got that wrong did I? I thought you were in hospital Hilali?

S4anta 8:51 am 01 Nov 06

Just a young parliament with a few minor hiccups in the process of government. I reckon we all should juast relax, listen to the string orchestra, and rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic, and conviniently forget that there is a iceberg coming towards us known as annexation by New South Wales.

morgan 8:47 am 01 Nov 06

a premonition… the magnet mart man will run in molonglo and take the balance of power!

good times for all!

Chris S 8:30 am 01 Nov 06

Um, check it again, JB – I don’t think that’s quite what I was saying (or at least what I intended to say).

captainwhorebags 8:28 am 01 Nov 06

What we need (and we’re all experts here on talkback internet) is a term or two of sensible government business. Leave the touchy feely happy happy joy joy stuff until there’s some dosh in the bank and just get the trains running on time, so to speak.

As far as federal politics go, I can’t stand J-Ho and the conversative cronies of the Liberal party, yet the management skills of the ALP front bench certainly aren’t inspiring right now either. So it’ll come down to a lesser of two evils voting decision (and a protest vote for a minor party still ends up in the pocket of one of the two majors).

johnboy 8:25 am 01 Nov 06

Go to hell chris.

There is no way I’d give any sort of vote to Bill Stefaniak and his fascist policies.

You don’t speak for “all ACT Voters”.

Chris S 8:19 am 01 Nov 06

An open letter to the Liberals:

Dear Turkeys, at a time when Canberra citizens are sick to the back teeth of the hopeless government we now have (school closures, an arboretum, hospital pay parking, Epicentre – and that’s just today), you clowns are busy fighting each other.

At no other time in the history of self-government have we so desperately needed an effective opposition while there is this autocratic and despotic majority government in office; at no other other time have we so desperately needed an alternative government.

Yet you clowns are so busy fighting each other that you couldn’t organise the proverbial.

You’re a disgrace; you could so easily be the government next time round, but who can trust you to govern yourselves, let alone the rest of us.

Get your individual and collective acts together, or bugger off and give someone else a go.

Yours sincerely

All ACT voters

morgan 8:16 am 01 Nov 06

cannot expect anything more than muppets in toytown!

Thumper 7:57 am 01 Nov 06

Truly amazing. The ACT Libs finally find themselves in the ascendency and they go and self implode.

All they need do is shut up, put on a happy face, agree with each other and they will get back in power.

But no, that would be sensible. One must always put themselves before the greater good of the party.

I agree with Terubo… Muppets…

terubo 7:41 am 01 Nov 06

…and that’s ‘electorate’ – or is it ‘erectorate’?

terubo 7:39 am 01 Nov 06

The venality of politicians never ceases to amaze me. Why can’t they just get on with the job of serving the elctorate – which is what they’re paid to do. F**kmuppets.

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