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BOOM! Liberals implode again?

By johnboy 1 November 2006 60

A common question in Canberra these days is “How does Stanhope think he can carry on like this and win the next election?”.

The common reply is “Well would you vote for Bill Stefaniak? How about Richard Mulcahy?”

At which point the original questioner goes a bit funny, steadies themselves against the furniture, and asks no more.

Today’s Canberra Times is chockas (hope to link as soon as the website has something online) with ructions within the Liberals as Steve Pratt gets accused of digging dirt on Richard Mulcahy (I think the NSW branch of the Hotels Association has got that covered Steve) by the ACT party president Gary Kent. Other minor acts of bastardry are also recounted in the lurid reportage.

Will someone moderately electable climb over the bodies when it’s all done?

UPDATED: Thanks to Ari the slave-master I can now direct your attention to the Canberra Times reportage. They’ve actually got the front page online so you can see their pretty graphics outlining the turmoil (note this page is not permanent). Jack Waterford gives a gloomy prognosis for the Liberals:

“Only resignation, death, or a change in the respective balances at the next election seem likely to change the numbers. If it waits until the next election, of course, there are likely to be fewer, not more, to fight among each other.”

Also, Markus Mannheim reports on the email that has ignited the current troubles. Apparently Steve Pratt, Brendan Smyth, Jacqui Burke and Vicki Dunne, are all fingered as plotters in the email from Gary Kent. Intriguingly there is mention of a “sticky situation” between Jacqui Burke and her then advisor, David Bell.

Another Update If you are looking for an alternative to Labor I’d like to second Ralph’s suggestion in the comments and recommend the Liberal Democrats socially progressive, economically sane, and dedicated to NOT telling you how to live.

FURTHER UPDATE: The ABC reports that the Libs have spent much of the day in a crisis meeting and all are refusing to talk to the media. Apparently Liberal flunkies kept the corridors surrounding the meeting cleansed of media reptiles so as to avoid reportage of the screams and body parts thunking onto the walls.

What’s Your opinion?

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60 Responses to
BOOM! Liberals implode again?
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vancouver 8:24 pm 02 Nov 06

Ain’t politics hilarious??

bonfire 5:31 pm 02 Nov 06

i also after a careful read think that the LDP woudl never fund or give the go ahead to proper mass transit public transport.

its too ‘big govt’ for them.

if they read hayek they will see that large govt investment in projects of this scope does not conflict with small govt.

Mr Evil 5:04 pm 02 Nov 06

The LDP don’t appear to have a policy on Humvees and F100 utes, and that’s a bit of a worry.

If everyone can have guns, then everyone should drive big gas guzzling tanks too – yeeeeeeha!

S4anta 3:49 pm 02 Nov 06

just agreeing with the hill billy call turbs…

Thumper 10:54 am 02 Nov 06

The LDP are a bit to red neck for me, the Greens, well, are the Greens.

This town needs a big political shake up.

Is there ant Dems still alive? Or willing to admit it?

Like Simpto said, anything but a majority government!

simto 10:44 am 02 Nov 06

The last time they had balance of power we got the cycleways.

On the other hand, a four way split (which needs some coalition of with both the lib-dems and greens to govern) might be workable.

Anything but majority government.

barking toad 10:32 am 02 Nov 06

yeah, the greens having balance of power
in the council would be fuckin’ great

emd 9:31 am 02 Nov 06

I don’t know if I’d trust me with a gun. I’m far too sleep-deprived.

Oh, and I’ll be voting Greens next election. If enough of us protest vote for them, they may actually get the balance of power (or even a minor-party government).

bonfire 4:51 pm 01 Nov 06

hey i like the liberal democrat gun laws – i’ll vote for them.

sane and considered.

whats their stance on a dragway ?

terubo 2:22 pm 01 Nov 06

S4anta – not sure if you meant me, or another terubo?

don’t have an angry bone in my body.

Mr Evil 2:12 pm 01 Nov 06

I don’t know if I would trust me with a gun – I’m far too angry!

I don’t know if I would trust me with a gun. I am far too curious.

Mr Evil 1:48 pm 01 Nov 06

I like the idea of everyone owning guns – it’d certainly liven up Canberra a bit, especially if you were able to carry them at all times!

simto 1:39 pm 01 Nov 06

Look, while the “smaller, less dictatorial government” thing is lovely, the lib-dems are falling down for the same reason that the Australian Democrats are – quality of members (or lack thereof).

Al 1:08 pm 01 Nov 06

Pandy makes an important point: wherever you don’t have an upper house in a parliament, you need some other way to ensure checks and balances, rather than rubber-stamping of the dominant party’s agenda. In a single house parliament that way is to have a minority government, and a cross-bench that can veto them. In Queensland Labor got rid of the upper house in the early 1900s. Beattie only got in on the say-so of a lone Independent Peter Wellington, who I knew well. He (Wellington) was a reasonable man (although I often didn’t agree with him on some issues) and for 3 years he kept Beattie honest as a one-man balance of power. It was a good time for Queensland.
Only when Beattie scored an absolute majority in that single-house parliament, did the arrogance come to the fore.
For this reason I will never put one of the old parties first on my vote.
But JB, after having a look at the LibDem website, I’d say they are definitely not the answer. There is very little small L liberal or democrat about that party. It seems very right-wing and not at all like the real Liberal Democrats that are doing very well in Britain.

ns 1:00 pm 01 Nov 06

Okay that was meant to be “a handful of issues”, not “handle of issues” 🙂

ns 12:59 pm 01 Nov 06

Yeah but I kinda agree with their dictating… 🙂 Oops did I say that out loud? 🙂

But seriously, I’m a strong believer in that people tend to have a handle of issues on which they decide where their support will go. So while a party’s stance on telecommunications is not likely to sway me, their stance on childcare, gun control and abortion will.

Similarly, I’m sure the LDP will no doubt attract shooters in droves. They’re definitely playing to their target market.

johnboy 12:48 pm 01 Nov 06

If you want the toytown parliament dictating every aspect of your lives the Greens and ALP are still available to you.

ns 12:39 pm 01 Nov 06

You cannot be serious about recommending the Liberal Democrats. Have you checked out their firearms policy here: A brief skim read here also tells me that they believe evidence to support global warming is weak:

They’re entitled to their policies but there’s no way in hell I’d support a party not in favour of gun control. I’m also not encouraged by their lack of policy formualtion on health or family or childcare or women.

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