boy set on fire in holt

bonfire 17 January 2007 25

I hadnt heard about this locally:

herald sun

The 11-year-old suffered burns to his head after he and his friend, riding under Southern Cross Drive in Holt about 2.40pm, were confronted by a group of up to eight youths.

Police say one of the youths lit the contents of an aerosol can and directed a stream of fire towards the boy’s face.

Seems quite callous.

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25 Responses to boy set on fire in holt
tap tap 3:59 pm 06 Jun 08

However it is punctuated. Stay in tuggers. :p

daveted daveted 3:53 pm 06 Jun 08

>And punctuation.

That’s not a sentence. Back to Tuggers. Do not pass go.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:30 pm 06 Jun 08

Come on Mael, to be fair it’s probably taken her/him that long to type the response!

Mælinar Mælinar 3:12 pm 06 Jun 08

and don’t wait for a year and a half to respond to a thread.

Thumper Thumper 3:08 pm 06 Jun 08

And we can spell.

And use those strange things called capitals.

And punctuation.

tap tap 2:46 pm 06 Jun 08

winnie: What can we say? we’re just a harder breed than you south side pansies :p

winnie winnie 2:41 pm 06 Jun 08

its funny, beacause with all this talk of gang related violence, delibertely lit fires, young kids getting burnt, break and enters, its all coming from good old belco,in such hopeless surburbs as hawker, flory, higgins, holt, charnwood, , and you know whats really funny is that north side people love themselves and are the first to say how bad tuggeranong is, but look how shit you look, take a good look at your scumy old north and see the north side is old, degrated, crime ridden, yokal, and now what i think is jealous of the cool, hip, laid back south side. have fun with your fires, and burglarys guys. North side sucks

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 1:30 pm 19 Jan 07

The parents are in Kippax tavern

nyssa76 nyssa76 5:44 pm 18 Jan 07

Put tacks on the ground or some fishing wire at low levels….

FFS, where are the parents?

bighead bighead 5:39 pm 18 Jan 07

It is getting more serious that is for sure. I noticed just before when I was down at the kippax post office, they have a petition running to try and get something done about them riding through the shopping centre and terrorising those outside.

simto simto 2:56 pm 18 Jan 07

Dome, where the phrase is “everyone knows who it is”, the next, unspoken part of the phrase is “but nobody’s prepared to say it in court”. That’s probably why the police aren’t taking serious action.

Dome Dome 2:54 pm 18 Jan 07

My colleague used live in Higgins – she says that the perps of the arson/assault/vandalism/brek ins are well known, led by two brothers. Strange that the Police don’t know (or care) about this.

crabb crabb 2:49 pm 18 Jan 07

Has anyone considered the kids may have been playing with aerosols and matches, and have made up the story to explain the results?

Absent Diane Absent Diane 2:18 pm 18 Jan 07

wtf is up with this city/country/world at the moment.

Thumper Thumper 9:02 am 18 Jan 07

I could hazard a guess that it’s the same people that terrorised Charnwood shops, then moved onto Florey, and are now possibly in Holt.

but, all of that is simply guessing.

poptop poptop 8:28 am 18 Jan 07

I doubt it Ralph. The Hun wouldn’t miss a chance like that to up the ante on racism.

Ralph Ralph 7:48 am 18 Jan 07

School holidays.

Interesting to see whether this is a gang of islander kids.

Thumper Thumper 7:45 am 18 Jan 07

Gutless little bastards. Picking on an eleven year old for Christsake.

Maybe they should pick on a group of 20 odd year old males and get the shit punched out of them.

And yes, Holt has become a bit of a cesspool for scum like this in some areas.

If they are caught let us hope our esteemed justice system does the right thing, afterall, they napalmed a kid. I wonder how anyone that willfully does that can ever become a decent member of society….

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 3:01 am 18 Jan 07

Holt’s always been a hotspot. I work in Kippax and my co-workers are constantly having to deal with cars being broken into etc. It’s just bored kids in a relatively low-income area.
Now, before VG starts laying int me, I’d like to say that I hope his buddies catch these kids, give them a good kick up the rear (figurativly speaking) and make them frightened of ever breaking the law again. Scare them then and then there my be a better chance of them not turning into AJW’s. Hell, I got caught for vandalism when I was a little asshole and I still get the jitters when I see flashing blue lights.

Gerry-Built Gerry-Built 12:16 am 18 Jan 07

I seem to recall a gang of youths that had an AVO placed against them by the props. of Florey shops? Same ‘uns?

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