Brumbies scrape a miserable win over the Stormers 17-10

johnboy 11 April 2009 13

Most of the night kind of sucked. Except for the bits that sucked completely.

Keo have a fair summary although watching the game from South Africa they might have over-stated the impact of the weather on the players.

The visitors got a rare round of applause for a visitor’s try when Jean de Villiers did the only interesting thing in the whole evening and made Steven Moore look very ordinary out in the backline.

Without the booming boot of Mark Gerrard it’s terrifying to think just how bad this season would be for the Brumbies.

It’s also worth noting that if a team wants to break the opposition line it helps to, every now and then, actually run at it.

The biggest cheer of the night came from the brave fools who stayed to the end when the ball was finally kicked out of bounds to terminate the whole thing.

Some days we wonder why we bother.

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13 Responses to Brumbies scrape a miserable win over the Stormers 17-10
justbands justbands 9:03 am 14 Apr 09

> +1 knuckles

Make that +2. What a bunch of whingers. It rained. You get that. Used to happen all the time. One thing that happens when it rains….you get the kind of Rugby that was on display. Hard, tight, forward dominated, lots of kicking, positional. If you expected anything else then perhaps you haven’t been watching the game for very long. Sure, it’s not razzle dazzle stuff, but hey….The Brumbies won. I thought they played some pretty nice Rugby before the rain turned up even.

& better still…the Pansie-tahs lost….which is always, always good.

mred mred 8:59 pm 12 Apr 09

I enjoy the kicking game in rugby, the fight for territory setting up the battle for possession. They will keep on kicking because they know what they are doing.

el el 6:06 pm 12 Apr 09

+1 knuckles. $5 for the plastic ponchos was a worthwhile investment.

I enjoyed it for the most part, the game was somewhat frustrating to watch however – it seemed the Brumbies were hell bent on snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, kicking away possession almost every time.

The ‘pause for applause’ for Shawn Mackay before the game started was a nice touch, too. Glad the boys got a win.

knuckles knuckles 11:08 am 12 Apr 09

FFS, it was only rain. I sat out in the open with the wife and kids and we had a ball. Ponchos kept us mostly dry, it wasn’t cold, and while wet weather rugby may not be the most exciting footy to watch, there were a few big hits in defence and at the breakdown to make it interesting. For my youngest kids, it was probably the 1st time in their lives that they have experienced sitting in the rain, getting wet and having fun. They loved it. And I think the minutes applause for Shawn Mackay was a much better way to honour his time at the Brumbies rather than a minutes silence.

old canberran old canberran 10:59 am 12 Apr 09

Apart from the score I would have thought the rain might have warranted a few comments. It looks like it really bucketed down.

vg vg 10:23 am 12 Apr 09

Actually they are professional athletes. They are paid to win games. The fact that Shawn lost his life was no doubt a motivating factor but wouldn’t have been the be all and end all of last night. The game last night would have been played no matter what happened in SA over the last few weeks

But aside from that Ryan, a brilliant, well thought out and unbiased coverage of last night, well done

Ryan Ryan 9:26 am 12 Apr 09

Aside from the weather and the fact that Union is ridiculously boring, I’m surprised there’s no mention of the fact that the Brumbies won the game that was played in the memory of Shawn Mackay..

Deckard Deckard 11:32 pm 11 Apr 09

After just seeing the Waratahs on fox sports news I take back anything negative I might have said about the Brumbies game this evening.

Things could be worse. Much worse!!

pptvb pptvb 11:08 pm 11 Apr 09

I stayed, but was in a dry seat.
Frustrating game to watch.
STOP kicking away possession.
Bring on Giteau.
Spleen vented.

futto futto 11:02 pm 11 Apr 09

i was dry in the corporate box, drinking beer with my black forest cake…yum!

jase! jase! 10:14 pm 11 Apr 09

have to admit I only made it to just before 1/2 time, bailed and made it to the safety and warmth of the RUC just after the 2nd half started.

it was a shit of a night really

vg vg 9:33 pm 11 Apr 09

“Some days we wonder why we bother”

Tonight I didn’t, thankfully. The fact I didn’t attend was comforted by 50 inches of plasma flicking between it and the Raiders…..and the AFL

Deckard Deckard 9:13 pm 11 Apr 09

I’m normally a Brumbies fan first but tonight, I must admit, after the first 20 min’s I decided to watch the Raiders game. Whenever I flicked over to check the score in the Rugby the players were standing around in huddles.

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