‘Buildings’ on Jerrabomberra Avenue?

cranky 29 July 2012 11

For the hive mind.

Over a period of months, a series of shipping containers have been re-arranged and added to on a site at the southern end of Jerrabomberra Avenus, beside the Monaro Highway.

Turning into a fairly professional build, and, if I’m not mistaken, a full septic system in the grounds.

Interestingly, from Nearmap, a couple of the containers have been rotated 90 degrees from their original position.

The site is behind a locked gate across the road past the dog training site.

My interest has been piqued.

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11 Responses to ‘Buildings’ on Jerrabomberra Avenue?
Deref Deref 8:44 am 17 Aug 12

Postalgeek said :


It’s great to see Americans joining us on the list.

Spiral Spiral 6:55 am 17 Aug 12

I’ve heard about the robberies and vandalism. That sux. Some people need to be tied down to the tracks in the path of an oncoming model train.

Perhaps you should apply for funding to build a model light rail system or a model VFT so the government can at least claim we have them 🙂

Olly Olly 8:55 pm 16 Aug 12

This is what is going on on Jerrabomberra Ave. the Canberra Society of Model Engineers have leased this site to re-locate their large gauge live steam model railway from the present site in Kingston. whilst it may appear that progress is slow we are an organisation of limited funds and expertise and are all volunteers, however, hopefully in the coming year we should have at least two tracks operational and open to the public.
This is the reason it is such a big secret……..the A.C.T. Government will only permit us to place a notice on the gate on Jerrabomberra Ave – no bigger than .6 of a metre square and the National Capital Authority will not allow us to place any signage facing the Monaro Highway to indicate who we are and what we are doing.
Unfortunately, since starting this project two and a half years ago we have been the victims of multiple robberies and vandalism costing us in excess of $10.000’s, slowing our progress. Owing to the agreement of our lease terms with the A.C.T. Govt and the N.C.A., we are not allowed to erect a security fence on either boundaries of the Monaro Highway or Jerrabomberra Ave.
Should any of you wish to visit our site and discuss our progess you are more than welcome to contact the Secretary on 0412 179 899 or visit us on our site any Wednesday between 10.00 am and 2.00pm.

Postalgeek Postalgeek 3:23 pm 31 Jul 12

There must be a little model Terry Snow cranky that the model rail hub wasn’t built to service the model airplane club down the road.

Hope they build a little model light rail to connect the two.

troll-sniffer troll-sniffer 1:58 pm 31 Jul 12

So, hopefully someone out there can help me with a dilemma. As holder of ACT Train Spotter Certificate #2 (that damn cad Sebastian Wentworth-Mountbatten still holds #1) I’m hoping that model trains can be included in official train-spotter logs. It gets somewhat wearying waiting by the Molonglo Gorge for the odd train to pass, it would be so much easier and much more comfortale to note down the comings and goings of the model railways. Can anyone knowledgeable (not you Mr Gillespie) advise me on this rather important matter?

Disinformation Disinformation 1:00 pm 31 Jul 12

Excellent. I’ve been wondering what that has been since the very first containers showed up almost two years ago.
I’ve seen them cop graffiti, get painted over, get repositioned, get put on footings, become joined by a roofing truss, get closed in, aquire toilets and trees and landscaping.
Eventually I now hope there may be a decent size mini rail system and some small engines chugging around for me to appreciate on the way past.

In fact, I think that if I see track laid and don’t see a model train of some sort on it during the first few months, I shall petition the organisation for something that can be seen between 7.30 and 8.30 am for the education and entertainment of the commuters.

If the organisation has people with the passion for building or accumulating small precision bits of engineering, I want to see them out there enjoying them.

rosscoact rosscoact 7:26 am 30 Jul 12

Spiral said :

I have been told it is the model railway people,


Madam Cholet Madam Cholet 4:00 pm 29 Jul 12

I’m glad you’ve asked that because I’ve been wondering too! It even looks like they have planted trees so imagine it’ a permanent feature.

taninaus taninaus 3:33 pm 29 Jul 12

No idea and I have wondered as well seeing it grow from a couple of seemingly abandoned shipping containers to something more formal and permanent. Actmapi (the ACT Gov planning and custodianship map site) shows it as a private lease, so someone ”owns” the block (well as much as you can under leashold).

Spiral Spiral 3:32 pm 29 Jul 12

I have been told it is the model railway people,

MERC600 MERC600 12:52 pm 29 Jul 12

Also has been well landscaped, with well established trees.. Regret I don’t know what its for , but for some reason I keep thinking horsey type things.

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