Built to order PC recommendations?

Swaggie 11 September 2007 26

The time is fast approaching when I need to upgrade the PC but increasingly I’m inclined to have one built to my own specs rather than cruising the shelves at retailers. Are there any Rioters able to suggest a local business offering good reliable advice and service at realistic prices for built to order systems?

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26 Responses to Built to order PC recommendations?
Pandy Pandy 8:22 am 16 Sep 07

Don’t get a Mac if you are a games player wanting to use a $900 games card.

Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 3:40 am 16 Sep 07

Get a Mac instead.
If you want Windows capability get Parallels or VMware Fusion and an OEM copy of XP Home (steer clear of Vista)
Buy off the Apple Store (online)

Swaggie Swaggie 6:25 pm 12 Sep 07

Thanks for the posts guys, I’m not confident enough to scout round the computer fairs so I’ll go through one of the recommended outlets. I’ll be steering clear of Dell as well…

asp asp 3:54 pm 12 Sep 07

“Dell warranty is second-to-none, and their tech staff come to your house (or business), with parts, and are efficient.”

Your lucky. I have owned a number of Dell systems for home and my business. Recently, I bought a Dell laptop (M1210), had to return it because it was slow, heated up very quickly and eventually scalded my leg. Dell said they weren’t surprised and didn’t argue about giving me a refund.
I have an Inspiron, that’s being good and going strong.
The two Dell desktops I have had however have been huge problems. First one, a Dimension cooked itself after 3 years. The warranty and local support staff were a crock. They replaced parts with refurbished parts and it took 8 call outs to fix a video car and system board error. Then, further problems occured and they said it was because they left it running for two days straight to find the problem. When the techos (I dealt with four different ones) handles the system, they were all rough with it and even droped it on a desk. After one time when they took it way, it came back dented and chipped.
I replaced it with a “commercial grade” Dell Precision Workstation. Set me back a few grand and two years later, it is braking down. Faulty system board, faulty RAM, dodge fans,faulty case.
Also, in the US, Dell has had to replace several hundred thousand Optiplex system boards.
And now, the media reports that Dell was fudging their books for years.
The warranties by the way are a money making exercise. I payed over $300 for 3yr warranty on both systems, same as you got Dante. But if they use refurbished parts and require multiple callouts to fix the system and in some cases, replace the faulty refurbished replacement parts, then $300 would be better spent getting it fixed by local computer repairers.

nathan nathan 2:30 pm 12 Sep 07

Talk to Ramy at Buzzbyte. He’s local, the price is right and delivers for free.

fnaah fnaah 1:32 pm 12 Sep 07

Dante, agreed. Dell warranty is second-to-none, and their tech staff come to your house (or business), with parts, and are efficient. My dell lappy has been going strong for two years, and the dell systems I look after at work are fantastic.

caf caf 12:28 pm 12 Sep 07

I’ve found APA Tech in the city (Akuna St) to be great in the past.

Dante Dante 11:24 am 12 Sep 07

i’d disagree with asp’s comment about dell. their warranties are fantastic (i’ve got 3yr accidental damage/theft/wear and tear with next business day technician to my house) and i’ve always received great support from them.. you can customise your pc on their site to suit you, and i received my personally configured laptop within 72 hours of ordering and paying for it.

some might have bad experiences with them.. mine have always been good.

darkmilk darkmilk 9:54 am 12 Sep 07

Go to the computer markets if you have a bit of knowledge – of what you need, and how to diagnose faults. My last pc from there was great value, built to order on the spot as others have said. A warranty claim for a new motherboard went OK as I knew what was wrong (used to be a PC tech) and made sure I had contact details for the dealer when i bought it, so i just posted the old one to them in sydney and a new one returned a week later.

However for peace of mind, go to a local computer shop someone has recommended. They’ll put it together more carefully than the markets and actually test it before you get it. Any warranty claims should be rarer, quicker and easier on your part too – just drop the whole box to the shop, pick it up a few hours/days later working.

Princess Princess 9:45 am 12 Sep 07

The guy that packs up the tables at the computer fair is a cutie!

Danman Danman 8:59 am 12 Sep 07

Computer markets have warranty – but its a long process due to teh nature of the events… I had to get a Pentium 1k chip on a warranty job back in the day and it took about a month from purchasing to replacing.

That said – I have not had a problem there since….- but liek someone said – good skills in engrish helps.

Maelinar Maelinar 8:25 am 12 Sep 07

Markets: but only if you know what you are looking for/at

Otherwise, go to a dealer for warranty protection

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 8:08 am 12 Sep 07

Go have a chat to Wayne at the Technology Warehouse. They’ve been around for ages, and do any warranty work with zero fuss.

jono1 jono1 6:57 am 12 Sep 07

I agree on the computer fair side, just avoid the ones at UC. They’re about a third of the size of the ones at EPIC and the Old Bus Depot Markets, you’ll have a much more limited range of choice.

asp asp 12:58 am 12 Sep 07

Computer fairs can be great for bargains. Just watch fro “grey market” good. I import a lot of grey market stuff including scanners and it works out okay. But most grey market goods don’t have a warrenty outside their intended market. Check the warranty.

adeptacheese adeptacheese 8:59 pm 11 Sep 07

get down to the computer fair and see who has the best prices on parts, and they’ll usually assemble it for you for a small fee.

barney barney 8:46 pm 11 Sep 07

“I’d like the CheeseBurger OS, or Windblows Terrace with ‘fries’ and a diet-coke, thanks.” Just put it on my ‘credit card’.


asp asp 8:40 pm 11 Sep 07

I don’t buy local. Too many people I know have, only to have the shop (often three or more years old) close down.

My only advice is DON’T BUY DELL!!! Terrible.
Depending on you use, I would recommend a Apple Mac. If you have kids of are currently studying, you are entitled to a 10% discount from Apple. Mac Mini is good if you have basic needs and already own a screen. Only $818 with discount and can run Windows.

VicePope VicePope 8:06 pm 11 Sep 07

Bruce at Home Computer Centre in Mawson. If he can do it, he’ll do it for a good price and stand behind what he’s done. If he can’t do it, he’ll say so. I’ve been dealing with him for years.

cranky cranky 7:33 pm 11 Sep 07

Recently bought a complete PC from the computer fair.
A range of specs is usually offered, and mine was built in front of me as I waited. Cost $810 for a fairly well specced unit.
Helps if you can understand fast spoken chine/english.

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