Bullet Train YouTube ad wants to be on TV

Barcham 16 June 2013 12

2b Advertising are looking for your spare change to help them get the above commercial on television.

We want your loose change to make real change!

We are looking for 50 cent donations to get our TV commercial played on air in the lead up to the 20 Oct Election. We have booked $2000 of ads which means we need four thousand 50 cent donations. Help make history!

They don’t seem to have any info on how to actually give them your 50c pieces… maybe you can just slip them under the door to their offices.

Bullet train

UPDATE: It seems this is an old ad, despite the video only having been uploaded 3 days ago. I spotted it and thought it might be of interest to you Rioters, but never mind. Feel free to Disregard.

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12 Responses to Bullet Train YouTube ad wants to be on TV
Barcham Barcham 11:31 pm 16 Jun 13

Old ad, entirely my fault for not double checking. It popped up on YouTube as a new video for some reason, and I thought it was interesting enough to share.


Henry82 Henry82 8:29 pm 16 Jun 13

Implying there won’t be queues for the bullet train? security, check-in, baggage etc

I’m sure a government down the line will privatise the station, making the whole thing redundant.

banco banco 7:43 pm 16 Jun 13

I notice they are careful not to say how much this will cost.

Masquara Masquara 5:34 pm 16 Jun 13

I think the ad is left over from last year’s ACT election.

Bullet Train party need to specify – are they running for the Lower House or the Senate? If they are running for the Senate, they had better rub some policy synapses together, because not many folk in politically savvy Canberra are going to risk helping give a one-issue party the balance of power in the Senate.

So, Bullet Train Party, use your platform space on RiotAct to sell us your candidates and spell out your spectrum of policies. And you’ll need, closer to the election, to spell out whether you’ve made any preference deals …

Roundhead89 Roundhead89 5:24 pm 16 Jun 13

When the Bullet Train Party’s candidate fails to win, will we again see a gaggle of Greens supporters on RA moaning that the “HST Party” robbed Simon Sheikh of Senate victory?

Masquara Masquara 4:01 pm 16 Jun 13

What 20 October election?

switch switch 11:17 am 16 Jun 13

trevar said :

Is there currently anything about modes of transport in our constitution?

Look up Hughes & Vale vs NSW. The judgement in this case (that trucks didn’t have to pay taxes when crossing state boundaries, thanks to the Constitution) is usually blamed as causing the subsequent demise of the railways in this country and why they are in such a mess.

Diggety Diggety 10:38 am 16 Jun 13

Good to see a political positive ad!

joingler joingler 10:30 am 16 Jun 13

Has the election been moved to 20 October? I thought it was in September

Deref Deref 9:57 am 16 Jun 13

Bugger a bullet train – I want a matter transporter with faster-than-light transmission to anywhere, any time.

Equally likely and probably cheaper. Send me $20 so I can start the campaign. Once the device is built I’ll send you your money back a week before you sent it to me.

trevar trevar 8:39 am 16 Jun 13

What’s an unofficial referendum?

Is that where we vote to change the constitution to include a bullet train, but it doesn’t actually get added to the constitution? Why would we need a bullet train in the constitution? Is there currently anything about modes of transport in our constitution? (apart, of course, from the Laboral Parties’ favourite article that prohibits anyone from coming to Australia by boat because boats are so incredibly evil)

miz miz 7:05 pm 14 Jun 13

Good ad! Not sure how to donate though . . . ?

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