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Bumblebeez lose their gear – does anyone care?

By johnboy 27 October 2008 32

The Canberra Times informs us that Chris Colonna of The Bumblebeez fame has had his Braidwood studio turned over including the computers with all the songs on them for his next album.

Bad enough for any artist, but in the electronic realm much of the work is the painstaking arrangement of effects in editing. You can’t steal a folk artist’s work but you very much can this stuff.

On the other hand it’s not like a thief can sell un-released Bumblebeez tracks for much so he’s hoping to get at least the hard drive returned.

Apparently this co-incides with their first Canberra performance since they controversially won the last proper TripleJ unearthed comp to be held in Canberra in long ago 2002.

Stonefest this weekend has been judged sufficiently grand for the band to make an appearance.


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32 Responses to
Bumblebeez lose their gear – does anyone care?
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justbands 9:17 am 28 Oct 08

Plenty of venues really…..

Although the imminent closure of the Green Room leaves a fair hole.

niftydog 8:51 am 28 Oct 08

The only fair way to settle this is to give all of the 2002 ACT finalists the same Geffen contract, free promotion, opportunities and support that the beez have had and see where they are in six years time.

Thumper 10:34 pm 27 Oct 08

However, there should be more…

johnboy 10:19 pm 27 Oct 08

Front, Phoenix, Transit, Basement, Pot Belly.

All venues featuring original music off the top of my head.

There’s no real shortage of them.

2604 9:05 pm 27 Oct 08

Man, I can’t believe some of the comments on this page. Talk about sour grapes!

Chris Colonna DOES have a growing reputation as a producer and the Bumblebeez are still getting airplay six years after being unearthed – they haven’t disappeared as 90 per cent of Unearthed entrants do. In fact, they were nominated for a J award last year. So much for having squandered a chance!

The Bumblebeez don’t owe you (or Canberra generally) anything. So what if they don’t gig – 90 per cent of electronic music producers don’t, and you know how hard it is for originals bands to get gigs in the ACT. If you owned one of the 1.5 venues left in Canberra that actually feature live music, who would do you think would make more money at the door – some generic bogan covers band or a quirky electronica outfit from Braidwood?

niftydog said :

They squandered a great opportunity and some of the entrants of 2002 Unearthed have not forgiven them.

No disrespect to anyone this applies to, but things have moved on since 2002 and the entrants of 2002 Unearthed should do likewise. The new “Unearthed” format makes it easier to get attention and you guys should be taking advantage of that.

niftydog 5:29 pm 27 Oct 08

Loose Brown said :

And BTW – the criteria for an unearthed win is how good you are…

Hey, you’re right! Add “quality of compositions” to the list of grievances, justbands!

johnnytheknife 5:24 pm 27 Oct 08

johnnytheknife said :

1. Adequatly INSURE (damn spelling) your equipment against theft. At least if the worst happens, you will be able to replace the equipment

johnnytheknife 5:23 pm 27 Oct 08

More for the sake of general interest than anything else, there are a nuber of things you can do to protect yourself against data and financial loss in this type of situation:

1. Adequatly ensure your equipment against theft. At least if the worst happens, you will be able to replace the equipment

2. Ensure your facility is physically secure.

3. As others have said, have an off-site backup. Note, this backup needs to be handled in a secure manner, eg, not left in locked cars while you duck into the shops to grab a couple of burgers for the kids.

4. If your data is really sensitive, encrypt it. There are hard drives and controllers out there with encryption modules built in. I have seen and used devices called Silicon Data Vaults which are really good (

5. Make sure you dispose of your equipment in a secure way (electronically shred / destroy old hard drives and other media etc)

All of the above cost money, but you need to determine what your data is worth, then make a call about protecting it.

fnaah 5:12 pm 27 Oct 08

More like they suited the withered dead hand of Richard Kingsmill.

… ouch.

johnboy 4:51 pm 27 Oct 08

Having listened to over 100 final entries in the competition I can tell you the Bumblebeez song won based on the opening hook.

If it had been an opening hook competition I’d have had no questions about giving them the win.

More like they suited the withered dead hand of Richard Kingsmill.

PsydFX 4:49 pm 27 Oct 08

Loose Brown said :

Awesome track and video.

And BTW – the criteria for an unearthed win is how good you are – not how many times you have bumped in and out of venues around Canberra.

The video looked alright, but now I have to keep my fingers in my ears until they stop bleeding.

PsydFX 4:46 pm 27 Oct 08

Loose Brown said :


Lowest form of humor isn’t it?

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