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burgers, with beetroot, egg, bacon and real chips

By astrojax - 19 September 2007 41

all right, we’ve had a few posts on where to get a decent coffee, but a while back (ok, a couple of years, i’ll admit) i tried to get a decent chip-shop hamburger early on a sunday evening. i lived in ainslie then (and still inner norf) and found this undertaking to be something akin to tracking down a golden fleece, or a holy grail.

where, o where, does one get a real honest to goodness corner milkbar hamburger with the lot (except pineapple – where did that ‘concept’ come from??!! shoot them now…) and especially obtainable at reasonable ‘i-feel-like-a-burger-’cause-it’s-sunday-and-i’m-not-cooking-’cause-i-don’t-wanna-and-you-can’t-make-me’ times…?? and with ‘hot chips’, not frgggnkknn ‘fries’. s’orstrylya, after all, innit?

‘fess up.

What’s Your opinion?

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41 Responses to
burgers, with beetroot, egg, bacon and real chips
Deadmandrinking 9:19 pm 19 Sep 07

One place I will never forget for it’s burger’s is the G-spot food van in the carpark of the gunghalin lakes (?) club. Huge burgers! They were called things like ‘big bastards’ ‘evil bastards’ and ‘crazy bastards’ (lotsa chilli). Made a satisfying five-in-the-morning meal.

ant 8:27 pm 19 Sep 07

It all started to go downhill when they stopped using proper buns, and began using that crap that disintegrates.

Some of the places in Qbn used to do great hamburgers, and I’m just guessing here, but there’s a hamburgery on Yass Road, opposite Magnet Mart, and in the morning it is doing a ROARING trade with all those blokes in fluro shirts. Trucks and utes swarm the place, or they are crossing the road on foot from the industrial area on the Magnet Mart side. I bet they do proper hamburgers.

Danman 6:10 pm 19 Sep 07

Mama Rias was taken over – Used to love their Aussie pizza – Ditto Ngunnawal T/A – my local too…inner norf I use to frequent Lyneham T/A – was pretty choice – its just next to “The Front”

Meconium 5:15 pm 19 Sep 07

Hughes Takeaway isn’t too bad, just your old-school Aussie chippy. I’ve gotta say their vegetarian burger is egregious though – it’s just a hamburger with the lot without the hamburger.

On a side note, the Hungarian word for cheeseburger is ‘Sajtburger’. In Hungarian, Ss are pronounced like “sh” in English, and the J is like a y… so yes, you can actually go to a Macca’s in Budapest and order a Shiteburger.

philbert83au 4:32 pm 19 Sep 07

Theo’s of Boddington Crt Kambah…bit of a drive but fully orfentik

TAD 3:59 pm 19 Sep 07

Geez, am I the only one who thinks the Cookery Nook at the Hawker Shops is fantabulous

hingo_VRCalaisV6 3:24 pm 19 Sep 07

Ngunnawal TakeAway is the one on Wanganeen.

The one in the Platypus centre is called Elenas Kitchen or something.

JD114 3:04 pm 19 Sep 07

asp… wash your mouth out. how dare you pollute a topic about real hamburgers by trying to slide in a side reference to Maccas crap. you should be sin-binned from this forum for ten days…

hairy nosed wombat 3:03 pm 19 Sep 07

Which hamburger joint in Ngunnawall, as there are two hamburger joints there.
One is at the main shops on Jabanungga/Wanganeen.
The other is at the Platypus centre off Paul Coe cct

RandomGit 2:04 pm 19 Sep 07

Steves at Melba

Charcoal Chicken at Charnwood (Comes without bullet wounds since the tavern was removed, still pipe bombed to perfection though 😛 )

Acacia (?) Cafe in Braddon. Next to Fit Sistas.

saraj 2:00 pm 19 Sep 07

Ditto Ngunnawal takeaway – fantastic service too!!

asp 1:57 pm 19 Sep 07

“the bun was the same diameter as a full size dinner plate”

Maybe I have large plates, but that burger would have a diameter of 6-8 inches.

If you like big burgers, Maccas will do a “double pounder”. I was successful in ordering one. Not so much in consuming on though. They did however refuse my request to add bacon to another part of my meal. what a croc. Who wouldn’t want a bacon mcflurry?

andy 1:53 pm 19 Sep 07

kramer, long time ago though.
their burgers, and in fact, most of their food, has gone distinctly down hill in the past 5 years or so, since it changed hands.
i think it’s on like the 3rd set of owners now since the initial owners sold it

Kramer 1:43 pm 19 Sep 07

Mamma Ria’s at Kippax used to make the best hamburgers – the bun was the same diameter as a full size dinner plate. One with the lot was enough for two meals. I haven’t been there for some years – anyone been there recently?

hingo 1:06 pm 19 Sep 07

Ngunnaway Take Away. Their minimum $3.50 chips is a meal in itself. Can’t beat a proper take-away shop or home made burger.

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