Burmese Curry Place and its nine-curry board are back in business

Michelle Taylor 21 October 2019 150
Burmese curry place owners

Burmese Curry Place owners Mi Mee Chan and Nai Ahyer Chan with son Mehn Saik. Photo: Supplied.

Civic’s lunchtime crowd and many long-term Canberrans have joyfully heralded the recent return of the Burmese Curry Place.

Mehn Saik, who grew up around the family business, says his family are thrilled to embrace this fresh start in their new digs right next to Mooseheads. Support has poured in from locals and customers alike.

“We have been very fortunate to call such exceptional people our friends and customers,” Mehn says.

“Back in mid-April 2017, when our last closing day turned to night, we were overwhelmed, crying a lot. It felt like we all lost a part of us that day, saying goodbye to our BCP family, AKA our customers. They had seen my younger brothers and myself literally grow up in front of the counter each day. Lyi, my youngest brother, worked as a cashier from the age of 8 when we first opened. He is now 18!”

Burmese curries

Fragrant Burmese curries.

The hard-working Chan family has fitted a lot of life into the 18 years they have been in Canberra.

“We are a family of six: mum, dad and four boys,” Mehn says. “We came to Australia in 2001 from the refugee camp where my youngest brother Lyi was born. He was only 3 months old when we came over.

In 2003, our Kambah home burnt down in the severe bush fires that year. We relocated to Belconnen and my mother and father started doing odd jobs from cleaning to washing dishes at restaurants. At the end of 2004, we received full citizenship status. We connected with a local horticulture society and grew organic veggies to feed the family.

“Dad, being a natural green thumb and go-getter, sold excess veggies at the local Jamison Sunday markets [Trash and Treasure].

“Fast-forward five years to 2009 (with many jobs and much vegetable growing for my parents in between), when the six of us stood in the building that would become the first Burmese Curry Place. After realising that most Canberrans couldn’t handle the amount of chillies that we traditionally cooked with, and after some trial and error with certain curries, we created our famous nine-curry board and the flat-rate meal.

“Pick two curries, served with rice for $8. Now, the rest of the story continues in our new location at 111 London Circuit in Civic.”

The new location is simple, no-frills. But their devoted customers do not come for fancy décor. They come for Burmese curries that taste simultaneously familiar yet exotic. You can smell the rich fragrance of Burmese cooking before you step inside.

The new restaurant

The famous nine curry board and flat price.

What are the flavours of Burma?

“We always say that Burmese curry is an infusion of our neighbouring countries of India and Thailand,” Mehn Saik explains succinctly. “I think that’s why most people can enjoy something without being thrown too far off familiar flavours, just far enough to know it’s Burmese. Things that set us apart from other cuisines is the combination of sour and tangy flavours we mix from lemongrass, limes and tamarind.

“We use grilled onion and tomato bases with various Thai influences, from sweet soy, peppercorn and oyster sauce. We source high-quality meats from Mike’s Meats Belconnen and Youngs Chicken for our curries.”

Following Mehn Saik’s recommendation, we order a 2 & 4 combo (Egg Curry with the Fish Cake Curry) and a 6 & 8 combo (Beef and Potato Curry with the Chicken and Bean Curry) from the nine-curry board.

Fish Cake Curry with Egg Curry

Fish Cake Curry with Egg Curry.

The curries hit the palate gently; mellow, flavour-infused with a lingering bite. Rich, buttery sauces, some with a delicate lemongrass zest; each dish filling and delicious. The fish cake curry is a cracker dish. The fish cakes absorb the curry’s juices, bursting with rich aromatic deliciousness as you bite into them.

“The nine curries are the same ones we had before and some other things never change,” Mehn Saik says. “Customers may remember Mum going full ‘soup nazi‘ on customers who didn’t adhere to our meal deal terms or tried to change their order mid-order preparation.”

I, for one, will certainly be adhering to whatever the terms are, so I can enjoy delicious Burmese Curry Place dinners from here on out.

Pop in to welcome the Chan family back and grab a taste of Burma to go.

Burmese Curry Place is located at 111 London Cct in Civic (next to Mooseheads).

It is open Monday to Friday from 11:30 am – 7:00 pm.

Beef and Potato Curry with the Chicken and Bean Curry

Beef and Potato Curry with the Chicken and Bean Curry.

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150 Responses to Burmese Curry Place and its nine-curry board are back in business
ChrisinTurner ChrisinTurner 5:20 pm 31 Jan 20


Leah Commons Leah Commons 10:23 pm 29 Oct 19

Marek Kreisler, Amir Malik - yum yum

Utkarsh Misra Utkarsh Misra 1:12 pm 29 Oct 19

Pri Jay Mitch Green Srikar Jha we have to go here when you guys are back next time !

Putri Handrianti Putri Handrianti 2:08 pm 28 Oct 19

Mohammad Rahimi Viv Sharky Viswanath Michael Mooney Wensi Zou Ashish Doshi Friday lunch guys as an alternative to Indo?!

    Viv Sharky Viswanath Viv Sharky Viswanath 2:15 pm 28 Oct 19

    Putri Handrianti for sure! This used to be my staple when I was at university lol

    Ashish Doshi Ashish Doshi 12:53 pm 29 Oct 19

    mine too.... in fact let's make this happen soon

Jordan Rogala Jordan Rogala 9:37 am 28 Oct 19

Luke Riches best news ever

Michelle Soo Michelle Soo 3:41 pm 27 Oct 19

Damien Tony rarely went here but awww heartwarming

    Damien Tony Damien Tony 10:31 pm 27 Oct 19

    Can't wait to go back!

    Damien Tony Damien Tony 10:32 pm 27 Oct 19

    George Cheriyan, time for you to visit...

    Michelle Soo Michelle Soo 10:35 pm 27 Oct 19

    Damien Tony George Cheriyanif I can visit from Perth you can visit from Sydney...

Emma Thomson Emma Thomson 9:25 pm 26 Oct 19

Chris Roberts this place is the best

Naomi Teng Naomi Teng 6:38 pm 26 Oct 19

Jason Chan wednesday c u there

Emma Kennedy Emma Kennedy 6:41 am 26 Oct 19

Jacob Cantrill I can finally take you here!! It's so yummy

Abby Flynn Abby Flynn 11:03 pm 25 Oct 19

Zoe Ranganathan go here for lunch one days it’s so good and so cheap!!!

Richard Willcoxson Richard Willcoxson 10:12 pm 25 Oct 19

Sounds like a new go to. Miss my Song canteen which was great value for money as wel

Sydney Lang Sydney Lang 9:26 pm 25 Oct 19

Georgie Cooper im tellin ya

James Taylor James Taylor 6:30 pm 25 Oct 19

The food is good, not bad, but good!

ShienEe Tan ShienEe Tan 4:23 pm 25 Oct 19

Kurt we need to try this place

Chlaire Lynn Chlaire Lynn 6:13 am 25 Oct 19

Aung Lynn it’s back! Yay! 😁

Aaron Bull Aaron Bull 7:59 pm 24 Oct 19

Covai curry has nothing on these prices Scott Johnson

    Scott Johnson Scott Johnson 8:08 pm 24 Oct 19

    Aaron Bull don't you bad mouth the local

    Aaron Bull Aaron Bull 8:11 pm 24 Oct 19

    doubt you’ve ever even finished a plate

    Scott Johnson Scott Johnson 8:18 pm 24 Oct 19

    Mitch Roberts back me up here, we smash the covai plate easy

    Mitch Roberts Mitch Roberts 8:34 pm 24 Oct 19

    Aaron Bull I have seen Scott Johnson knock back the covai plate and look around for seconds

    Aaron Bull Aaron Bull 8:49 pm 24 Oct 19

    Mitch Roberts doesn’t surprise me now that he’s a fat full track

Eleanor Fry Eleanor Fry 5:39 pm 24 Oct 19

Teedz Rahman all thanks to you!!!

    Teedz Rahman Teedz Rahman 5:39 pm 24 Oct 19

    I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the best EA in our area and my team for having great lunches.

Sarah Cameron Sarah Cameron 5:29 pm 24 Oct 19

Sabrina Hartley !!!???!!!

    Sabrina Hartley Sabrina Hartley 5:59 pm 24 Oct 19

    Sarah Cameron what!!!! Hell yeah

    Sarah Cameron Sarah Cameron 6:21 pm 24 Oct 19

    Sabrina Hartley chicken and bean date soon!

    Sabrina Hartley Sabrina Hartley 6:29 pm 24 Oct 19

    Sarah Cameron for sure! Tims already assessing when he can do too 😂

    Sarah Cameron Sarah Cameron 7:41 pm 24 Oct 19

    yesss! Let’s lock it in 😆

Robert Milinski Robert Milinski 5:24 pm 24 Oct 19

Chris Preddy was this that restaurant you were looking for?

Kelly Zhen Kelly Zhen 11:23 am 24 Oct 19

Danny Ma v gooddd

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