And now the end is near … MyWay to make way for new transport ticketing system

Ian Bushnell 18 February 2020 100

Light rail passengers tap off with their MyWay cards at Alinga Street in the city. Photos: Ian Bushnell

A new ticketing system is on the way for Canberra’s public transport network, promising passengers a variety of flexible payment methods and an app providing improved real-time travel information.

Transport Minister Chris Steel said Transport Canberra had begun a procurement process for the new system which will replace the outdated MyWay ticketing and NXTBUS real-time information systems.

NXTBUS, in particular, has been the source of many complaints from bus passengers about its reliability.

Mr Steel said transport users would be able to pay for their bus or light rail fare using their credit card to tap on and off, as well as other flexible payment options such as a phone, smart device, travel card and other options.

This would also make it easier for visitors to Canberra to use public transport without needing to buy and load money onto a MyWay card.

“Currently travellers need to purchase and top-up a MyWay card where the money is stored on the card itself rather than an account linked to the person, which is not flexible and causes problems like lost cards,” Mr Steel said.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for people to take a ride on Canberra’s public transport system and a good ticketing system is really important to improve the transit experience,” Mr Steel said.

“Many Canberrans have been to other cities around the world where it is much easier to use public transport than it is here because of modern ticketing systems.”

Transport Minister Chris Steel explains how the new system will work.

Mr Steel said children and students would still be able to use a travel card but it would be linked to a central account.

“It will provide parents and students with extra flexibility,” Mr Steel said. “An account based system will enable parents to manage multiple different cards for their children and make it easier to travel every day.”

Mr Steel the new system would provide more functions and flexibility than the NSW account-based Opal card.

Public transport users will also benefit from a range of high-tech features aimed at making it easy to plan, pay for and take public transport.

A new app will include reliable real-time travel information and updates with GPS data allowing travellers to check details of their connecting services.

“We’ve heard from public transport users that they want better real-time information to inform their travel plans. These capabilities will improve the way people travel around our city,” Mr Steel said.

He said the single system would not only provide the front end – ticketing services and real time information for customers and journey planning – but also the back-end support for public transport planners and operations, with much more data available than through the MyWay system.

“It will provide better real-time information based on GPS on buses and light rail vehicles so people can have updates about when services are not running, a change to the schedule, better information as soon as possible, rather than the current system which only provides information up to 90 minutes before the travel occurs,” he said.

The cost of the new system would be released once the procurement is finalised.

Mr Steel said there would a be long development and transition period, with the new system likely to be rolled out next year or possibly even 2022.


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100 Responses to And now the end is near … MyWay to make way for new transport ticketing system
Holly Lockyer Bryant Holly Lockyer Bryant 5:44 pm 17 Feb 20

They need to do a card collection so all the plastic isn't thrown out!

Pj Blayney Pj Blayney 9:49 pm 15 Feb 20

While you’re at it how about diagonal pedestrian crossings to make it easier to get to and from the Alinga St stop

Candice Lynette Eberhardt Candice Lynette Eberhardt 7:11 pm 14 Feb 20

No thanks. I like the seperate card that is disconnected from my name and bank account.

This is the direction that Sydney has gone. Slowly cutting out the people you can access for cards, reducing ticketing machines, the next step is making concession card holders jump through extra hoops all while reducing the amount of current available jobs to the public.

    Tarleah Morton Tarleah Morton 10:35 pm 15 Feb 20

    I totally agree!! No thanks! I dont want to use my bank card for bus fairs! Easier for people to skin your card and steal out of your account! Also PCC and senoirs and HCC holders wont have their discounted bus fair because they are too money hungry and they sit behind a desk and haven’t actually caught a bus on a daily basis.

    Candice Lynette Eberhardt Candice Lynette Eberhardt 10:18 am 16 Feb 20

    Tarleah Morton my thoughts exactly!

David Blencowe David Blencowe 5:29 pm 14 Feb 20

Jessica De Angelis your wish is coming true

Noreen Sue Mckillop Noreen Sue Mckillop 5:53 pm 13 Feb 20

And what if you don t want to use your debit/credit card are you still going to be able to use cash

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 2:56 pm 16 Feb 20

    Noreen Sue Mckillop the plan is to offer this as an OPTION over and above a standard myway card or cash.

    Noreen Sue Mckillop Noreen Sue Mckillop 5:49 pm 16 Feb 20

    ok, thanks.

Sue Bailey Sue Bailey 4:30 pm 13 Feb 20

What about out-of-town pensioners? Do we pay the same as the 'average Joe'?

Sinéad Inglis Sinéad Inglis 9:55 am 13 Feb 20

So what happens to the money currently stored on a MyWay card? I'm disabled, so does that mean that I need to go through the whole 'prove that I'm disabled' song and dance with my card company to keep my concession?

Stacey Lee Baker Stacey Lee Baker 9:55 am 13 Feb 20

And what do kids use?

Justin Watson Justin Watson 9:27 am 13 Feb 20

MyWay is absolutely ridiculous. I mean 3 days to charge the card unless you go somewhere and pay over the counter. When I travel overseas the transport cards were amazing and Canberras is average. I had to get a new MyWay card because the old one expired as well which is ridiculous.

Brian Graham Brian Graham 1:55 am 13 Feb 20

If we need a new system, can it please be Australia wide? After seeing how interoperable the ticketing system is across Japan, the idea of a separate system per city seems nuts

    Brian Graham Brian Graham 9:52 am 13 Feb 20

    Jesse Mahoney that’s ok for me, but what about kids? Not sure I want a credit card to be the only option

Chris Ford Chris Ford 1:36 am 13 Feb 20

London got rid of their Oyster cards years ago in favour of just tapping your credit/debit card and it is the best. Do it Canberra!

William William William William 12:26 am 13 Feb 20

And more cost for seniors to have a new card if they change the system, not the card itself.

Louise Wright Louise Wright 12:02 am 13 Feb 20

Public transport should be free in Canberra. Why sink so much into a new ticketing system? Just think of the potential knock on savings from free public transport.

    William William William William 12:29 am 13 Feb 20

    Louise Wright over 60,s should be free all time not timed?

George Worsfold George Worsfold 11:22 pm 12 Feb 20

MyWay card is still the best. Why does everything have to be on an app or credit/debit card? I have seen people get flustered when scanning their MyWay card via a mobile phone when they board a bus, not a good idea. Creates delays for the driver to fix and fellow passengers wanting to get where they need to be.

    William William William William 12:28 am 13 Feb 20

    George Worsfold tryed it wont work on my mobile ?

Alistair Nitz Alistair Nitz 11:10 pm 12 Feb 20

You can smell an election in the air given the promotion of something that may not come into effect until 2022.

Cahla Dean Cahla Dean 11:01 pm 12 Feb 20

I have zero issues with MyWay. I’d be happy to keep using it....

Katia Prosperi Katia Prosperi 9:55 pm 12 Feb 20

What we were talking about today Jack Horton

    Jack Horton Jack Horton 10:01 pm 12 Feb 20

    Katia Prosperi legit we were just talking about this today

Cassie Murphy Cassie Murphy 9:35 pm 12 Feb 20

Daniella Hunt finally we can catch the tram!! Must of heard our 100 convo’s! Just need to make the city run free now 🤣

    Daniella Hunt Daniella Hunt 9:38 pm 12 Feb 20

    Cassie Murphy hahahahaha what a dream! Trams > meetings = yewwwww

James Maybury James Maybury 8:20 pm 12 Feb 20

They did this in the UK and from what I've heard its a terrible system. Go Australia! Lets not learn from the mistakes of others :)

    Julie Macklin Julie Macklin 11:24 pm 15 Feb 20

    I can only mention my experience of actually using it myself. It was great and I had no problems using my credit card. Very convenient. Only thing is I don't know how seniors get on, but at the time I wasn't a senior and didn't need to ask about that. But I guess there is a way.

Yowie Tong Yowie Tong 7:49 pm 12 Feb 20

Flo Tran bus life forever

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