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C-17 at the airport

johnboy 4 December 2006 15

For the plane-spotters out there…

The first of Australia’s C-17 Globermaster aircraft was due to arrive at Canberra Airport around 11.30 this morning. If anyone can snap a pic it would be much appreciated.

Broadly speaking (extremely broadly) a jet version of the Hercules, the C-17 is able to drag 72,000 kg into the sky which is handy as our new tanks weigh 70,000 kg and these things have been bought to lug the Abrams to pacific islands for the intimidation of whatever locals can be found there.

UPDATED: Thanks to Xpantz for coming through.

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15 Responses to C-17 at the airport
Thumper Thumper 11:55 am 06 Dec 06

The little Roulette looks a bit like a heron on an elephant…

Ralph Ralph 10:45 am 06 Dec 06

The Roulette flying along side of it was to take aerial piccies.

Al Al 10:25 am 06 Dec 06

Well the buzzing of Canberra caused a stir in our office – 3 laps of the lake/city.
Have some pics, but foolishly left the USB cable at home…
Nice touch having the Roulette fly in formation to underline the size of the mother ship.
Make that 4 laps – it just came around again.
And again – now they’re just wasting fuel.

Thumper Thumper 9:27 am 06 Dec 06

That is one big bad boy of an aircraft.

Reminds me of a Galaxy I saw in the Sates at Norfolk Marine base. Massive lumbering beast that surely could not fly.

Until it did!

johnboy johnboy 9:20 am 06 Dec 06

10-11 we’ll be heading down to try and get a pic

Al Al 9:16 am 06 Dec 06

The C17 is supposed to be doing a fly-by over the Lake this morning, just can’t find out when. Hope to snap a piccy out the office window…

smokey2 smokey2 8:08 am 05 Dec 06

The airport is visable from the road on 3 sides so hiding anything larger than a cessna in next to impossible.

smokey2 smokey2 8:06 am 05 Dec 06

I hope they have fixed the missing fence in the construction site near the old Fairbairn airforce base gates. Almost drove onto airside when the Antonov was in town as there was no bollards or fence to stop me.

johnboy johnboy 9:54 pm 04 Dec 06

ignorant of planespotters and their ways?

Say it aint so EQ? You? A fool?

equalitarian equalitarian 9:51 pm 04 Dec 06

Lucky you weren’t spotted taking the pics!
An intimidating interview with humourless, chunky blokes could have resulted, given the paranoid attitude of the big hardware store and it’s local bonsai deputy.

xpantz xpantz 6:13 pm 04 Dec 06
andy andy 5:35 pm 04 Dec 06

I watched it land. We had a major outage, but we all still stopped and watch.
Lots of traffic banked up along the road at the bottom of the runway. No picures, sorry.

smokey2 smokey2 2:39 pm 04 Dec 06

Will not be long before we invite them to help fight fires in Australia. At least it will keep their firefighters out of the way. They are trained by Vic CFA and use ex CFA equipment.

Al Al 1:49 pm 04 Dec 06

Maybe we SHOULD be intimidating the miltary of a certain Pacific island…although the odd fotty match also seems to do a pretty good job at deferring rogue miltary actions. “Island time” they call it.

smokey2 smokey2 1:09 pm 04 Dec 06

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