Calls for government to increase funding as ACT’s police numbers continue to plummet

Lachlan Roberts 25 January 2019 15

ACT Policing has 35 fewer sworn officers in Canberra than there was five years ago. Photo: Supplied by ACT Policing.

Canberra has the lowest police-to-resident numbers per capita in the nation as the number of sworn officers within ACT Policing continue to plummet and the calls grow louder for the ACT Government to increase its funding.

According to the Productivity Commission’s latest report on government services, ACT Policing has 35 fewer sworn officers in Canberra than there was five years ago, with 706 sworn officers in 2012-13 dropping to 689 in 2015-16 and to 671 sworn officers in 2017-18.

ACT Minister for Police and Emergency Services Mick Gentleman said the government was investing in ACT Policing even though there were fewer officers on the ground.

“We have been investing into different components of ACT Policing, not just numbers on the ground but more importantly with people who can assist ACT Policing in reducing crime,” Mr Gentleman said.

“Our forensic accountants, for example, who have been a big investment over the recent years, to ensure they can deal with the criminal aspects of outlaw motorcycle gang activity. It is working because we have seen a trend in reduction of crime so I am very pleased with the work of ACT Policing.

“There will always be a call for more policing and I will be going to the budget cabinet with those requests. There will be more resources needed and I will be talking to CPO Ray Johnson about what he needs in the future.”

The Canberra community continues to grow while ACT Policing numbers continue to be cut, which is a grave concern for Liberal Member for Murrumbidgee Gulia Jones.

Ms Jones said Labor’s cuts to Canberra’s police force is hurting the community and reiterated the need for a strong police force to help keep the ACT safe.

“ACT Labor’s gradual starvation of our police force and cuts to frontline officers has made our community vulnerable and a haven for criminal elements,” Ms Jones said. “I want to pay honour to the men and women who work long hours to keep our city safe despite the lack of support they receive from the current government.”

Police staff per 100,000 people. Photo: Supplied by 2019 Report on Government Services.

Australian Federal Police Association (AFPA) president Angela Smith said it was clear there had been a lack of government investment in ACT Policing.

“While numbers are declining, the ACT population is increasing,” Angela Smith said. “ACT Policing is getting smaller and smaller which is frightening.

“It upsets me when governments use the excuse that crime rates are reducing so they are not investing in police. Police are doing everything they can to stay on top of crime but they have fewer numbers. How can you keep the community safe with fewer numbers?

“It is something the ACT Government needs to wake up to and to have a think about.”

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15 Responses to Calls for government to increase funding as ACT’s police numbers continue to plummet
Blen_Carmichael Blen_Carmichael 10:23 pm 30 Jan 19

But we have a Human Rights Commission. I don’t know about you, but I sleep safe in bed knowing it protects us.

Jass Norgrove Jass Norgrove 1:19 pm 29 Jan 19

True that boi

Monica Tiffen Monica Tiffen 10:16 pm 28 Jan 19

We certainly need them! They do such absolutely essential services for the safety and orderliness of all of us!!

Grant Tobias Grant Tobias 4:01 pm 28 Jan 19

Hence the most liberal and forward looking city in Australia.

bj_ACT bj_ACT 3:45 pm 28 Jan 19

The same report shows the ACT has the second highest rate of Armed robbery in the country and is the worst State or Territory on a number of other crime and policing measures.

I’ve mentioned before how I’ve seen more Motorcycle gang members on the streets of Tuggeranong than I’ve seen police. Unfortunately it’s sad but true.

What’s worse is Federal police members in Tuggeranong are also complaining about a lack of personnel and resources to properly provide effective policing. The police minister keeps mentioning how safe Canberra is, but try telling that to the residents living near bikies or working in Outer suburban shops suffering multiple armed robberies a year.

Cary Elliot Johnson Cary Elliot Johnson 12:11 pm 28 Jan 19

You just need to visit orcdrive through other towns and cities to see they have a higher Police presence and numbers.

Capital Retro Capital Retro 10:24 am 28 Jan 19

“Cant afford coppers and a tram.”

They will need 20 “transport police” to control the fare evaders on the tram. It happens everywhere else.

David Brown David Brown 9:14 am 28 Jan 19

Cant afford coppers and a tram.

Peter Campbell Peter Campbell 8:28 am 28 Jan 19

How does the crime rate compare?

Robert McMahon Robert McMahon 6:17 am 28 Jan 19

“Forensic accountants” indeed.

Stu McRae Stu McRae 10:15 pm 27 Jan 19

Less crims hence less cops perhaps?

Mark Wilding Mark Wilding 9:45 pm 27 Jan 19

yer we can tell police numbers are down look at all the car thefts there has been over the last few months

Jenny Bolin Jenny Bolin 6:28 pm 27 Jan 19

So they call to supplement their numbers with volunteers!

Wade Bermingham Wade Bermingham 6:23 pm 27 Jan 19

The stuff around with the compo claim for the woman who was thrown off a horse wouldn't be helping them

Kriso Hadskini Kriso Hadskini 6:08 pm 27 Jan 19

You can tell, no patrols and just lack of interest in Burglary etc. I am surprised its not worse.

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