Campaign to attract residents not tourists

Kerces 29 August 2005 15

In his latest effort to address the skills shortage, Jon Stanhope says we need to attract residents rather than just tourists to our fair city.

After the apparent success of the ‘See yourself in Canberra’ campaign, he’s suggesting that a similar interstate campaign could be used to attract skilled workers here.

But he is for once taking a measured approach to the whole thing, saying “he wanted to make sure the concept was thoroughly investigated before committing money from an already stretched public purse” and that he had heard similar campaigns for other cities were dismal failures.

In the paper version of this story, the CT included a box with some pros and cons of living in Canberra that could be used in such a campaign, such as that we have the highest average wages and the lowest average weekly commuting times. The CT is calling for people to tell them what they think “best recommend Canberra as a place to live” and I reckon we can do the same here. So why should people come live in Canberra?

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15 Responses to Campaign to attract residents not tourists
bulldog bulldog 3:45 pm 30 Aug 05

That’s gold AD! That being said I’m tipping someone would ask you to move to away…

I love Canberra, but it does have it’s faults. But what are our strengths (other than the crappy ones given by the CT?
-Clean Air
-Good roads (it’s only the drivers that suck)
-Accessable Porn and Pros
-Accessability to resources such as the Gallery, Library, War Memorial, Museum etc
-Proximity and accessability to natural habitats for hunting/camping/shooting/fishing.
-The Brumbies.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 3:30 pm 30 Aug 05

Actually out of interest does anyone know the amount of sex crimes there are in canberra vs rest of australia per capita etc…. has there been positive effects with legalised prossies and porn… How about this for an add for Canberra – CUM to Canberra less sexually starved males to prey on your daughters

RandomGit RandomGit 1:34 pm 30 Aug 05

We have the highest ratio of porn shops per capita in the country.

annie annie 1:26 pm 30 Aug 05

The “See yourself in Canberra” campaign was successful?! In which universe? Here in NSW where I currently live, we mostly thought those ads were a pointless wank.

I wouldn’t live in Canberra at the moment, and here’s why:-

1. The houses are ridiculously overpriced.

2. There are few jobs in my line of work, and a lack of quality employers as well.

3. Canberrans drive like they’ve just left an Idiots Anonymous branch meeting. I don’t really want to raise my low blood pressure using the ACT traffic method. (And you have to drive, because there’s not a very good public transport system available).

It’s funny though. I can produce reasons for what I don’t like about Canberra, but I can’t explain what I love about the place. (Yes, I do like the ACT overall on balance, but not enough to move here).

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 11:36 am 30 Aug 05

I keep seeing those “See yourself in Canberra” ads on Canberra television…doesn’t seem to matter how many times I yell at it that I already see myself in Canberra, it just keeps coming back. What a waste of money, telling Canberrans to visit Canberra.

Ralph Ralph 10:53 am 30 Aug 05

Interesting the google ads on the homepage are for holidays in Kangaroo Valley, Jervis Bay and jobs with NSW public service. In other words, get the fuck out of Canberra.

LurkerGal LurkerGal 9:55 am 30 Aug 05

Bonfire wins!

bulldog bulldog 9:19 am 30 Aug 05

Move to Canberra;
-Shortly with added MLAs!
-See your kids in a super school!
-Now you’ve got an excuse to drive like a fucktard!
-Meet celebrities like Big Mal Meninga, appearing at PJ Tuggers two nights only!
-Marvel at our feeble attempts at self-governance!
-Sample the odour of weird north-siders!
-Get pissed and drive home with no fear of being caught!

Evictor Evictor 8:29 am 30 Aug 05

Come and play futsal on our world class slab.

simto simto 8:18 am 30 Aug 05

Yup, there seems to be a slight contradiction in there: “Come and experience the lowest average weekly commuting times”. Wouldn’t more people mean that the average weekly commuting time would be increased?

Thumper Thumper 7:53 am 30 Aug 05

Tell them all to piss off, I like it as it is….

em em 9:26 pm 29 Aug 05

Well dur, because I’m here, that’s why….

How about all the parks & reserves – great for people with kids, or like to jog or walk the dog.

The restaurant & cafe scene here is pretty good.

Best reason to live in Canberra: John Howard doesn’t live here.

justbands justbands 4:23 pm 29 Aug 05

The best heroin in Australia is readily available here.

Maelinar Maelinar 3:51 pm 29 Aug 05

Come look at all the white elephants.

See where your taxpayer dollar has gone…

ssanta ssanta 3:41 pm 29 Aug 05

Come and laugh at our driving standards?

Play chicken with real taxation auditors?

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