Can anyone suggest a decent employment agency?

farnarkler 17 October 2017 20

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After living it up in London for a decade I’ve decided to come back to Canberra.

Can anyone recommend a decent employment agency or advise which ones deal with which gov’t departments?

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20 Responses to Can anyone suggest a decent employment agency?
Vonbare Vonbare 3:14 pm 02 Apr 09

I’ve just come out of the same situation after 8 years in the Mother Country. Started looking for jobs in Jan – no good everyone’s on hols.

I signed up with heaps of agencies and can give you a run down on my experiences with them:
Kowalksi – came highly recommended and were highly professional at interview, however, I never heard from them again. Even when I rang them, they were shite at returning calls.
Manpower- promise the world, delivered nothing
Hayes – i was apprehensive, but they were great, kept in touch and really tried. They got me the job I am in now (Daff)
Cantelie – found them by accident and they were great too. They are a small, boutique (their words, not mine) operation who are very professional
tpa – found them a bit stuffy at interview, but actually they turned out pretty good too. Was pleasantly suprised.

Hope this helps. Oh – and after being out of the pubic service for so long – I’d forgotten how long things can take (still waiting to hear about job I applied for in Jan), so I hope you find something soon 🙂

Reprobate Reprobate 9:43 am 27 Feb 09

Call Trish at Effective People, she’s brilliant.

star anise star anise 9:10 am 27 Feb 09

Hays Policy & Strategy got me a good policy job at Environment…

folkie folkie 11:32 am 23 Feb 09

Select Appointments are great for Admin Positions

fabforty fabforty 4:08 pm 22 Feb 09

taninaus said :

Effective people tend to place in ACT Gov – we don’t have a recruitment freeze and no pending slash and burn like the feds!

I agree. I went to Effective People when I was returning to Canberra. They were really professional and found me work with Dept of the Environment quickly.

My current department (ACT Govt)uses Drake.

pelican pelican 3:22 pm 22 Feb 09

I found SOS, Select and Wizard to be very good. A friend also got work through Effective People in Weston but they tend to place at the lower clerical end of the market. Many many years ago I temped through PCA as well and they were very good then. I think now they tend to place in the Accounting field but will place clerical/policy roles as well.

Most Canberra agents place in government and the freeze on govt recruitment at the moment may actually mean more temp places because the costs show up in another part of the budget. Go figure!

Just make sure whichever agency you use honour the casual loading and allow you to choose you super company (required by law) if they are paying you directly on a per hour rate.

ant ant 2:41 pm 22 Feb 09

Cantlie are an excellent agency, they’re local and staffed by adults. Hudsons are also good at the moment (they can have ups and downs).

Gin02 Gin02 11:10 pm 21 Feb 09

Most contractors I’ve met are with SOS. So much better than who I was with…

taninaus taninaus 8:57 pm 21 Feb 09

Effective people tend to place in ACT Gov – we don’t have a recruitment freeze and no pending slash and burn like the feds!

willo willo 4:19 pm 21 Feb 09

quest are a good agency and deal with ps….particularly dhcs

johnboy johnboy 4:04 pm 21 Feb 09

Genie said :

I can tell you who NOT to go with !!! Alot of recruitment agencies wont even look at you these days without the relevant experience…

Recruiters get paid for placement.

Why waste their time (and yours for that matter) on cattle they can’t move at market?

Genie Genie 4:00 pm 21 Feb 09

I can tell you who NOT to go with !!! Alot of recruitment agencies wont even look at you these days without the relevant experience…

farnarkler farnarkler 1:28 pm 21 Feb 09

Thanks for that tadpole (and others). I did work at immigration in payroll but that was a decade ago.

Riotfrog I’ve come back for family reasons.

Danman Danman 12:48 pm 21 Feb 09

SOS got me where I am 4 or so years ago – and now permanent – I tried Drake, Effective People and others but SOS got me a job.

Drake have annual movie nights for the people on their books though 🙂

A Tadpole Drinking A Tadpole Drinking 12:21 pm 21 Feb 09

I can strongly recommend both Wizard and SOS Recruitment. Each cover the whole APS but also appear to some departments sewn up.

Wizard has a strong hold on Immigration whereas SOS appears to have a significant number of placements in DAFF.

There may be a recruitment freeze on as #2 miz says but these two companies have a strong throughput. If you have previous APS skills these two mobs will place you and if you have payroll/HR experience you won’t be unemployed for very long.

Morgan Morgan 11:25 am 21 Feb 09


RiotFrog RiotFrog 11:00 am 21 Feb 09

farnarkler: Wow me too. (apart from the deciding to come back bit)
What’s prompted the move back? It’s something I’m vaguely toying with at the moment.

simsim simsim 10:43 am 21 Feb 09

I woulda thought apsjobs ( would be your first point of contact…

miz miz 10:40 am 21 Feb 09

A few depts have a recruitment freeze on at the mo. However, you could try the website of the dept of your choice and get on the temporary/non-ongoing register.

AG Dept is here

(go to Employment section under ‘Department’)

Good luck!

realityskin realityskin 10:31 am 21 Feb 09


good luck !!

just look on seek

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