2 May 2010

Canberra airport Parking

| zowieben
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If I stay in the long stay parking at Canberra Airport, I will pay $63 for 4 days.

Brindabella Business Park has parking for $5 a day. Is there anything to stop me leaving my car at the BPC car park for 4 days?

Seems like a good deal to spend 10 minutes walking for $43.

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My bike has enough metal to trip traffic lights. It doesn’t seem to set off the ones at pay parking though, and forces me to ignore the boom and ride around it.

Mr PC – a neodymium magnet will have much teh same effect, much smaller and can store in your pocket if you are so inclined.

I only know this as a result of my friends persistent red light encounters that never changed after finishing graveyard shift.

A neodymium magnet on the bottom of his moto instantly gave him teh electromagnetic signature of a larger vehicle.

One of the fun tricks at paid parking lots is to wheel out your spare tyre to trigger the induction loop and allow you to generate a new entry ticket if your exit ticket isn’t working. So long as the induction loop detects a small metal signature above those cuts in the pavement, the yellow box will light up, and you cna push the big button to generate a new ticket.

You then put that new entry ticket straight into the vending machine, and buy a 0-15 minute ticket for less than a buck, and use that to exit the car park 🙂

@%4: The $5 daily ticket at BBP can indeed be used to get out at that time of the evening. Technically the T&Cs say you’re not to park there overnight. You won’t be the only one if you end up parking overnight though.

Parking at BBP is $19.50 for a 7 day ticket. Buy the ticket at the vending machine just after you’ve entered the car park.

Best of luck.

The Dean’s bus is ridiculous. How many flights arrive after 7pm? Also, doesn’t that thing go once an hour? Very handy, NOT.

I’m also amazed at the fact that there are no shuttle vans here – does Canberra Cabs have a few mates in the airport company?

cleo said :

Catch the REDEX bus

And walk from the Railway Station????

You can catch the Deane’s Airliner Bus, so long as you don’t plan on travelling either early morning or late night – first City departure is 7.10AM and last airport departure is 7.08PM.

For Fri-Sun, the $30 weekend parking deal is good value.

For other combinations such as the 4 day example above, get the Redex (or other suitable bus) to Russell, then the Airliner bus from there. The Airliner is cheaper from Russell than from Civic, and you’re already on the Redex… $2.45 for the Redex, $6.50 for the Airliner – ~$9 each way, pretty cheap.

The Airliner isn’t great on weekends or very early/very late, in which case, back to cabs/friends or parking $$ etc. At peak hour though, the bus is often quicker than cabs – that airport cab queue can get CRAZY!!

There are so many options other than driving your own car to the airport, all of them better.

Same goes for getting to Sydney airport – I always hire a car: for about $130 I get to drive right up to the Departures terminal and park right in front of it, thus avoiding Canberra airport entirely.

Speaking as a cabbie living on a quiet suburban street in Campbell, I do not recommend this strategy.

Yeah, the parking at the airport sucks. But, believe it or not, it’s quite cheap, considering the demand.

Personally, I find that money is not the major factor in travel stress. It’s farting about with security and queues and baggage carts and all the other crap that pisses me off. Anything to reduce the inconvenience is worth a few dollars over everyday costs.

It’s like expecting a soft drink at the movies to cost the same as a bottle from Coles that you chill in your fridge.

What I’d REALLY like is for public transport in this town to get a lot better. Airport buses from the town centres. Or shuttle buses like they have in every other major city. I got a shuttle from Fort Mason to SFO on Thursday. $14 one way, sure I had to go to various pickup point and tip the driver, but it was a lot cheaper than a cab.

Catch the REDEX bus

No, otherwise every business traveller would be doing it

you could probably find a quiet suburban street in campbell and call a cab for much less than $30 each way… in fact, less than $20 each way!

trevar said :

But how late can you stay parked at Brindabella? Can I park there before my 6:30am to Melbourne, and drive away after my 7:30pm home?

Or have your flight cancelled like the last time I travelled to Melbourne, only to find by the time you arrive back at Canberra Airport by 10am, it is 28hrs after you first parked, so as well as having to pay for a motel because the airport refused to let your plane land, you also get to pay for an additional days parking.

The best bit, is when you pay for your parking by credit card at the machine, and dont realise until after it has already charged you for 2 days parking… (yes, I dont have a grudge against Canberra Airports parking, is it that obvious?)

Youre better off catching a bus from the city. For those connecting in Sydney, theres even a Murrays bus from the city direct to Sydney Airport for $15 (try finding any other transport option to Sydney airport for that cost), so the closest you have to come to Snowtown, is on the Federal Highway out-of-town.

Gungahlin Al5:44 pm 02 May 10

Or park for free near Brand Depot and catch the bus service (or call a taxi?) over?

But how late can you stay parked at Brindabella? Can I park there before my 6:30am to Melbourne, and drive away after my 7:30pm home?

Plus can you buy the tickets a day or more ahead?

OpenYourMind3:33 pm 02 May 10

Nice idea, but the Snow Empire has that one covered. Even a permanent parking pass has a little disclaimer about no overnight parking (mine’s a Fairbairn one, but I’m sure Brindabella would be the same).

Yep. The fact that you can only pay for 1 day at a time and probably can’t leave the car their overnight. I’m sure other people would have thought of it before you, or their carparks would be packed.

Catch the bus service from-to the City

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