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Images of Canberra – At Night

By Jazz - 13 June 2007 27

I’ve always wanted to try night photography as ive seen some stunning pictures both here on RiotACT and on other sites. Last friday night in the freezing cold, Danman volunteered his time to tutor me in some of the finer points of apeture and shutter speeds. The photos here are some of the better results.

lake under commonwealth ave

I think the light effects on this next one are more a result of my sons fingerprints on my camera lense rather than any skill on my part

commonwealth ave bridge

parked pidgeons

civic at night

Thanks Dan

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27 Responses to
Images of Canberra – At Night
soulman 5:33 pm 14 Jun 07

sorry danman, can’t help bragging about the big expensive stuff I get cheap from overseas. And thank you for the ego boosting comments.

I do how ever disagree about ISO noise. Not a problem at lower ISOs for the most part, but a lot of high mega pixel cameras are now having increasing noise problems. The reason? The sensors are just as small, but the increased number of photo sites that make more pixels are allowing less light through. As a result, APS-C sensors with 10 or more MP are now having noise problems at ISO 200 or more. That said, the Canon 400d and the Nikons are the exeptions, very good cameras.

Also, agree with you about Velvia. I use 35mm Velvia 100 (don’t use 100f Velvia, poor colours) with a cheap Canon ELAN7 for a lot of my landscape work. Don’t buy Velvia locally though. I know I keep bragging about buying overseas, but Velvia is great film and people deserve to know where to get the good stuff at a good price. At Teds, it is A$20 per roll. In the US, shipped via FedEx, you can get it for A$10 a roll. I bought a 20 pack for A$100 from the US including shipping. At Teds, that would cost over $450!

Jazz 4:28 pm 14 Jun 07

no post processing at all alephnull, apart from resizing them.
i have another where the lake looks like it is covered in grass.

shanefos 4:20 pm 14 Jun 07

“If I had a choice – I would get a manfrotto tripod with a pistol grip ball head…”

Nothing like pistol-gripping a good man, huh, Danman??? WTF?!! You said it: “overkill”.

alephnull 2:03 am 14 Jun 07

Very nice, the greenish tinge gives an almost cross-processed look.

Danman 8:23 pm 13 Jun 07

Err overkill….

Look at any of my night shots here – I use a $120 no name tripod and a D70.

Works a treat.

Maybe what you have is good for commercial uses – but I cant justify that kind of dosh for a tripod.

Its obvious to me too that your penis is larger than mine as well, as your gear is more expensive….

Digital noise is an artefact of the past – just set your ISO and fstop lower and open your shutter longer…

If I had a choice – I would get a manfrotto tripod with a pistol grip ball head – all for about $600….

Simmo – How True 35mm Velvia slide film on a 200 buck minolta SLR

soulman 7:11 pm 13 Jun 07

Very nice photos. Impressed with the lack of noise too.

Have you tried any lunar shots. I use a 100-400mm Canon L Series lens (shipped from the US for A$1600, sells for A$3000 locally) and its always exciting to identify all the detail you can pick up.

With regards to tripods, can’t go past Gitzo with an Arca Swiss Z1 Double Pan Head. Absolutely the best for moon, night and wildlife photography.
Just make sure you get these and other decent tripods from overseas. I reccomend BH and Adoramma in the US. I got the Arca Swiss head and Gitzo 3530 tripod for $1400AU from the US including shipping. Teds quoted over $3500 for the set. What a rip off!

sim_m_o 5:42 pm 13 Jun 07

every photography enthusiast in Canberra has to have an obligatory commonwealth avenue shot, it’s in the rules.

Jazz 4:52 pm 13 Jun 07

They were indeed taken with a tripod. theres no way i can hold a camera still for 20 – 30 seconds at a time.
I used a cannon 400D with an EF24-105 F4 L lense.
shutter speeds and apeture varied a bit on each shot.

The first one has a shutter speed settings 10, apeture 5, on iso 100

DuffyMum 2:14 pm 13 Jun 07

Love that first one … would look great in sepia or black & white too.

andy 2:11 pm 13 Jun 07

nope.. the first one wouldn’t look so cool in black and white.

schmerica_ 1:20 pm 13 Jun 07

Love the first one! The third one is nice, but the sign sort of ruins it for me.

Kramer 1:13 pm 13 Jun 07

The 1st one is awesome!

Just for the camera nerds lurking, can you add the details if poss? Camera, Lens, exp, apeture, etc…

caf 1:13 pm 13 Jun 07

The first one would probably look good in black and white.

andy 1:02 pm 13 Jun 07

oh Wow. that first one of the bridge is fantastic !!!!

bonfire – usually would use a tripod for night shots, based on the fact that, imo, you usually need a longer shutter time, and i dunno about you, but ihave trouble holding a camera steady as it is..

bonfire 12:53 pm 13 Jun 07

i assume you used a tripod ?

my night shots always turn out crap. i need a better camera.

what are you using ?

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