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Canberra centre death – man to be charged

By Jazz - 24 August 2007 59

A man was taken in to custody and will be charged today after knocking two elderly people to the ground about lunch time in the Canberra Centre yesterday. One of those people, a 71 year old woman, died shortly after of a heart attack.

The initial ABC report is here with updated info in this ninemsm news article indicating that a review of closed circuit TV footage shows that both the elderly woman and an earlier attack on a 60 year old man were shoulder-charges not head butts as originally believed. No indication as yet if these attacks where as part of bag snatch attempts, if the offender was drug effected or if he suffers a mental condition.
UPDATE c/- asp

The man accused with shoulder charging a 71 year old woman and another older man in the Canberra Centre yesterday, Matthew Raymond Nicholls, 31, from Ainslie – has bee charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm. (Full story at SMH)

Nicholls refused legal aid, and Magistrate Beth Campbell ordered him to undergo evaluation from a health officer before continuing.

Mental evaluation, I hope that is just to follow guidelines because if the judge can’t see that this is one twisted mental case, we need some new judges. Conversly, if it’s found he’s “too” mental and has an actual condition, then he may not have to face trial and meaning he won’t be punished for his actions.

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59 Responses to
Canberra centre death – man to be charged
RandomGit 12:32 pm 24 Aug 07

Exactly so Che. The machine will even refuse to charge you if you “aren’t” having a heartattack.

You’ll find defriberrs all over actually.

Che 12:25 pm 24 Aug 07

I’ve heard that Woden Plaza and Belconnen Mall have defibrillators available at them for immediate use when someone has a heart attack, does Canberra Centre have them? Supposedly if they are applied during a heart attack that the patient has a far greater chance of surviving.
The instructions are along the lines of “Step one, apply patches to body here and here. Step two, turn on machine” and that’s it, the defibrillator does all the rest from there.

Mr Evil 12:24 pm 24 Aug 07

“…..could look stupid once all the facts are aired.”

Yeah, I can’t wait to see the facts on why a 31 year old thinks it okay to shoulder charge elderly people!!!!!

Oh, of course – the voices told him to do it!

VicePope 12:04 pm 24 Aug 07

Ralph – correct on fair comment I think, but (a) I think some comments are going OTT by any such standard and (b) whether or not this would amount to a punishable contempt, it’s really not useful and could look stupid once all the facts are aired.

Mr Evil 11:53 am 24 Aug 07

From The Australian:

“A MAN charged over a fatal attack on a 71-year-old woman at a central Canberra shopping centre was today ordered to undergo a mental health assessment.

Matthew Raymond Nicholls, 31, from Ainslie in Canberra appeared in ACT Magistrates Court today on a charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Police said the charge could be upgraded pending the results of a post-mortem examination.

Mr Nicholls allegedly slammed into another man in his 60s in the Canberra Centre yesterday morning before shoulder-charging the woman.

She staggered to a nearby shop where she had a heart attack.

She was taken to the Calvary Hospital where she died, police said.

Mr Nicholls refused legal aid today and Magistrate Beth Campbell ordered him to have a mental health assessment.”

Thumper 11:51 am 24 Aug 07

That’s a good excuse for contributing to killing someone…..

I hope the sarcasm is seriously dripping there…

MrMagoo 11:51 am 24 Aug 07

I hate to say it, if the alleged offender claims to be either drug effected or mentally ill then they will get off. OK if it is Mental Illness then i am prepared to cut some, and i say some slack. However, if it was as a result of drugs, then take the responsiblity for your actions whether or not you were off your face and didn’t know.

…waiting for the chorus of bleeding hearts.

OzChick 11:22 am 24 Aug 07

I reckon that the guy most likely has a mental illness…

LG 10:38 am 24 Aug 07

Lets hope Higgins isn’t the judge..

Mr Evil 10:38 am 24 Aug 07

Execution; but make it slow and painful. Even better – force him to watch re-runs of Big Brother while his life slowly ebbs away.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 10:24 am 24 Aug 07

If the offender was drug affected, increase the penalty from life sentence to death.

Ralph 10:21 am 24 Aug 07

We are entitled express fair comment.

VicePope 10:14 am 24 Aug 07

See comments on the earlier blog on this. Now someone’s been charged, it’s best say nowt.

Stung 10:12 am 24 Aug 07

Death sentence.

Ralph 10:11 am 24 Aug 07

Life sentence.

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