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Canberra clubs hitting it big

By bundy 18 February 2008 19

Whilst the re-opening on Academy club last week kinda took the limelight, I noticed something equally as important for canberra’s club scene happening at my regular jaunt – cube in Garema place.

They had this SMS thing that put questions and answers from a service called 199query up on their plasma screens that was launched the same night as Academy’s opening. The bar staff said that it was the first in Australia and they’ve received national press coverage on it (apparently it was in the Canberra Times last week). I must admit I used it several times just for the novelty of having my text up on the screen.

This sort of cool technology and entertainment innovation makes me proud to be a Canberran 🙂

What’s Your opinion?

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Canberra clubs hitting it big
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Skidbladnir 4:22 pm 20 Feb 08

The original post says ACADEMY, not Cube…
The only news I’ve heard about Cube of late is that of the owner and his court shenanigans.

bundy 4:18 pm 20 Feb 08

I don’t think its cube who are running the service, I think its a stand alone service and cube just happen to be displaying the sms…

moff 2:49 pm 20 Feb 08

“This sort of cool technology and entertainment innovation makes me proud to be a Canberran :)”

Except that, this isn’t innovation – its probably been done the rounds the world over a few times.

Only this time its in Canberra. And it’s a really gimmicky business enterprise ($2.50 is fairly poor value to participate in a kinda lame social experiment).

I can imagine ICBM (or similar) setting up an SMS dating service (“Just SMS the word ‘slapper’ to start your subscription!”)

BigDave 1:45 am 20 Feb 08

Sounds like a complete pile of shite and a waste of money if you ask me, and a desperate attempt to bring in punters. If the club was any good in the first place, they wouldn’t need stupid gimmicks.
I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t go to a nightclub to stand there glued to my phone all night long.

Davo111 10:00 pm 19 Feb 08

You did read the OP right?

blingblingbears 9:15 pm 19 Feb 08

they have something similar to this in the UK; if you are continuously arguing with someone about some fact and you dont know who is right you sms the Q&A service and it sends back the answer to you. So maybe its the same sort of thing at cube?

Davo111 10:20 pm 18 Feb 08

They’re not the only company advertising the service.
$3 a hit!

fnaah 2:19 pm 18 Feb 08

Damn, I’m in the wrong business – I’d be happy to be paid $2.50 for every google search I ran!

Skidbladnir 12:37 pm 18 Feb 08

This allows (the Service) to quickly answer factual questions, whilst providing the human touch required for personal and complicated questions!

So asking the above question re: drunk woman taking off her top and not pressing charges, who knows?

I see wholly new avenues for salacious gossip thanks to their employees not knowing the context their answers are being used in.

hingo 12:36 pm 18 Feb 08

So you got raped $2.50 for something you could ask your mate standing right next to you? I don’t get it.

bundy 12:29 pm 18 Feb 08

By a quick google, the company behind it appears to be 199query“199QUERY is a fun and factual SMS service where you can get Any Question Answered by SMS in Australia and New Zealand!

Its $2.50 per question and they do comically say on their site “Unlike “other” SMS providers – there are no hidden costs and no ongoing monthly subscription fees!”

fnaah 12:01 pm 18 Feb 08

I’d be wary about doing that, assuming that a marketing/advertising company is behind it – when you text to the display, you may be inadvertantly opting in to an SMS spamming list, or worse, one of those nasty services that send you a $5 sms once a week for six months.

West_Kambah_4eva 11:12 am 18 Feb 08

I would put up the text “U all have teh ghey lol”

Skidbladnir 10:49 am 18 Feb 08

If i’m reading it correctly, its not any text goes up on the wall, so no “Would the drunk lady in the corner please take off her top, meet me in the men’s toilet, and not press charges?”…

Its a question and answer service?

Thumper 10:40 am 18 Feb 08

Yeah, I always thought talking was a form of communication.

Guess I’m just out of touch these days…

S4anta 10:32 am 18 Feb 08

bizarre. Whatever happened to individuals conversing by the opening and closing of their mouths?

Davo111 10:05 am 18 Feb 08

Maybe the sms thing will fill the wounds of last years stabbing?

Crikey 9:50 am 18 Feb 08

I am not into the SMS scene at Cube….it’s a bit kinky for me.

Mælinar 9:40 am 18 Feb 08

Does SMS on a billboard of some nightclub count towards your 15 minutes of fame ?

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