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eblue 7 December 2010 8

The idea behind Canberra Connect, a one-stop shop for all things relating to the ACT Government for the community, is practical in theory. In reality, Canberra Connect is an absolute sham.

I am of course speaking from experience. Having spent 25 minutes on the phone this afternoon waiting in the vain hope that someone would answer my call, I decided to go to the Dickson shop front, whereby I was greeted with a heavily crowded foyer with only 6 staff members working. Forty-five minutes later I was on my merry way.

Surely, with the amount of revenue the ACT Government makes they could firstly employ more staff to man the telephones in the call centre. Secondly, they must improve the Dickson building – it is dirty, small and embarrassing for new arrivals to the ACT to deal with. Thirdly, in my personal opinion, I think it is time the ACT creates a NSW RTA/Vic Roads alternative for Canberra. Canberra is only going to get bigger, which means more roads, more cars and more licences.

What are the opinions of fellow rioters regarding Canberra Connect?? I’m sure there are hundreds of bad stories out there, or perhaps someone has a positive story that may improve the groups’ image. Have your say….!!!

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8 Responses to Canberra Connect – Serving the ACT Government with you
AshThom AshThom 10:08 am 08 Dec 10

I was a little bit stunned at how easy it was with Canberra Connect, after coming from NSW and the dreaded RTA system. The people on the phones always know what they are talking about and don’t transfer you around. The Civic Library office is fine to deal with, staff are always friendly.
I don’t know about ultra-quick but when is anything official ultra-quick? Sometimes you’re in a line and that’s just how things are. It’s certainly quicker than the wait times at the RTAs in Sydney/regional NSW.

I’ve never noticed the appearance of the Dickson office…shiny floors or no, just there to get the things done really.

wycx wycx 6:54 am 08 Dec 10

Just had a wonderful experience with Canberra Connect. I have been living in Los Angeles for the last 6 months, and have finally succumbed to getting a car, so I need to get a California drivers licence. Noticed my ACT licence expired 1 month earlier. Went to the CanberrConnect website, downloaded the “out of act licence renewal form” filled it in, scanned relevant documents, sent it off, last Monday. New ACT licence in my letterbox on Friday! Can’t really complain about that, even if they completely misspelled my name on the envelope.

Brianna Brianna 8:26 pm 07 Dec 10

I’m not sure if they are government employees or contractors. I do know they are very well paid for their work. I also know that a large majority of these workers rely upon other government services to answer their phones. No point having a tantrum at Canberra Connect. It’s every call centre.

breda breda 7:31 pm 07 Dec 10

I’ve used the phone service a few times to get in touch with different agencies, and they have been excellent. They put me through to the right part of the right agency straight away.

I take it you are referring specifically to motor vehicle matters?

Fisho Fisho 7:25 pm 07 Dec 10

In all my dealings with Canberra Connect they have been courteous, knowledgeable, helpful and basically an absolute joy to deal with. First rate service every (numerous) time I’ve dealt with them.

I’d theorise that a few staff were having TOIL after recent events.

Make an 8am booking instead of during the busy times for motor vehicle stuff.

In reality Canberra Connect is one of the few organisations in the ACT that get things right. Stop being a sook.

NSW Maritime in QB are another top bunch to deal with. So is the Tumut info centre.

sexynotsmart sexynotsmart 6:57 pm 07 Dec 10

“What are the opinions of fellow rioters regarding Canberra Connect??”

I think they’re stellar. I’ve never had to wait more than about 5 minutes on the phone, and about 10 minutes at both Dickson and Tuggeranong.

Can you please clarify your call for ACT to have something similar to RTA or VicRoads?

If you’re seriously suggesting that the RTA is a shining example of customer service, you should rush to the closest “Drugs of Dependence” study for some professional help.

MWF MWF 5:37 pm 07 Dec 10

“What are the opinions of fellow rioters regarding Canberra Connect??”

I have heard that many of the staff at shop fronts are not employed by the ACT Government and that they are employed by agencies on contract – this may or may not be true.

trevar trevar 12:03 pm 07 Dec 10

When you arrive, they should allow you to punch in your mobile phone number, and when the ticket two ahead of yours is called, they shoot you an SMS to say you’re not far off the head of the queue. That way you could just go do stuff while you’re waiting. Actually, I do that anyway. I usually calculate three minutes per number between the one currently up and mine, then run off and do other stuff.

The other tactic I’ve used (which is less satisfactory) is to bring my kids and give them red drinks and lollies, and let them run riot. It hasn’t got me out of there any faster, but I leave the place happier knowing that I’ve annoyed them almost as much as they’ve annoyed me.

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