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Canberra Goss – The suspense is killing me

By johnboy - 26 November 2008 184

[First filed: 11:21 21 November 2008]

It looks like our friends who have been thinking about asking “them” for a better website for Canberra might finally be getting what they want.

The Canberra Goss website proclaims that it is going to do something more useful than run a hideous flash animation sometime on Monday.

Intriguingly it promises to bring you “ALL SORTS OF PLEASURE IN THE ONE WEBSITE” including:

  • Overnight sensation!
  • Hottest parties!
  • Only the Best!

As you can imagine I am barely able to contain my excitement at the thought of all this pleasure.

Canberra Goss is a person on Facebook, with rather a lot of friends, and there’s a popular FB group which is all very impressive for a placeholder. Apparently there’s some sort of link with Academy.

Best of luck to them.

UPDATED: Well they’re live now with a heady mix of advertorial, competitions (they seem to have a lot of Xbox 360s to give away which makes me deeply jealous on several levels), and stale old content. The insistence on using flash as a key design element of the site is particularly painful. That said, and using flash as a content element, I’d like to dedicate this song to them:


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184 Responses to
Canberra Goss – The suspense is killing me
Skidbladnir 3:55 pm 21 Nov 08

There’s not really anything to say to that, ma’am.

Granny 3:45 pm 21 Nov 08

Well, I can only hope you guys were protected. I certainly wasn’t. I may even be knocked up …! Again!!

Skidbladnir 3:40 pm 21 Nov 08

I don’t think you have the knees for one, Jb.

johnboy 3:39 pm 21 Nov 08

I wish we had more short skirts here myself.

Granny 3:37 pm 21 Nov 08

There goes the positive review!

Skidbladnir 3:33 pm 21 Nov 08

For the people wondering if the RiotACT mention is ‘positive’ or not, being linked here by the CanberraGoss’ Facebook bragging:

It might have been, except for the following, which is hopefully to provoke a reaction, and see if you’re all just being used for marketing purposes…
Their website has no determinable content, only a countdown timer, and flashy images of flesh.
Their facebook has been equally quiet on what they hope to achieve.
None of their facebook friends seem to know who Canberra Goss is, in that _nobody_ has populated the “X knows Canberra Goss” details.
The facebook profile is full of people doing nothing more than asking what these people think they are doing other than all of the people asking “what is this about?” “Who are you” and “Why did I friend you?
And they have people questioning wether or not we’re being a positive review. has deliberately obscured its entire whois lookup, to prevent people finding out their administrative contact person and details.
Their website is hosted by Syra.Net, based in Western Australia, so they don’t appear to actively support local business.
Roughly the only information about what they intend to do is in one Facebook status update…

Canberra is – gossip is a cruel way of telling somebody you dont like them!
Frankly, you can do that already here on RiotACT.
Here, they tell you how popular the site is, instead of hiding behind a shitload of lipgloss, makeup and short dresses.

johnboy 3:25 pm 21 Nov 08

Oh I dunno,

I reckon RSVP would have spread more than a few.

Granny 3:20 pm 21 Nov 08


You don’t get STDs from a website, PreciousLilyWhite …. I know that may come as a shock, so I hope you are sitting down!

; )

PreciousLilywhite 2:52 pm 21 Nov 08

The only overnight sensation that might develop from such a website may be an STD.

martyo 2:23 pm 21 Nov 08

an overnight sensation that takes several days to launch! pow

toriness 1:28 pm 21 Nov 08

lol!!!!! that is a crackup poptop.

poptop 1:24 pm 21 Nov 08

and the media loop is complete –

Canberragoss’s wall =

Canberra goss in the news 🙂
Follow the link for the story

RiotACT is now ‘the news’

seekay 1:11 pm 21 Nov 08

I’m with you too, PreciousLilywhite. Such a shame that we’re over 15.

PreciousLilywhite 12:19 pm 21 Nov 08

I don’t have speakers on my computer but Im sure there’s some doof doof music playing to that radical intro they have…
It looks Plastic Spastic Fantastic!!! Corny and Porny.
Sadly, I think Im too old/mature to hang out there.

Canberra goss 11:39 am 21 Nov 08

Thanks Jonny Boy =)

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