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Canberra is the best place to be!

By radonezh - 18 November 2008 42

When one goes to Youtube and types “canberra” in the search field, this is the first clip that comes up: 

Marianne, be careful, you have some competition! 🙂 

[ED – I’m astonished that the Live In Canberra campaign hasn’t taken up the chorus “Canberra – A great place to squiz”]

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42 Responses to
Canberra is the best place to be!
radonezh 12:09 pm 18 Nov 08

Actually, I’ve been thinking, this song sounds better if it’s translated into German, viz:

“Canberra is the greatest place of all
Come here and have a ball
If you get very wise
You can touch the skies!”

“Kanberra uber alles
Hierher gekommen und haben Spaß”
Wenn Sie werden sehr kluge
Sie erreichen die Himmel!”


Granny 12:04 pm 18 Nov 08

Don’t even talk to me about wisdom teeth! I refuse to have them out – on principle! I need all the wisdom I can get. Sometimes the little suckers sure are painful, but!

How did you succeed in the getting of wisdom, Radonezh?

radonezh 11:59 am 18 Nov 08

Granny: perhaps you need a wisdom coach? Or maybe you have faulty wisdom teeth and need to get new ones?

Granny 11:46 am 18 Nov 08

I’m obviously doing it wrong. I obviously just don’t know how to do Canberra properly. I am a failure.


radonezh 11:42 am 18 Nov 08

Granny said :

I’m just trying to figure out how I can get wise enough to reach the skies … I’ve never done that before! Have you?

Oh yes, several times a day.. ever since I moved here from boring old Brisbane. Doesn’t everyone? I thought it was just the “done thing”?

Pommy bastard 11:27 am 18 Nov 08

Having lived here for a few years I’ve always found it surprising that Canberra has such a poor rep in the nation.

Now I’ve heard that song though, I see why.

Granny 11:24 am 18 Nov 08


It’s gorgeous! I’m just trying to figure out how I can get wise enough to reach the skies … I’ve never done that before! Have you?


radonezh 10:58 am 18 Nov 08

granny: It has that certain suburban charm, doesn’t it? 🙂

radonezh 10:54 am 18 Nov 08

No, I wasn’t here when Hayley was on Idol, but we used to be pretty regular Idol watchers and I just looked up her website and I can remember her – but not the fact that she’s from Canberra. That’s probably because my memory is like a seive though.

Granny 10:52 am 18 Nov 08

Oh, bless his little buttons! What a sweetie!! I’m going to ask Jon to make it our city anthem.


Holden Caulfield 10:36 am 18 Nov 08

You mustn’t have been in town when our Hayley did okay… (not that I watch Idol, honest, I don’t!)

radonezh 10:25 am 18 Nov 08

Would he be Canberra’s first entrant into Australian Idol if he were to try out? I can’t Marcia, Dicko and Kyle coming to Canberra before for auditions.

Swaggie 10:13 am 18 Nov 08

More like aspirin, not Vodka. He was painful. If the guy sang any flatter he’d be a shoe in for an Australian idol audition.

radonezh 10:08 am 18 Nov 08

Now just try and get that tune out of your head! 🙂 It’s gonna take vodka… lots of vodka.

Holden Caulfield 9:58 am 18 Nov 08

Haha, that’s superb! I was going to make a Brisbane gag for you radonezh, but after seeing that clip, well, I’ve been left speechless…

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