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Canberra IVF doctor sued for “wrongful birth”

By GnT - 18 September 2007 153

In an unprecedented case, a lesbian couple are suing a Canberra obstetrician for implanting two embryos during an IVF procedure when they only wanted one baby. Details are here. In a nutshell, they signed a form authorising the implantation of up to two embyos, yet verbally told the doctor they only wanted one. They are suing for the cost of raising the extra child, and have also outlined all the extra pain and suffering they have gone through.

I hope the poor kids never find out how much they weren’t wanted. Some people struggle to have just one child, and some people fall pregnant with twins naturally – they never plan the extra burden, yet have no-one to sue. Not to mention there is a certain amount of pain and suffering and associated with any pregnancy, regardless of how many babies you’re carrying.

This case is a poor reflection of our increasingly litigious society.

[Ed. The Australian has some further coverage of the case. -thanks darylk for the heads up]

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153 Responses to
Canberra IVF doctor sued for “wrongful birth”
justbands 3:00 pm 18 Sep 07

> This just goes to show that you shouldn’t let dykes anywhere near children

I don’t think it shows that at all. It just shows that these two women are trying their luck at grabbing some money, hopefully they don’t get any.

scumdorg 2:58 pm 18 Sep 07

This just goes to show that you shouldn’t let dykes anywhere near children.

Ari 2:47 pm 18 Sep 07

VY – Would you forgive them if they were both hot?

Lilli 2:42 pm 18 Sep 07

What would they be doing if only one embryo was implanted and it split naturally into twins?!

Stung 2:37 pm 18 Sep 07

Well good on em, it just seems a bit weird is all.. must be confusing for the kids huh? “So which one of you is my Mum”

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 2:37 pm 18 Sep 07

I’m with Bonfire on this – choices have consequences. Children are not a ‘right’.

justbands 2:23 pm 18 Sep 07

> Anyways, I thought you waived the right to have kids when you get your lez on?

I know a couple of lady lovin’ ladies with kids, although they did it the old fashioned way.

Ralph 2:22 pm 18 Sep 07

I agree with bonfire. These people can’t expect to have their cake and eat it too.

Stung 2:19 pm 18 Sep 07

I feel so sorry for the kid 🙁 … imagine being completely unwanted. Anyways, I thought you waived the right to have kids when you get your lez on?

niftydog 2:18 pm 18 Sep 07

Just a matter of time now before a non-IVF couple sue God I suppose.

bonfire 2:17 pm 18 Sep 07

if homosexuals want children, liaise with a heterosexual.

choosing a particular lifestyle carries with it certain choices.

hingo 2:17 pm 18 Sep 07

Wow, how truly pathetic. They were lucky to get even one baby. Fucking ungrateful idiots. One can only imagine how this child is going to turn out.

Snahons_scv6_berlina 2:09 pm 18 Sep 07

So… they desperately yearn for a baby enough to go through the saga of IVF but they only desperately yearn enough for one. Yep, there’s definately love there.

If they wanted a guarantee of one, go adopt.

Mr Evil 1:45 pm 18 Sep 07

Another reason to cease allowing IVF to be used by the wrong people for all the wrong reasons.

Farking designer pregnancies.

justbands 1:38 pm 18 Sep 07

I hope it gets thrown out of court.

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